In men’s trends, fashion may seem to be moving more slowly, but it usually evolves rapidly, especially if attention is paid to the influence of fashion at all times and that is my proposal for this difficult-to-write post. I will try to give you a recipe to “dress well”, to get a masculine look that works. It has to be a formula that travels with balance between the occasions of use, the practical needs and the personality of each man.

It has not been difficult to choose the cover photo of this post, because in reality the trick and the difficulty is in choosing the garments and accessories that best fit the occasion of use and, let’s not fool ourselves, with the rigid limitations the formal male attire that on those occasions it is much more boring and restrictive than the feminine one, but without ever leaving aside the personality, ethereal and undefined element that is actually the only one capable of differentiating you from the rest of the men.

Do you want an infallible formula? The secret for me is not to give up anything, take what works best for you in each style, both garments and accessories, and mix it in your own shaker having the objective clear, that is, the occasion of use for which you want the look .


Fine men’s dressing smart but casually- Use the classics and do not leave your personality at home

If the narrow neck of the formal male attire tightens you do not hesitate, look for alternatives, today you do not need to wear a blazer and tie to dress “properly” at work If you want the office to accept your alternative look to the traditional suit, but maintaining an impeccable outfit, my advice is that you learn to use traditional traditional fabrics such as tweed, pinstripe, pied de poule, etc., which guarantee the formal appearance with a prestige gained over time. By pure social convention, when you meet someone dressed in one of these fabrics, you automatically think that they are someone professional. As you can see in this image, a pair of tweed pants means that, before the shirt and the leather jacket, the shirt or the tie is not missed.

The formal jacket suit has pros and cons, the problem arises only if you are “allergic” to wear a suit, because you don’t like it, you don’t feel like it or you don’t agree with what it represents. In any case, even if you like dressing in an smart traditional way, it is also important to always notice your own style, looking for a way to include in the look elements that talk about you. In this contribution think that colors, shapes, accessories and even the way of combing, everything talks about you and differentiates you.

Men’s fine dressing in every occasion-The attention in the footwear

The question is not really how to achieve a good men look, but how to make it best on each occasion, that is, the one that best suits the moment, circumstances, other people who will be present and who It also makes you feel more comfortable with the situation and with yourself, which, turning the sentence upside down, is actually the first issue to consider.

There was a time when footwear conditioned everything: what you had on your feet was decisive when defining the occasion for which the look was more or less adequate. Today and with the evolution of trends, but especially with the increase in the variety of footwear, this custom has been liberalized. I invite you to always have an eye on this rule, both to keep it and to break it, it can be very useful in both cases when handling a look.

Fine men’s dressing with style- Use the dissonant elements and dress fashionably

Remember, there is no fashionable resource out of your reach, if you are thinking of one that does not work in the world and in which you are move, you are the setting the limit, but do not underestimate that limit, it is very powerful.

The dissonant elements are precisely those elements that, due to their function or occasion of use, put into question your rules: a denim shirt in your work attire, wear your favorite heavy metal t-shirt at the Christmas company dinner, present yourself in a wedding with sneakers or without a jacket (dissonances can also be created by default), etc.

Dissonances can be more or less shocking, it depends on the limits of those you leave and your own customs, the fact of using a brightly woven pants can be a dissonance in your image if it is something you have never taken into consideration and is beyond your own limits, it can also be the fact of replacing a shirt and tie with a pullover, a change that I invite you to experience for its modernity and comfort.

Prints and accessories of all kinds also fall within the elements that can bring personality to your image, and if you mix them with courage the results will be surprising. In the image a simple but effective combination, another trick that MD Personal Shopper always proposes, the combination of the ethnic foulard motif and the geometric stripes of the t-shirt, simple combinations that give strength to your image.

And in the end forget everything I’ve told you and look for your own inspiration- How to dress elegant man

Dressing with personality should be a goal to pursue every day, because beyond what you can care what others think, the main thing is the opportunity that gives you the fashion to tell who you are through it. The way of dressing is a valuable tool of expression, what you wear talks about your tastes and preferences, what seems important, what you care for or what you don’t care about, your passions, your weaknesses and your obsessions.

Be inspired by fashions to find your own way, you surely have aesthetic preferences that guide you, and the tricks that fashion uses will help you find solutions to finish off your looks: a camouflage print on an oversized garment, the way to wear hair , the accessories that accompany the look using fashion, for example, in this case to carry large bags or purses to shoulder strap, etc.

On special occasions it is not necessary to be content with traditional formulas, your passion for R&B and the 70s can be transformed into a fabulous look for a special event in which you are not going to adapt to the rules, most of the time the Personality is the best recipe to achieve goals, dare to follow your own inspiration.