This post is practically twin of the female post that I published recently. In both cases, I feel a certain disappointment that has certain practical advantages since almost all the contents of your closet will continue to be useful but, as in the case of women, it implies repetitiveness for those who are hungry for news and news.

Checks, boots, animalier, leather, folk are the main ingredients of the new season, do they sound known to you?, but don’t lose hope, there are some proposals that can placate your desire for novelties, the secret will be in the volumes and it is than oversized garments, they are even more oversized thos season.

If you like slim silhouettes you will have to wait for another season to renew your wardrobe, the next pants will be extremely wide, even with large and deep tweezers that help increase the effect. The upper garments will be huge with sagging and shapeless shoulders that provide an inexorably casual effect to any look.

The accessories meet the same characteristics as the garments, huge shoulder bags that are hung across the chest, also large fanny packs.

Once the main characteristics of the silhouette have been defined, which are after all the ones that are sent in any season and that you must have under control if you want a trendy result, let’s analyze the characteristics of garments and accessories one by one.

Checks, flowers and folk motifs, use fantasy resources

In the cover image the keys to a casual fall in two of the definitive trends: Maxi-Bags and Large Squares everywhere.

The checks were very present at the end of last season, they are a traditional geometric fantasy, always present in the masculine fashion environment, but the next season is a real exaggeration, they are large, full of color and are in all kinds of garments and accessories.

If you need help, read my post “Checked coats … and skirts pants, dresses …, you will find a lot of help and ideas to create looks with pictures.

There are two other main fantasies of next season, both shocking, but with very different characters and functions.

At the beginning of the Autumn-Winter season 19/20 with the first temperature drops and when you are still mixing summer clothes with new acquisitions, you can start experimenting with floral prints although, as trends indicate, the flowers will accompany you strongly until the sales of the winter season.

Folk tasting sweaters, with their usual geometric motifs usually separated by stripes, are not a novelty, moreover, I personally can’t stand them anymore. They seem boring and repetitive, so I do not recommend them unless you believe with them overlays of garments that bring something new to your image.

Harry Style- Welcome the 40s silhouette

We speak now of one of the star elements of the male attire, the pants that season after season proposes small variations, this time in terms of volume, large wide pants that remind those that were in use in the 40s, wide, often with tweezers to increase the effect of amplitude, which generates a leg of great volume. In my blog you will find the post “Men’s wide pants, bet on a new silhouette“, in which you will find everything you need to know to face this seasonal challenge.

Of course you can apply all this information to the checkered pants that you will surely buy this fall, and think that, with such wide pants, the suspenders can be a practical and friendly accessory, with that fun air I modeled that will help you if you are not used Wear very wide pants and you have the feeling that you are losing them.

The peculiarity this season is that the pants, in addition to wide, have a very, very high waist, something that will take time to you to used to after years of off-hooked pants and very low waist.

Garments that will be especially important this season will be the short jackets, determining to create  along with the wide pants, the Harry Style, which arrives in the male closets directly from the forties, years of war in which the influence is evident of military garments in men’s fashion.

If you mix the checks or the tweed with wide pants and a jacket with obvious military influence, you have half the work done, add a thick turtleneck, an absolute must have of MD Personal Shopper for the men’s wardrobe, you can go out to the street with the guarantee of wearing a perfect total seasonal look.

The knitted sweaters are the protagonists of the men’s looks in the Fall-Winter 19/20, especially in their oversize version and with unusual collars, also the thick wool jackets, one of the garments with more personality of the male universe.

To enjoy this style in its most elegant and interesting version I invite you to watch the movie The Afternath, with an atmosphere and a wardrobe with which you will easily understand how to create a perfect Harry Style 40s.

tendencias hombre

Oversized, warm clothes gain volume

Oversized volumes will be virtually unavoidable in regards to warm clothes, everything that is not tailoring, from the jackets to the coats through the raincoats, will have large dimensions, and as a consequence of this silhouette the proportions of the garments will change , the sagging shoulders became a seasonal must, whether you like it or not, because there is no back structure that can support the weight of the fabric.

In addition to the huge volume, I invite you to appreciate in the image above another main element of the season that is coming, the scarf that, along with the large bags, will be essential men’s accessories for a trendy look.

Traditional winter scarves become exaggeratedly long, even touching the ground, nothing is more important if you want a fashion look. They invite a purely aesthetic contribution that goes far beyond climatic needs… wrap yourself in color, flowers or geometry, trends invite you to do so.

tendencias hombre

I take this image to tell you that there is a material that will be very present in the Fall-Winter 19/20, both in full garments and in auctions or accessories, is the muton or mouton that wins in presence.

Although it belongs to the world of furs, its fluffy and short appearance has caused its skin to be used primarily in the casual world, but this season mouton coats are also a must have in the most sophisticated male outwear.

If you are not excited about oversized garments, there is an alterative that fits perfectly with the college style, which you can associate without too many aesthetic concessions to Harry Style, I tell you about the traditional Montgomery coat, another garment with name and character of proportions usually more contained. If this garment fits your style more, I suggest you only avoid combining it with the wide pants of tweezers that generate a lot of volume, better wide pants but that fits at the waist, you will get a more linear silhouette with which you will feel very comfortable

tendencias hombre


Omnipresent black, matrix and punk shake hands

Let’s talk about accessories and color, because if the silhouette and volume are the foundations of the look and the garments provide content, accessories and colors give character and personality to the whole.

The thick boots, both mountain and military style, are essential in casual looks and in more formal looks, none escapes its possibilities, the secret will be only in identifying the occasion of use and also playing to contrast it, because there is always room to change that look that you already create automatically and introduce in it ib contrasting elements, you are in the right season to mix introduce new  items with a contemporary fashion criterion.

tendencias hombre

Black is still a must, I don’t think it will ever be, and black leather is a perfect excuse to integrate it into seasonal looks, taking advantage of another important trend, the toughest, perfect for those who need a challenging touch of boy Bad in his outfit, the Matrix Trend, a world that unfolds between futuristic technology and punk 80s, with aesthetic contributions from both.

Another accessory is the protagonist of the Autumn / winter 2019/2020 season are the fanny packs, which are once especially large and are crossed over the chest like the shoulder bags, they are very seductive for their modern fabrics and their volume, once again, oversized.

Both technical fabrics and leather will help you improve your interpretation of the Matrix trend, but I would like to insist on the need to incorporate some “risky” punk element that makes the look lose banality if not, the fashion content will cause you to lose spontaneity.


tendencias hombre


Color space, Klein blue, white and pink range

Another fantasy that will be strongly incorporated into men’s fashion next season is the logos and letters, surely you already have some garment of this type in your closet, probably t-shirts and sweatshirts.

They have to be impressive, of large measures and that contribute significantly to the look, not discreet and invisible, and although they seem unimportant because you are used to seeing them in sportswear, in their fashion function in seasonal colors, they can bring novelty and personality to your image. In the image above you have one of the most important colors of the season, the powerful and charismatic Klein blue whose impact will surprise you when mixed with military green, kaki, white …

tendencias hombre

In the Fall-Winter 19/20 color is not reserved only for the strictly casual world, the range of rose and purple will also be integrated into the outfit. Formally, naturally according to your personality, your work and the limits that your personal criteria set, only you will decide how far to go.

Formal garments, especially suits and shirts, will walk quietly throughout the world of formalwear without prejudice, and they will do it in the whole range of pink and purple, do not miss this opportunity to renew your office look in terms of color, because With purple jacket suits, pink shirts or lilac sweaters, your work image will change radically.

The total white look is the other star of the next season, dressing completely in white will be fashionable, and the feather jackets and the point are the winter elements you need to do it, add white corduroy pants and you already have your fashionable white look.

Events in diplomatic line and silver

tendencias hombre

Tailoring is always important in men’s fashion and the next Fall-Winter 19/20 is no exception. The pinstripe is possibly the most successful fabric, with the permission of the other classics, perfect to recreate the masculine 40s attire .

As for the colors, the perfectly coordinated total look in the color range ton sur ton, suit, shirt, tie and even vest is also fashionable if you want complete formality for a special event. If you are looking for something more comfortable I invite you to abuse, this time without worries, the high-necked sweater, you will be well seen and accepted work and social.

For less formal occasions and for your more casual nightlife you need silver, silver, silver and more silver. Silver garments and accessories will occupy the night spaces of all ages.

Use this guide of trends of trends Autumn-Winter 19/20 throughout the season, consult it every time you acquire new items for your wardrobe to introduce them in your looks with a personal touch, MD Personal Shopper, always offers you the help for your way of dressing day by day.


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