It is one and the great dangers of the animal print, with its excessive use in garments of poor quality and little taste, it has become a print with which it is necessary to take special care, since with its garments vulgarity is always on the prowl.

I do not usually be so direct when judging the tastes of others, I always try to give objective advice so that people can enjoy their preferences in fashion in the way they feel best and taking full advantage of all their aesthetic advantages, but in the case of the animal print or animalier I will make an exception, the risk of being very vulgar is well worth it.

Let’s start with everything you should avoid that, in the case of animal print and a difference from many other fashions, it is essential:

  • Forbidden to abuse makeup, including nails
  • Forbidden garments and accessories of poor quality
  • Forbidden to use very narrow garments and with a sexy intention / appearance, it is also valid for accessories.
  • Forbidden deep necklines except in the back and / or in very, very sophisticated garments.
  • Forbidden lingerie details or in any case with spirit of underwear unless they have no intention … you already understand me.
  • Prohibited to abuse strident colors together.

If I think you are too radical, change “forbidden” to “avoid”, but try in any case without breaking the rules, they are very useful to avoid the vulgar undesirable result.

There are many other things that you can use when creating a look with an animal print, such as combining other prints with it, but I advise to avoid experiments without professional fashion advice.

Chic and Modern- Pursue a clear objective for your Animal Print look

“Less is always better” when creating a look with the intervention of an animalier print, whatever simplicity and simplicity is a guarantee of success.

In these images sophisticated and modern animal print garments without a hint of vulgarity, rather the opposite, in which the accessories follow the path of a modern style in which the animal print is an added value to the garment, the most smart and Glamorous of this print.

In the photo on the left, the leopard imitation made in a fabric with fur effect gives you the opportunity to enjoy the textured animal print, perfect for a sophisticated coat when the cold weather arrives.

In the simplest garments look for the added fashion value in the accessories, for example, modern elastic boots that accompany a definitely cool animal print dress.

Animal print in casual version- Add character to your everyday outfits

Leopard, tiger, but also zebra, snake, giraffe … animal print fantasies interpret animalier motifs freely, mixing and modifying them resulting in difficult patterns, some frankly pretty. Do not limit yourself to animal print patterns more alternatives, also look for less “literal” alternatives, you will distinguish yourself from the rest.

The most modern casual looks are perfect to let loose the less conventional combinations of these prints with the most everyday garments of your wardrobe, use them to enhance that look that you are quite bored, will not disappoint you.

In the youngest casual looks in which the animal print is mixed with very young and easy-to-wear style garments, it is precisely where there is more danger of a look having a very vulgar appearance. In general, I advise you to avoid very narrow jeans and be very careful with sportswear, they are bad travel companions of the animal print.

I will be very honest with you, I have not managed to put photos with vulgar animal print prints in this post, I had selected some as an example of vulgarity, but they annoy me, I prefer to show you the best version of the animal print. If you are curious you will find some terrible images in the photo album that I will publish on Facebook, do not worry, you will recognize them.

On accessories- Bet on a bold touch to complete your look

The Animal Print can only be a “touch” in your image, and it is perfect if you are not completely convinced of this type of prints and do not know how to use them or if your closet is very conventional and you are afraid of the consequences, but you feel attraction fatal for its animal beauty.

Having at your disposal in the closet shoes, sandals or boots animal print may be what you need to give a touch of print to your look without overloading it, the animal-inspired motifs and their almost always bicolor variants, guarantee you simplicity in the combinations.

MD Personal Shopper is committed to footwear and animal print accessories as a powerful resource also in case of special occasions in which you will feel more exposed, when you need more than ever to feel special and run away from poisoned compliments.

In men’s fashion – Animal fever also for them

Male fashion is increasingly aimed at animal print, now there are many animalier proposals for men and my advice in this case is to mix them with your everyday clothes, and even if your work environment allows it, with the clothes that you regularly wear to the office.

animal print

Vulgarity is not lurking so much in the case of men’s garments as in women’s garments, mainly because, let’s say the truth, few men choose them, and those who wear them are automatically classified as rare or eccentric bugs … precisely For this reason I invite you to use them, generally following the same rules recommended for women, and with the advantage of being “one of the few in something” in a world in which the boring homogeneity in which commands Fashions continue without questioning.

In the image on the left a simple look with diplomatic stripe pants as a perfect companion of the animal print shirt with leopard print, a fabulous combination to enjoy the animal print without complications.

For those who do not dare or do not like flashy prints, but want to succumb to animal temptation, the leather engraved with crocodile pattern is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration. Whatever you are there is an animalier proposal in men’s fashion also for you.

I have repeated it many times in this blog, but, due to the theme of this post, it is worth repeating once again: please, do not use genuine animal fur, even if you can afford it, the suffering of animals that we are exterminating It is minimally justifiable in any case, even less for putting on a coat or pants. The current textile technology puts within our reach the beauty of animal skin are causing any suffering, enjoy it with responsibility.


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