Company Image Advicing

The employees of a company are its image facing abroad, the first impact that customers and suppliers have of it, and the first tool at its disposal to transmit the fundamental values ​​of its product:
  • Wearing (or not) a tie is a useful message when it becomes a distinctive feature that identifies the professionals that representing the company, thus becoming a brand identifier and creating synergies with advertising campaigns.
  • Using for the uniforms an iconic color or garment that distinguishes them from those of the competitors, it is a fundamental tool to establish itself in the market.
  • Choose garments that have not received contaminating treatments in their preparation respecting the sustainability of the planet, talk about the values ​​of a young and flexible company committed to the environment that needs to underline its values ​​and commitment.
  • Making employees in positions of responsibility wear jeans with impeccable bespoke blazer, will convey a message of tradition, reliability and modernity very useful in formal or newly created companies.
They are strong and effective messages that a company can use for its correct positioning in the market.

MD Personal Shopper prepares a study based on previously set objectives, for one department or for people in specific positions and determinants, whose image has a special impact on the appearance of the company. The service includes also training if necessary.

Professional for fashion companies

Two different slopes with different needs
Commercial activity

With regard to commercial performance, MD Personal Shopper offers an efficient analysis on the positioning of the offer in the environment and with respect to the competitors, modifying the type of product, the reception times to improve the planning of seasons, the average price and by type of product.

As for Visual Merchandising, a correct distribution of the groups / color / texture, is a key issue to increase the permanence of a customer in a store and, at the same time the interest, increasing sales possibilities, improving the results.

Industrial activity

Adaptation of the activity to the needs of each step p of collection development.

  • Analysis of the collection, renewal of the offer, analysis of new markets with specific needs.
  • Price positioning, collection renewal with specific economic objectives.
  • Collection structure by type, balances among types of products, selection of fabrics and materials, accessories, fitting.
  • Presentation of collections to sales department.
  • Visits the stores to improve their adaptation to new collections or introduction of new product typologies.

MD Personal Shopper offers Consultancy both, industrial and the commercial developments, of any product in fashion, covering all the areas in the successive steps of the process: product analysis and approach, time management, development and content of collections… knowing and understanding the needs and risks arising in each one, is the best way to succeed in creating a successful business in this sector.

Fashion and image consulting for corporate events

Companies have to participate in events in where their image is exposed in first person: presentations, awards, fairs, events of all kinds that are also opportunities to show their value on public occasions.

Quality, sustainability, luxury, commitment, sensitivity, success and even happiness, are characteristics and values that can be transmitted in a corporate event thanks to the colors, attire or attitude of the participants.

Making everything in an event breathes company image is what MD Personal Shopper offers with its  servie: the guarantee that the representatives of the company, whether  responsible for the organization or just assistants, transmit their values and reinforce their presence at every opportunity.

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