Do you think a simple garment?

Yes, you’re right it’s simple, but also essential in any wardrobe, whatever your style … or if you’re male or female!

In fact, this garment is absolutely unisex, although its presence in the male wardrobe is far superior to the feminine one.

But let’s start with the beginning, the form, for me there is something important to keep in mind, I’m talking about the sleeve: long or short?

There is no doubt, the sleeve should definitely be long, it does not matter if you later decide to wear it with the fist open and unbuttoned or rolled up by turning in fist several times, the sleeve must be, in any case, long.

How to wear a white men’s shirt in any season

Just cotton, shirt and jeans in one of my favorite materials: comfortable cotton in all seasons, but above all in the spring / summer season, in which high temperatures make it especially appealing.

But denim, is not the only fabric that fits perfectly with white men’s shirts, also many other cotton garments … look at the contents of your wardrobe: skirts and pants, dresses and accessories are items to enjoy and mix easily with a white men’s shirt.

How to wear a white men’s shirt, play with the overlays

You can use the white men’s shirt as if it were an outer garment, like a light jacket that saves you from using a heavier garment on hot or windy days.

There are many reasons to need an overlap with a men’s shirt. The objective could be, for example, to try to cover something you do not like too much (maybe the arms), but the most interesting thing is to always use this overlay to create an attractive and surprising look.

You can for example use a basic white men’s shirt over a turtleneck that will generate a contrast of color, but not only, you can use it to modify the silhouette of the look, the occasion of use and even, the intention you transmit when using it, For example, remove formality to your work attire, etc.

When to use a white shirt for men

My answer to this question is blunt: always and with any other garment in your closet.

At a party, to go out at night, in the office, for a job interview, on a blind date or simply when you have no idea what to wear, the basic men’s cotton shirt is the perfect joker for feminine or a masculine look in multitude of occasions.

In special events the white men’s shirt is in its element. In the masculine look is the garment that will provide the elegance that ensures an impeccable presence. By the way, for a more current result, better without a tie.

In the feminine closet the basic men’s shirt is perfect to use playing with the occasion of use. I use it a lot with skirts with narrow waist flight, although it seems incredible, the result is a 50’s inspired look incredibly modern, perfect to contrast in a party if you do not want to wear the classic top.

Also think that the simplest and most immediate combinations are often the ones that provide the greatest satisfaction, or do you not want to just put on an immaculate white shirt with your favorite jeans and go out without having to think any more?

But if the white man’s shirt has some defect, that is the need to use the iron …

Of course, you can put on a white cotton wrinkled shirt, the beauty of this natural fabric makes its immaculate appearance have an appealing appearance, in any case, but whenr ironing, the cotton acquires a shine that gives it an immaculate appearance and elegant.

Maybe it seems a questionable opinion, but I think that if the occasion for which you choose the white shirt is conventional as well as special, the iron is no longer an option to become almost an obligation.

And here another important issue comes into play …

How much should you spend on a white men’s shirt?

This garment is a wardrobe must have for both men and women, so it deserves all your attention and resources.

Unlike what seems reasonable, I think it makes more sense and it is smarter to invest more resources in a good basic than in spectacular clothes for special occasions.

If the shirt is made with a quality fabric will last more in time, better support the constant use and washing to which we submit a basic garment and most important of all, it will keep a fabulous appearance.

Although it looks like a simple fabric, a high quality cotton can be a luxury fabric. Adapt the price to your possibilities, but choose an item made with a good and well-made fabric, you will not regret the investment.

Attention to the volume and silhouette of the basic men’s shirt

Finally “note fashion” on white men’s shirts: everything is not basic!

In reality, basic garments of any kind change both their silhouette and their volume from one season to another.
The basic shirt of the nineties did not have exactly the same measure of shoulders as the one of the 90s, much less that of the 60 …

The same happens with details, accessories or finishes, when you choose a “basic” garment, make sure your time belongs, also to renew it over the years.

In the case of women, this season, for example, there are large oversized shirts that you can wear on top of other garments, or simply by themselves as a dress-shirt, especially fashionable …

In any case, whether you are a man or a woman, my advice is to put this great basic in your closet.

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