In case you did not know BoHo is the abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, a fashion that takes place in London from various social movements of the twentieth century, including one of the revolutions in the most important thought of all: the hippie movement and its inspiring aesthetic freedom, which broke with all the rules in existing dress up to that moment.

Boho fashion is really a mix between hippie, rural and ethnic Ibizan, folk and bohemian. But that homeless note, that neglected aspect, is something that can not be lost sight of in that “fashion” transformation of the trend.

In referring to the Hippie revolution, I put thought first and not its aesthetic aspect because, unlike what many believe, the hippie movement was first of all a pacifist revolution, a cry of protest against war, nuclear weapons, pollution. What comes to us in this boho trend is no more than a dull echo of the cry of those young people who protested the disasters of the world that their elders left them. An attitude that we should imitate.


Start to customize your Boho style

How to Customize a Boho Wardrobe

Create my own style It is no nonsense, it is more, it seems a very difficult task if you intend to achieve an aspect with personality, a necessary condition if you want to enjoy this style … Who would like to use a style in the same way in which to use it everybody else?

But then, how to create your own Boho style? Let’s talk about concrete formulas:

Uses own elements, with which they are identified and which are especially easy to use for you, of course, should not belong to the Boho style.

It could be for example an accessory you like to use whenever you can, because you love the effect it has on your image or you feel more safe when you wear it, It could be your beloved studded belt or military jacket, it does not matter, I’m sure that lee I have come to mind something in mind … well, this is a principle to see your accessory in your next look Boho although you have to risk a bit with the result, your look will be more personal and different from the rest.

Take advantage of that freedom of what we presume the hippie movement to improvise by introducing dissonant elements in the look, for example: a leopard print accessory, a strass necklace, military boots … the accessories always make this work much easier.

Look for a more detailed description, an vversizez hip hop garment, a Lycra print ed with multicolored leggins with abstract motifs, a perecto touch of leather that can not be changed from a fabulous Boho flower dress or any contrast you like. Check your wardrobe for inspiration or get in touch with Md Personal Shopper to get a Boho look that reflects your style and personality.

Fabrics and accessories Boho – Create your own silhouettes with the characteristics of Casual Boho

To achieve a boho look with its own personality it is very important to also strive to take out of context the most characteristic elements of the Boho look, such as hats, floral dresses or denim shorts, but there is something even more important …

Why insist on wearing garments or silhouettes that are not appropriate for your silhouette and your physical characteristics?

Create your own Boho inspiration silhouettes if you want to enjoy this trend, yes, but always putting your needs ahead, for example: Are you not very tall ?, Avoid high boots that shorten the figure, kilos that accumulate in the abdomen area? choose dresses and tops with empire silhouette, is your neck too short? forget about the long mane or uses collected with braids

Do not ever be a slave to the trend if you like it and you want to enjoy it, adapt it to your needs!

As for the makeup hippie aesthetic, at the head of inspiration Boho, does not care much about makeup, what’s more, the most faithful interpretation would be the absolute absence of makeup. But once again, your personal criteria must come into play: do not give up on that fabulous purple lip color that makes you feel so good. That feeling, is on top of any fashion!

By the way: the tufts of dyed heritage of another fabulous urban tribe of the twentieth century with a lot of personality, the Punk movement, are an easy, fun and not necessarily permanent idea to make a quick intervention in your look if you attend a special occasion. Do not underestimate its impact, especially if you have your surroundings accustomed to a conservative look.


Boho Business in the office

Do not leave your look Boho look at home from Monday to Friday, just adapt it to your professional image needs.

If you do not need the very strict attire that requires a job facing the public or the company does not require particularities in the attire, in my opinion, the most important thing to consider for practical reasons. They are mostly accessories, but they are usually something that must be handled with care.

This image speaks for itself, a practical black bag of great capacity, perfect to carry everything you need for a long day of work in the office. Creates a hard and unpleasant contrast with the lightness of the floral garment.

Look for accessories that do not constitute an aesthetic aggression to the whole, because it is not true “that it does not matter”, not everything goes. It is better to choose and look for creative solutions to the problem, such as more than one bag or a strong contrast in a harmony that does not “bother”.

If your work requires a formal look I remind you that color is not at odds with formality. Actually, the most formal thing in your professional look is you, your competence and intelligence, no jacket with flowers will make it disappear, so yes: enjoy flowers and colors also wearing a blazer.


Boho outdoors summer

Summer is the season in which you can enjoy the boho look with more freedom, take the opportunity to break the rules of this trend making it clear that yours is a personal interpretation.

Regardless of accessories and garments, there are many more elements of enormous impact. Among them: the collected hair in disordered braids, a mixture of calculated neglect and useful pasotism, which well used can result in a look with a lot of personality.

In addition to the characteristic garments of this look, such as hats or dresses, I suggest you pay attention to a garment that goes unnoticed but whose charm is undeniable, easy to wear and combine and that can be very useful on the beach. On top of the swimsuit or in its place if you are one of those who, like me, frequent the nudist beaches. I’m talking about the dressing gowns, a deliciously enveloping solution day and night.

I would like to return once again, before finishing, to a characteristic of the boho look that goes unnoticed, but without which this possession loses personality. Without this component, the Boho trend does not become one of those fashions that burn in the shop windows without reaching more relevance than prints that will later be sold on sale …. It gives your boho look touches that take you away from perfection, an unbuttoned button, some un-ironed garment, a misplaced accessory, a crooked skirt … it will be a great homage to the origin of this trend, besides giving “life” to elements which, if not, will lack content.

In the facebook album related to this post, you will find many more images to get your boho look right … also for men.