It is the first question that arises when you are invited to a wedding. What should I wear? Are there rules about what is appropriate to wear or not to wear to go to a wedding?

The answer is yes, although not all are “written” rules, there are common sense rules and rules for ignorance that this post intends to correct, but there are other more important rules if possible, those of bad taste, which are preventable up to a certain way, because,  from the point of view of education and aesthetics, there must be a desire to learn to fight them.

The protocols change according to the type of wedding, the country in which it takes place or of which the bride and groom are (one or both), the time of the year, if the wedding is civil or religious and of course the time, if it is a wedding day or night. This post is dedicated to the protocol for a day wedding.

Collect information and evaluate your participation, details such as the estimated duration or if the event will take place in the country or in the city. On the other hand, your participation in the event will not be the same if at home someone close, a brother or a good friend, as if you simply attend as a guest to the marriage of a son of your boss.


What to wear in case of wedding protocol with “long” dressing code for her?

The protocol changes according to the wedding, and the conditions are usually established in the invitation you receive, if there are no precise indications in the invitation, it will be you who freely choose the outfit, there are no rules, although particularities to be taken into account so that all , including you, feel comfortable.

From the point of view of who is home, it is convenient to choose a dress code and communicate it on the invitations, so you will not put your guests in a difficult situation.

Although are evening weddings that usually require a long woman’s outfit code, there are many day weddings in which the bride and groom choose “long” attire and that definitely condition the feminine look.

Fabric and color are the elements that you must choose for a perfect look and silhouette and the vaporous fabrics and soft colors are usually the preferred option with difference, but I invite you to verify the color tone is not too clear, in our culture the Brides usually wear white and the first unwritten rule is that the absolute protagonist of the event is the bride and no one should rival her, and pay also attention to necklines, especially in a religious wedding.

What if it is a luxury day wedding?


The social environment is also decisive, keep in mind that will not be the same to choose a look for a wedding in a castle of very wealthy people, then a wedding of people with less purchasing power in a hotel in the city.

Long dresses with patterned or brocaded motifs give a striking and aristocratic look, they are perfect if you want to send more in a “difficult” ambient, but you must be aware that they are not easy to wear outfits. Heavy and almost always bulky, you need control and concentration to take them in addition to that, if you notice that you are uncomfortable, it can be torture and can make a fool of yourself.

Wedding protocol of other cultures, “long” alternatives

Last but not least the possible cultural peculiarities, such as a Muslim bond or a Hindu wedding.

If possible, speak directly with the bride and groom, if not, look for well-informed people about the event, especially if you attend a “engagement” wedding, there may be a strict protocol that you must follow. Inform you, attend a wedding without information is to throw a social and style cliff.

Adapt to the norms and characteristics, do not try to fight against the norms and customs, you will lose, if you do not like the norms, do not go, be flexible and try to find solutions among the resources of your closet and think about alternatives, all the cultures of the Planet have wonderful clothes, dive among their outfits until they find the best adaptation to the situation and your physical characteristics. A jumpsuit, for example, may be a “long” alternative that you are not considering, and with which you may feel more comfortable without missing the “long” protocol required in the invitation.

Day wedding Protocol


No protocol can make you give up your personality

Do not dye your hair a color that you do not like because it seems more appropriate and of course do not try desperately to hide that tattoo you did when you were on vacation, you are you, marry who marries.

Disguise is never a good alternative, before or after your authentic self appears and in disguise you will not even know how to behave Instead I propose that you always look for solutions with which you feel comfortable and that are within the protocol rules that the bride and groom request in the invitation

If you feel you are running out of resources and can’t solve the problem, call me. MD Personal Shopper‘s Events and more service is designed precisely for these situations; a personal image consultant guarantees you an impeccable appearance and how to have style.

Day wedding Protocol


Wedding protocol rules that you should not violate

In addition to the protocol rules in themselves, I want to add some “good taste” rules, because in reality the protocol as such is used if you have to attend a “royal wedding”, and believe me, in that case it will be Royal House , which leaves nothing so important at random, who will contact you if you need assistance or have any questions.

The other rules, those of good taste, have more to do with common sense and education, one that avoids a “bad time” to you and the other participants in the event.

Day wedding Protocol


The basic rule if you are in a religious wedding, is always the same: avoid outfits that may resemble the possible dress of the bride, long and light colored, the brides do not always wear optical white.

Finally, the list of horrors, which always fall under the category “bad taste”, and in which there are things like transparent garments (yes, I mean it, there are those who are capable …), because there may be Many ways to remove the prominence to the bride.

From the opposite point of view, that of personal ridicule, I invite you to reason about certain excesses, although in truth this point is also applicable to everyday life …

I talk about the tons of makeup that, being a special occasion, some women decide to increase in a “special” way, taking the result to the absurd.

The “carnival masks” are far from sophistication and very close to extreme vulgarity … if you do not know how to put on makeup do not experiment because it is a special day, better your natural beauty, and if you know, and you usually abuse, you could ask opinion someone objective around, the answer might surprise you.

Day wedding Protocol


The theme of excesses also applies to ornate garments that are full of applications, and of course also for jewelry and even for hairstyles.

Become an example of good taste, this is always a bet to win, MD Personal Shopper’s vow.

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