A black shirt is the perfect solution to the question: What do I wear on the next special occasions?

If you have decided to wear it on at the next event, now the question is differentr: How to wear a black men’s shirt?

Let’s start with the black shirt itself …

Although it seems basic, this is not an ordinary garment. Of course it is better not to use a black opaque cotton shirt, the fabric itself should have value, for example, a smooth cotton of good quality and satin look or mixed with a bit of silk or polyester that gives it some shine, only then will it have a deep black color and not a worn and discolored look.


You can wear your black shirt without a tie, you’ll be perfect, but if you need it …

The black shirt has its rules, the first one is that you do not reallyneed a tie.

Whether you wear a black shirt with a suit or use it with a single blazer and trousers, you can wear on your beautiful shirt without a tie, what’s more, I dare say the tie disturbs”.

If in the event you are going the tie is requested, I mean, if in the invitation you have received is indicated in relation to the label that “beg to attend with a tie”, you will have no choice but to choose one.

In this case I recommend you to choose a shinny tie. The fantasy is not very important (although I personally prefer the geometric ones), it does not matter neither if you prefer a plain tie, the important thing is that the shine will help to make the tie stands out over the dark shirt.


como combinar una camisa negra de hombre

The other fundamental element to keep in mind is the color of the jacket.

I recommend you to look for one of the two extremes: either a net contrast or a total harmony, even creating a coordinate, that is, looking for the exact tone of the jacket or shirt.

Ton sur ton, fabrics completely in tune or in the range of the same color, this is an easy resource that you should always keep in mind to manage a combination of colors with which you do not feel completely sure.


How to wear a black shirt and a jacket

There are three main combinations that I recommend, starting with my favorite, conditioned by the fact that the combination blue with black seems super attractive and very elegant to me.

There are many different shades of blue, from the most electric to the most navy … and even though it might seem to you difficult to distinguish, also shades of black (violet, greenish, gray …) so the margin of combination of these two colors is enormous.

Still I dare say they work well together if you pay a little attention to the tone. A few tests in a store will suffice to prove it.


The other two combinations that I advise with a black shirt have a “mafia mood” that makes them irresistible to use on special occasions when you feel insecure.

The first one is a completely white suit with a black shirt. Risky and powerful, impressive and very graphic. I recognize that you have to have the courage to wear it (especially in some seasons of the year), but I guarantee that you will be perfect.

The last combination is the total black look, in which everything, except some spontaneous accessory such as maybe bracelets, must be completely black.


Combine your black shirt with a vest

In less formal situations in which in any case you want to give a very careful look to your image, a vest is the best option.

Once again I recommend the total black look as a guarantee of success, especially if you want to use the vest also to disguise that incipient belly that makes you feel uncomfortable.

 How to wear a black shirt in the casualwear style

The casual world is full of cotton and technical fabrics, it means, of qualities, fabrics and materials that behave in radically opposite ways.

The cotton fades easily, giving the garments a characteristic worn look, which is better to combine with similar clothes or with jeans.

If you wear a black cotton shirt with this look, mixed with technical fabrics that have the shine that gives them nylon or polyester, the contrast will create a modern style and sporty look very interesting.

I invite you to create looks made of overlays, using these fabrics and also incorporating cotton printed t-shirts. For example: Windproof technical jacket in black, navy blue or gray + military green cotton jacket + melange gray printed cotton t-shirt , bottom jeans or cargo trousers … Do you like it?

Explore your wardrobe in search of contrasts and alliances of your casual look with stripes, micro-fantasies or even large flowers printed on a black background. Black shirt does not have to be plain. Do experiments to create a casual looks with personality.


Choose the accessories that best match with a black shirt

Actually, a black shirt works well with almost any style, adapting clothes and accessories to the occasion. Footwear is one of the accessories that determine this occasion of use.

Moccasins, sneakers, formal shoes, boots … the rest of the accessories, such as foulards or socks, are satellite accessories that also help to complement the style, focusing it for an specific occasion, but the most important thing is always the footwear.

For any event you should attend, from an awards ceremony to a tribute, from a private party to a simple business dinner, a total black look will alwaysprovides you in a good image.

The only event in which I recommend you avoid it, is a wedding, you know, you could “compete” with the groom … and it would not be a pleasant situation.

Many groms choose more and more the total black look to dress the day of their wedding … I think it’s not worth the risk!