Here you have a practical analysis of the trends of the next season, so that you have at your disposal a practical and quick guide that you can consult whenever you add to your wardrobe new seasonal items.

The most useful news is that there are many items from previous seasons that you can rescue and that, modifying the way to wear them and adding some contrasts and accessories, will be a good base that you do not necessarily have to replace with new items: oversized garments, Boxy blazer, wide and short trousers, high waists, tube skirts, checks, boots, a multitude of garments and accessories with animalier motifs … I honestly expected more of the new trends!

What many fashion brands have presented as a novelty, although they were already present for some time, are oversized garments … magic word of season. Everything, garments and accessories, is disproportionately large in all aspects, in width and height: Maxi sweaters, maxi coats, maxi bags, maxi sweatshirts, XXL pants …

I’m going to build this post MD Personal Shopper, in the way that I find more practical, shelling out the characteristics of each trend based on their style: colors, silhouettes, fabrics, moments of use … I think that in this way every woman can choose the look that appeals to you at every moment.

There is also a series of transverse garments that can be used at pleasure in more than one trend according to one’s own criteria, essential base garments that you must use at will and that affect the silhouettes and volumes of the season. They do not belong to any particular style but to everyone and throughout the season, in successive posts in the MD Personal Shopper blog, I will show you the best way to enjoy them.

This post is not just a summary of trends, but a guide that is useful to dress better during the season and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Autumn Winter Trends 2019/20

Femme Fatale- Give way to your most seductive side

I do not pretend to be objective, so with the cover photo I started with the trend that I find interesting and in which some of the keys of the season are highlighted: the leadership of the red color, the prominence of the lace and the vinyl appearance, essential novelties.

To that touch femme fatale will have to aspire any fashion victim who claims to be one.

In this trend are again the animal-inspired prints, but the leopard has been very crowded lately so if you want an animal print on a look, I recommend you use animal-inspired motifs less obvious, modern for its geometric simplicity, and that also have the value of being more sophisticated: tiger and snake.

Pay careful attention to the images of the post, there are many clues about the coolest silhouettes and the most appropriate accessories for each look and how the garments are worn: the neckline of the lace dresses overlapping the of satin is not casual, nor are the booties in tubular fabric that complete the look tabby.

Matrix Inspired- Technology and Punk

the clothes in your closet. Sophisticated black leather, this is where the black color moves freely and explosively, accompanied by the excesses of the metallic accessories of the punk jewelery, which this season are less literal and much more sophisticated, adding that technological note that we transports to the world of Matrix.

Essential lines once again, the rounded neckline is still present in the vetting, your formal work look is surprisingly integrated with an unexpected punk touch, you would never have thought that the punk outfits punk outfits could be so interesting when it comes to the silhouette.

Silver, another great trend this season, gives life to this new interpretation of the punk world with which I strongly invite you to experiment, forgetting all the references you had about the original punk movement and reinventing it in the form of a new trend.

Use the Matrix inspiration also for night looks, exaggerating hairstyles and makeup to where you feel comfortable.

Trad College- Everyday Casual

If you dress without looking for excess, but take care of your image and paying attention to fashion this is your trend, you can reuse much of the content that you have added to your wardrobe in recent years, incorporating a garment for daily use with which to renew your look without frights.

This trend is inspired by the dress of British schoolboys, with skirts and pants in checked fabrics, pullovers, shirts … this is where you can incorporate fabrics that are always present in your wardrobe: because Prince of Wales, pied de poule or pinstripe, will make this look richer, providing small variations.

There are many capes in the proposals, but it is still a garment that does not match the current space of life, so I think the proposals will be very limited. If you want to take it, my advice is to use it here with the college spirit, to avoid that dramatic spirit that always accompanies the layers.

The pants are again below the knee and sometimes slightly flared, perfect for boots, you can dust off the ones you already have in the closet.

All skirts are this long midi season, a very lenient length with practically all types of legs.

Even so I recommend you to do tests modifying slightly the length of the skirt, because one or two centimeters can radically change the silhouette, but especially as much as you like yourself.

The less juvenile version of these garments this season has high waist in the case of pants and pleats or open tables in the case of the skirt.

There are some more trendy motifs next season, among them the scarf prints, which you can see in the image combined with the cape skirt. In this case it is a very small reason, but you will find them with more impressive drawings and measures. I advise you to choose them printed on satin fabrics, as in this case, and with small reasons to help you to give life to your work look.

If you want something stronger, look for a scarf print with large motifs, which is what you need if you go directly from work to an important dinner. You only have to dress in the morning with your midi skirt and your best boots, because how you can see in all the images of the post, this season the essential accessories in terms of footwear are high boots and booties.

There is another garment that in my opinion fits better in the Trad College than in any other trend of the Fall-Winter Season 19/20, the Maxi pullovers.

There is another garment that in my opinion fits better in the Trad College than in any other trend of the Fall-Winter Season 19/20, the Maxi pullovers.

They are never, and I never say, big enough, no size is too big and you can wear them with all kinds of garments, creating any overlay that you can think of. Also on dresses, but yes, choose clothes under which a silhouette contrast does not disappear.

You can use maxi sweaters with other trends, this season you will find many colors, but I think Trad College and Matrix are the trends in which you will get more out of them, so my advice is that you choose colors belonging to them to make it easy for you to combine.

Chic Tailoring- Winter White / Athletic Urban- Forget the occasion of use

Two colors in trend, two occasions of use, two silhouettes, two volumes, two different ways of using them.

There are several colors with an important presence next season, and I have chosen to propose them in the trend that I found more bold and interesting for each one. In the case of the white color, I think it will be a revolution for Chic Tailoring and the world of work in its more formal side.

Essential shapes and simple lines, nothing distracts you from your goal, but there is no lack of fashion proposal in the look, it increases the prominence of the structure of the shoulders, they send the shoulder pads very high, a sharp and sharp silhouette that brings presence to your figure. The key accessory for your impeccable suit jacket is a huge handbag, which generates contrast with the triangular silhouette increasing its impact.

The big bags are another must of season, an aesthetically powerful accessory and very useful in everyday life. It is transversal to all the trends, but I want to introduce you to the Chic Tailoring because here it is more striking because of the contrast with the silhouette and the sobriety of the outfit.

As for the integration of sportswear in casualwear, it is back again with more strength than ever, with the Athletic Urban trend, in which you can literally forget about the occasion of use, and this time brings one of my looks to the looks. favorite colors, blue Klein, who travels through casualwear without complexes.

The enormous oversized feather jackek full of color will be the allies of winter and protagonists of this trend that will bring the most graphic fantasies proposal of all, with logos and texts printed on all kinds of garments and accessories.

Fashion Appeal- Jackets, Sheep, Flowers, Boxy Blazer, Silver, Feathers …

The predominant trend is naturally the oversized trend, but there are also simpler ones that will help you survive day by day in the fashion world.

As an alternative you can use jackets they will be very fashionable and do not condition the silhouette so much, more casual results that you can use with all

I recommend the combination skirt-jacket one of my favorites, especially in autumn, with midi skirts has an exceptional result and are very easy to reproduce in the Trad College trend.

In trend also the sheep aspect , which replaces the furs of last winter, which have not disappeared completely. They imply a much more casual look, but you will find very different garments, so there will be the possibility of using it in different styles.

In the inkwell a pattern that I have not talked about yet but which nevertheless is the protagonist of many fashion brands this year. Invests resources in large flower prints, are in many proposals, they are cheerful and easy to use, you can take them on many occasions of different use and mix them with other clothes already present in your wardrobe.

As for the accessories boots and boots are present in virtually all looks, as a novelty, creating a powerful contrast of color. Keep in mind that the ankle boots shorten the leg, so if your legs are not too long, they will not improve your appearance at all, and you will wear an enemy of your own  image. In many cases it is better to use high boots, try before you start to buy the item that is more fashionable.

The last fashionable color of the season is the silver color, which is worn from morning to night, any excuse is good to enjoy the precious metallic effect. It’s especially cool mixed with red, so this combination is not for timid ones.

I have “forgotten” the boxy blazer, I think we have had enough last season, but if you still want to wear it I think that night is the right time to do it. An oversized silver blazer and boxy can turn you into the center of attention in any event.

Finally, feathers are very present in the trends, but those that are beautiful and well finished are usually very expensive.

I do not advise poorly made alternatives and poor quality, much better give up to wear pens, in the season Autumn-Winter 19/20, you have many more proposals to choose from …