Furcollars provide two things, heat and beauty, and believe me, neither is more important than the other.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: the heat is only provided by real furs, but that’s not entirely true anymore … fabulous imitations of fur of all kinds, long or short hair, in which beauty and heat add up without complexes, they flood the stores.

Learn to combine fur collars

If you buy it as a separate accessory, you can use your fur collar on the garment you prefer, so you can play with the different and endless textures of the different furs (mink, rabbit, Mongolia, sheep, astrakhan …). You know that I often bet on contrasts as it formulates to show the value of the look … furs are no exception!

On the cover the favorite combination of MD Personal Shopper: leather jacket with fur, mink type. The smooth shine of the leather in contrast to the multicolored volume of the fur, a soft contrast that works both for a more conventional style and for those women who like to risk more.


The different types of fur collars and fashion

Fashion is usually less democratic and more radical than it seems, so let’s talk about the different types of fur and their combination with different styles of clothes.

When the fur is part of the same garment, as in the case of many coat, collars and cuffs, for example, usually the taste of the garment corresponds to the type of fur.

There are more modern and striking fur types and others more discreet, but do not confuse discreet with conventional, if there is something that the fur is not, it is boring. Some fur accessories in a garment, any garment, will always give it the appearance of something that has value, even if the garment is made with materials that do not worth it.

With the simple fact of choosing a garment with fur edges, whatever it is, you are defining your taste … and with it, your style.


When fur necks are discrete …

… are bordering hood edges, the most casual version of this element.

Decorative and spectacular, the fur edges on the hoods are a fashionable magnet, its irresistible appeal means that you probably already have a garment of this type.

In the most technical garments for professional use, they become fundamental elements to close the opening that constitutes the hood, protecting the face during the most violent snowstorms.

If you care about the protection of animals, you have to be especially attentive to this type of garment and pay more attention to the composition label.

If you care about the protection of animals, you have to be especially attentive to this type of garment and pay more attention to the composition label.

The large pieces of real fur of wild animals are very expensive, so the same furriers resell the narrow strips that are discarded when cutting the large pieces and many brands use these less expensive fur remains for hood edges or cuffs.

Prestigious fashion brands already replace authentic fur with beautiful imitations that the textile industry puts at their disposal.

You will also find brands that are using sheepskin or rabbit skin, skins of domestic animals that are not used only for the fur, their meat is also used.


The wild beauty of the fur necks around you

Do not disguise you love, then forget the discretion. A fur coordinator “everywhere” is what you need.

The excess guarantees a comforting heat to face the cold outside, but above all guarantees beauty.

So yes, wrap yourself in furs to achieve a heady sensation, you just have to pay attention to the colors if you decide to use different fur in the same look.

Another important asset of the furs is that they are associated with luxury, they convey a feeling of something expensive, so when you see a person wrapped in furs, you automatically think of money.

So, if you are going to face an event in which you need to look like a comfortable economic situation, furs will be very useful, even if they are not just a beautiful and modern imitation.


Fur stoles versus fur collars

Fur stoles are an emblem of luxury, they belong to an aristocratic world that we see in historical cinema or in films that often ironise with it.

Personally I think that, with fur used in this way, the result is not very modern and it moves away from the full potential of these fabulous accessories. If you are going to use conventional stoles, in my opinion fur collars are more modern.

However, you can use the stoles in a much more daring and modern, as simple pieces wrapped fur that you wear on virtually any other garment.

Use a fur stole the way you like it, big and irregular like the one in the picture, a more “ethnic” taste, or with a traditional rectangular shape.

You can enjoy it over a wool coat, a denim jacket, a feather jacket or choose my favorite combination, on a leather garment that generates a great contrast of textures.

In any case, you’ll be fabulous at a party, in the office or on a weekend trip to a cold place. As an accessory, you can wear it to remove seriuusness from your younger looks, without thinking too much.

It is a very decorative base accessory that I recommend. I have it in imitation Mongolia fur and its irregular texture gives a lot of game in the closet.

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