Promise is a promise so, after the post Fashion Tips for Curvy Women, here is the post that contains everything you need to know to make your Curvy fashion garments look perfect on your skin.

This post is made of lace and elastic, cotton, and silk, but above all it is made of a lot of restraint, because therein lies the key to making your looks make you as seductive as you like.


Fundamental Secrets of Curvy Lingerie

For a perfect result that you can feel confident you need to lift and hold in order to lift and enhance, and for that you need the security of strong and quality fabrics, it is not a good idea to save on this aspect, better to have few sets of lingerie of good quality and that you can trust, than many that can leave you “hanging” without notice … as I recommended in the previous post, look for a good Corsetier that gives you guarantees of quality and enjoy your Curvy look without unpleasant surprises.


Not all Curvy girls have the same shapes, like the rest of the women are not necessarily equally balanced at the top with respect to the bottom and vice versa. Let’s talk about bras first….

The right bra for every curvy girl for each occasion

For the day to day do not hesitate, comfort and freedom of movement are the keys to make your days as comfortable as you need, but you must consider everything, also that a large chest is uncomfortable if it is not subject.


You don’t need to always wear the same type of bra; the important thing is that you know how to distinguish between different occasions and then know how to choose.

Never give up on support, at this time there are wonderful bras with double reinforcement so soft that you will not even feel that you are wearing them, it is not necessary to suffer with the uncomfortable feeling of the rings sticking under the chest, now there are elastic fabrics and even bras with a reinforcement inside that will make you not even notice that you are wearing them.


If we are talking about a big cup no problem, also in this case you will find virtually invisible bras capable of holding your precious chest without flinching, now textile technology serves for that, and is on your side!


It may seem like an exaggeration but with the passage of time all fabrics give way (human and textile) and, although now it seems that everything is perfectly in place, things can change very quickly, and your beautiful strong and toned chest may no longer be, transforming into a frightening “cocker ears”.


When you go to do sport no jokes, you need a top with very elastic fabric and has a good support at the bottom of the chest, with elastic areas specially designed so that your chest does not bounce when you move, thus preventing it from breaking, sagging.


If you want something special bet on a balconette bra, in this article of sensational lingerie believe me, you have no rival!


Thong or bikini bottom, a matter of not leaving marks

When it comes to undergarments Curvy girls are not very different from the rest, it all depends on the type of garment you are going to wear underneath.


If you are going to choose the thong, make sure that the material is very elastic and of good quality, otherwise you will suffer during the whole time you wear it the torture of a very unpleasant tension. It is also very useful that it is very thin at the bottom back, with the garment directly on your skin, without marks, will have a much better result.


The very high panties hold the volume of the entire hip avoiding deformations in the garments, if you like comfort this is a good solution for pants and skirts perfectly dress your figure with softness and comfort.


The panty girdle is perfect if you need support and containment putting everything in its optimal position, in fact, at this time they are fashionable and, in the market, there are endless possibilities of different fastenings: top of the belly, bottom, lower hip, buttocks support, highlight them, raise them position ….


I am a big fan of the bottom, comfort is the most important thing for me, but it is also a garment that can be worn in a very seductive way, you will discover it yourself as you wear it and, with the discovery of seamless garments, the result is optimal.



Basic and Invisible Lingerie for Curvy Women

Invisible lingerie is the best, nothing tightens, nothing is marked, the panties slide smoothly without leaving a trace of their presence, and you can enjoy wearing any type of garment with total tranquility, without the request of the hated marks.


If you have already read my tips on the Curvy girl silhouette, you will have seen that an essential part of the result is to highlight the waist, if you choose your panties correctly, part of the work is done, look at the result in the photo above.


The Brazilian knicker is the most conventional of all panty shapes, a hit with all women, including Curvy women. I just recommend you to be careful with your body shape, in some women these panties are not only uncomfortable, but also a bad choice for the silhouette.


The basic cotton lingerie is designed for you, the tops will perfectly tuck in a voluminous breast and the panties will retain the volume with security and control. Be sure of the quality of the cotton before you choose them, if it’s not the right one they will show in no time, and you will have thrown away your precious everyday basic set.


There are a multitude of shape and color options at very different prices, from the most expensive to the most accessible, look for the maximum compromise between economy and quality that you can afford and enjoy your perfect panties.


Don’t stop at the most basic garments with neutral colors, take advantage of the huge offer that exists today of lingerie items for large sizes in delicious colors, enjoy creating combinations and playing with color shape depending on the garments you wear.


Today’s fashion is also always Curvy.


The simplest and most basic lingerie can be very sexy, it depends only on your attitude when you wear it, but let’s dedicate to sexy lingerie the space it deserves, are you ready to let yourself be carried away by the most seductive and libertine part of your personality?



Curvy sexy lingerie – lace looks good on your curves

Always choose what makes you feel better, Lingerie is no exception, if you feel like wearing lace, lace, and garter belts do not waste time, here are the indications you need to enjoy the sexiest items on the market.


Use them for everyday or only in special situations depends on you, how you feel, now the most suitable items for your silhouette also exist in seduction format.


For younger Curvy girl’s lighter bras and daring proposals, it’s time to show off without complexes or reservations.


If you have a large chest, use bras that bring it to the center, also as I suggested at the top of the poster a good balcony is a guarantee of success. The full bodysuits are suggestive and comfortable, a good choice if you want tranquility when you move, what you need for example for your civil wedding dress.


Baby dolls are a Must Have for confident curvy girls.


As short as you want, as sensual and seductive as you feel, the baby doll is the weapon you need in your most private intimate closet, it is for only the chosen ones to enjoy.



Lights and Shadows of a Curvy Girl

All women spend a lot of time thinking about their physical weaknesses and how to improve their appearance, Curvy girls are no exception, and their concerns are the same as the rest of women have.


Centimeters, up or down? And what about stretch marks?


Curvy women are subjected to the same media stress as all other women, comparisons, social networks, influencers, bloggers, aren’t you a little fed up?

There is only one thing I agree with this world that is all over the place and bombarding with images of women who have perfect curves, I mean whatever you are, it is necessary to stay in shape, it is the key to stay physically and mentally fit.


Fit curvy silhouette

Not all Curvy girls are Curvy models on Instagram, there are also many normal women with bodies of the same characteristics that are in difficulty when confronted with those Curvy ideals and is that, if you think that your body does not need exercise you are wrong what you stake is the firmness of those curves that you boast so much, they also need exercises to be in shape.


Sometimes a type of exercise that doesn’t suit you may cause your curves not to be exactly the type and shape you are looking for, but on the contrary, you may find yourself with unwanted results.


Don’t listen to inexperienced or inexperienced people who may give you advice with the best of intentions but may complicate things and delay the time needed to achieve your goals. Put yourself in the hands of a professional who will put your curves exactly where you want them, they do know what a curvy body need.


The curvy girl you want to become stays active and takes care of her curves.


Today’s curvy girls feel fabulous and laugh very, very loudly and proudly when they look in the mirror….