Look closely at the cover images, there is a mix between very different women, but in addition to the style … can you determitate the  occassion? All of them are dressed in a current way, but with very different looks and for different occasions, heterogeneous styles, I would dare to say that with ways of interpreting fashion in some contradictory cases.

To begin, let’s define what a midi skirt is, because every time I see images of midi skirts I find skirts of different lengths. The midi lengh is roughly the one that is halfway between the knee and the ankle, and I say grossly because between one end the other in this definition there are about 10 or 12 centimeters, a lot of distance in terms of fashion, so imagine that always you are left with doubts, because in addition the effect of the length changes if we talk about a tube skirt or a flared one. The half between the ankle / knee ends is, in any case, the best indication you can get to define a midi.

The midi skirt is perfect for any style and occasion, it can be said that we are facing one of the few garments of the current female wardrobe that you can always use without thinking too much. If you also add that it is a suitable garment for many tbody shapes, we are talking about one of the most useful garments of any woman’s closet, an essential “wild card”, the must have that you can use in one of those impossible mornings that we all have in which we are unable to make style decisions.


How to combine the Midi Skirt – Adapt it to the Occasion thinking about total look

Midi is just a measure, that’s all, the garments that make up the rest of the look are what really define the style, the midi lenght is only a concept applicable to a thousand ways of understanding fashion.

For example, if you like to convey an image of reliability at work and you usually dress in a conventional way, the combination of pleated midi skirt in black with a classic fabric blazer will make you reach the goal, but if that night you cannot go home and you keep pleated midi skirt like the one in the image but you change top and blazer for a top with an imposing and deep neckline that invites the imagination and a strass bracelet, although the skirt is the same you will look like a completely different woman .

If on the contrary you  like casual style and you usually dress in a relaxed way, you do not have to give up the beauty of a printed pleated skirt in which the open folds make the drawing open and stand out, adapt the skirt to the situations that They wait for you that day, it could be a shopping session accompanied by MD Personal Shopper to make sure you get your best version, then coordinate your midi skirt with a jacket if the day is going to be cool and sneakers to be comfortable.


Midi skirt models, a garment many models- The importance of footwear

I have talked about how to transform the same model of midi skirt according to the occasion, let’s talk now about the different styles of midi skirt and how to choose the one that can work best with your silhouette.

In these two images, two silhouettes of very different midi skirts: trapeze and bias cut, both conditioned by two very different fabrics: cotton and viscose, which give you the opportunity to transform your look and in turn condition the choice of footwear, an integral part of the silhouette and that determines the style of the look, which in turn is always conditioned by the occasion of use that will influence the selection you make of the footwear that you will choose taking into account the fabric of the midi skirt that… do you follow me? For the looks to work it is always necessary to take into account the set.

The bias cut and elongated silhouette created by the fluid midi skirt that sticks to the hips by defining them, is perfectly topped with the narrow and feminine boots that completed by the long narrow sweater.

The trapeze silhouette in the next image then needs a shoe that “finishes” in the same way the look and gives it continuity, without losing sight in any case the keys of current fashion and the needs that women have today. The answer is in a flat footwear that continues the line to the ground giving harmony to the whole, right? … well, that is my aesthetic choice and my way of solving this casual look with cotton fabrics in this particular case, but If we changed the cotton skirt for a brocade silk skirt with crinoline, the shirt for a top for a rhinestones top and the occasion is a New Year’s Eve, the choice of footwear could change. Footwear is always decisive in a look, choose it with the attention it deserves and taking into account all the elements, it will give you successful looks.

Look again at the cover images of this post and you will understand what I say.


The midi skirt in the overweight silhouettes- Choose the right style, in the midi skirt you have an ally

falda midi

If you are overweight the midi skirt is essential in your closet, because one of the most difficult areas when dressing an overweight silhouette is the lower part, specifically the knees, and the midi skirt covers them what is necessary to get a look harmonious, but not so much as to shorten the figure, another of the problems they necessarily face when dressing. But midi skirts like any other element of the female wardrobe, can be cheated, and it is not enough to say that this type of skirts are perfect for you, you have to be careful with the volumes and details.

In the skirt on the left one of frills in successive layers, an important aesthetic contribution to the skirt model, but also an important contribution of. Volume to your hips. In contrast, the fabric of the skirt with a lot of fall soften the silhouette, and the narrow shirt enhances the chest, making the figure does not transform into a single block so, in this case the choice of the set works very fine.

In left image the simple and slightly fitted skirt with some movement at the bottom facilitates the silhouette, and the simplicity of the shapes and the dark color of the garments make this look can be perfect for your day to day needs. day, especially if you have some extra kilo in the waist that makes it impossible to wear very narrow clothes in that area.

Keep in mind the area where the overweight accumulates in your case to choose the perfect midi skirt for you.

Natural elegance of the Midi Skirt – The chameleonic solution for special events

falda midi

In speceal occasions and events it is where we find more styles of midi skirt, in more fabrics, in more variety of models and with more possibilities of adaptation to different styles.

The midi skirt becomes a single skirt for many special occasions because, whether you visit casual or formal or sporty style, there is a midi skirt fits you at a wedding, a corporate dinner or a night out, and here forms come into play and models: tube, cape, pleated, asymmetric, pleats, straight, evasé … there is a midi skirt for each woman, and a woman for each midi skirt.

When you find yours for a special occasion think about the characteristics of the skirt, fabric, color, volume or texture and, based on them, choose a top that completes the look, it is essential to choose all the elements always thinking about the look.

Next, the accessories, I have already talked about the importance of choosing footwear that helps you enhance the silhouette, so the other accessories are missing. Do not overload the look, add more is not always best, go slowly, stopping to observe, evaluating, adding and removing and if you need help call me, my online Stylist service is created specifically for moments like these.

One more thing, the special garments do not deserve the bead at the bottom of the closet at the next event, mix your midi skirt with everyday wardrobe garments and enjoy it, if you follow this guide it will help you get modern and spectacular looks.

There are many skirts I measure as styles, women and ways of interpreting fashion. To play with her on each special occasion you have styls that adapt to your specific needs for each occasion.