This season fall / winter 2018, is full of trends that surround you in shop windows and advertising, generating in you the desire to wear certain clothes, but before choosing the clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, there are a couple of things that you can not ignore: your body and your personality.

How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018

Getting dressed perfectly for New Year’s Eve 2018, Velvet and Blazer trends

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Velvet is one of the trendiest fabrics of the season, we have seen it in all kinds of garments, from jackets to skirts … or jumpsuits, the most modern and comfortable proposal, but only if you do not have many extra kilos, the appearance swollen from this tissue does not forgive.

In that case better a skirt in light velvet with a lot of fall or, if you do not want to give up this trend, some velvet booties.

You can always coordinate with your companion, to whom I recommend a blazer of normal length or the length of a coat, to approaching a demodé mood.

How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, Sneakers trend

Do not you want to give up comfort? If you refuse to spend an uncomfortable long night at the end of the year put on sneakers, comfortable, cool and of maximum tendency.

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For him  50’s inspired suit silhouette and with the characteristic narrow tie. The All Stars guarantee a relaxed and very, very modern night.

For her the “in other times unacceptable” contrast between the luxurious formality of the lace and the casual comfort of the footwear, an irresistible look for a rebel spirit.


How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018,  Fur and Animalier trend

Furs are the solution you are looking for the cold, year-end, long and untidy night …

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To your aid scome furs with as much variety of motifs as those present in nature: leopard, tiger, mink, zebra, giraffe, astrakhan …

As important as beauty is respect for animals. Use fake fur: intact beauty and zero animal suffering.

The wonderful designs of the fur are also present in skirts, tops, dresses or pants. Do not use two animalier motifs in the same look, or at least make sure you coordinate this redundancy very well.

How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018,  Ties and Sweaters trend

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The trends of not wearing a tie or replacing the shirt with a turtleneck sweater are must of the season.

Both good and both comfortable and modern solutions that many peopl, caged in classic formal attire, will envy.

Wearing a white shirt without a tie on New Year’s Eve is a good idea, but the shirt does not have to be white …

In a previous post you have all the keys to combine a black shirt, a trendy alternative to take into account.

How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, Oversized jacket and Metallic Effects trend

Oversize is the magic word that you can apply to many garments if you want a cool result, especially to blazers.

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Go in search of a masculine jacket of impeccable style (if it’s metallic, better) and buy it at least three sizes bigger than what would correspond to you. Fold the cuffs by turning them several times upwards until the hands are slightly exposed and showing the lining of the garment.

This detail is very important because, if the fabric is metallic, the lining of the blazer will probably be satin, which will emphasize the special occasion appearance.

If the blazer is big enough, it will cover the legs a lot, so you can choose to wear underneath a simple garment that leaves the protagonism to the jacket: narrow pants, leggings or pencil skirt, also present in a post from Md Personal Shopper few days ago, with many ideas to combine it.

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Metallized also for makeup, but without exaggeration: if you use it on the eyelids it leaves the lips transparent and vice versa, if you choose glitter lips, look for minimalism in the eyes.

Too much “content” will cause the final image to be overloaded and may be vulgar.


How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, “traditional” Lace trend

The lace is a classic fabric in parties and events of all kinds, but with the help of colors and the rest of the items of the look, you can turn a quite traditional look into something modern and different.

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The difference is very evident in these two images, conventional and modern, the two interesting, you just have to choose the one that best suits your personality and the event you go to.

The looks express a way of understanding fashion already from the hairstyle: long and with curls or short and spontaneous.

Each of the choices you make in regards to your image, sends a message about who you are and what you like and interest. Think about it when you get dressed.


How to choose perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, look to take advantage of your wardrobe

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Leather and boots, adapts the usual dress to the occasion, without costumes!

Usually we are not aware of the amount of treasures that our wardrobe keeps and that, adding something else, we can take advantage of these resources, especially if it is not time to invest in a whole new look.

Converts your usual look and the clothes you already have in the closet. It can be a vest or some leather pants or a dress to enjoy with those boots without which you never go out without.

It can also be a scenographic feather’s coat. The look does not vary, basic and casual, but with a spectacular coat that applies the spirit of special occasions, in which you want to highlight your style.

To achieve this effect it’s very important to choose the right garment. Do not look for something discreet, but do not choose a garment that does not fit your personality, disguised will not be you, neither with feathers nor without them.

It does not have to be a garment, also to choose an accessory if you feel more comfortable with them.

Jewelery, hats, foulards, footwear … anything goes!

If your style is more casual or simpler, take a look at these two images …

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There are solutions for all styles and budgets. If you have doubts or do not feel able to create the look without help, you can use my Online Stylist service.

I will help you to create, with the elements already present in your wardrobe, a special look for the end of the year, offering you suggestions to acquire items that are integrated with the look, improving the result, according to your budget and your personality.


How to choose the perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2018, important “details”

There are many important components of the look that are satellites that impact on the final image, to which sometimes not enough attention is paid and which nevertheless are decisive, for example, the hands.

Do you take care of your nails? Especially in Latin countries we speak with hands, they accompany our conversation, emphasizing what we say … they are hypnotic and, nevertheless, we go fast and we usually give them the attention they deserve.

For New Year’s Eve 2018 I recommend a perfect manicure  and dark colors, my favorite is not black, but the metallic blue, specifically CHANEL Le Vernis 461 Blue Satin.

In the inkwell has remained something especially important for women because, even if many people say no, showing bra’s straps is something extraordinarily vulgar.

Nowadays there are many articles of many shapes and prices. Always choose suitable underwear for the clothes you wear, that’s always a great investment!


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