Folk woman stile

 Folk is not just a style, it’s more an attitude and a way of living … it’s walking with bare feet on the grass or in the sand, I think that’s the best way to describe it.

It diesent mean not that folk is very related to nature, it imean can not understtood without it: colors, fabrics and shapes, are inspired by this “dependence” of nature.

Folk is folklore, based on popular aesthetic culture, but, although there are many popular aesthetic cultures around the world, in fashion it has been accepted as “folk” only one: small flowers, thick knit hats, boots , long skirts, skins … that is, American folk culture.

Having said that, we are going to talk about a woman’s folk style, classifying it in different ways, in order to be able to use it more easily:

The folk style of a woman in her element: outdoor folk

If you are going to spend a day in the country and you are determined to wear an impeccable folk style, you need comfortable clothes and natural materials such as cotton, wool, suede or leather.

You have to mix these elements in a balanced way, adapting them of course to your boby and your style. When I say balanced, I mean that you do not “abuse” a single material, better splashes the look with fabric contrasts and above all textures, fundamental to reinforce the folk effect.

For this purpose it uses, above all, characteristic accessories of this style: the leather of the hat, the thick point of the cap, the suede of the boots …

Motifs and fantasies characteristic of women’s folk fabrics

After the most characteristic materials to achieve this look, we face the most representative representative motifs and prints to guarantee a mood that transmits that natural environment.

In the first image earth and ocher colors mixed with browns, a pattern that is once again linked to the earth and plants, both present in folk motifs.

About checks shirts so characteristic of this style I already spoke to you in the previous post, so now we speak of other folk style motifs.

First, other geometric motifs, inspired by those fabulous Indian blankets that you can use to wrap yourself, but whose designs you can find in many other garments, also lightweight.

As for the organic motifs, the flowers printed on viscose triumph everywhere, but also embroidered on cotton fabrics.

Floral motifs full of color are characteristic of folk, especially in long skirts and wide dresses with very feminine open necklines.

My advice is to wear this type of dresses with boots, female for special occasions or more rough, to get a more authentic effect.


Folk style of modern woman for city, essential denim

The denim escapes a bit the characteristics of the folk style, but completes and modernizes it, becoming essential if you need a more structured fabric to complete your woman’s folk look in a more urban environment.

The urban folk style is comfortable and with comfortable volumes, but not only … through the slots of this urban casual version escapes that nature that is breathed everywhere in this style.

The accessories bring an mood of usefulness to the folk, adapting it to life in the city. Glasses, bags and shoes change everything, adapting the folk style to a world for which he was not prepared.

The word I’m looking for is “fashion”, a fashion that remains faithful to natural fabrics and details inspired by life in the countryside.

It doesnt mean that the result are not contemporary looks, on the contrary, they have simply crossed barriers of social and cultural contamination, to arrive at a complexly different consistency than they needed for life in the countryside, much simpler.

At that point, sophistication comes into play, which is the true protagonist of the difference between authentic folk style and the city version.

Is not about the clothes, not even the pose, if you want to create an authentic folk look and that is also credible outside the city, you’ll have to create a second skin more rugged and natural, able to dissimilate that sophistication, between naturalness folds and improvisation … at least apparently.


Casual folk style of women in everyday life, femininity comes into play

In this is the most daily version of folk, but also runs the risk of falling into the most absolute banality, losing all the essence of its origin.

The folk elements go unnoticed among the garments of casual attire without highlighting. The advantage is that they introduce components of their aesthetic origin without complexes, in addition to providing color and fantasies.

With regard to the feminine component of this style, it is one of its best advantages: ruffles, generous necklines … also original garments made with woven fabrics suitable for the different seasons of the year.

If we talk about beauty, the most consistent thing is to continue with their aesthetic characteristics, since they have a lot of personality: braids and disheveled effects, “wild” makeup or tattoos covering your skin, they are the best option.


Special occasions in folk style

On special occasions you can also count on the help of a super feminine folk look, especially if you have to attend an event in the field and want to wear a folk look in harmony with the occasion.

Use embroidery and folk prints to give consistency and personality inspired by life in nature, but I want you to see two images of this post that generate contrasts.

In this post I have not spoken practically of contrasts, since, in a style with so much solidity and coherence, there is not much space for them.

In the cover image, a draped knit dress with a thick folk style cardiganon top, seems completely out of place …

Towards the middle of the post, a girl with completely shaved hair, poses with a very feminine dress that contrasts with the radicality of the hair.

My advice is that you look for these contrasts playing with this folk style to create a much more modern version, taking advantage of, in addition, the most daring resources of your wardrobe.

One last tip … if you want a different and classic wedding at the same time, romantic, natural and simple, all together, folk has all the elements you need. Inspire yourself in its natural fabrics, in its flowers even for the ambience of the place where you want to celebrate your wedding.

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