Are you tired of wearing always the same pant model?

If the traditional Chino no longer covers all your expectations, I advise you to open your mind, you have a whole world of different shapes of trousers to discover, by including the large man pants, a new silhouette in your wardrobe.

Men’s wide pants are not exclusive to more casual casual looks, they also have a lot of leeway in more formal attire or in that modern casual that uses classic fabrics.

Beyond the conventionally wide baggy trousers, with wide-legged men’s trousers, it also opens the possibility of creating a super modern image in which the classic fabrics, out of context, become allies of a new and renewed formalwear.

In that semi-formal casual style that I always recommend, the new volumes (like the extralarge pants of the most modern line), are the cornerstone on which to build a current masculine look, but without necessarily changing your style too much.

With wide man pants, the focus is on shoes and your body

If you want to use this type of large pants to create this new look, footwear is crucial.

You will get even contradictory results if you use sneakers or opt for a more traditional footwear, but there are other possibilities: This season the most fashionable combination is the wide men’s pants with boots cowboy style, its pronounced tip balances the wide bottom of the trousers.

In very thin people, wide trousers with tweezers enhance, in many cases, that sensation of extreme thinness.

If you are very thin, wide pants but without tweezers, they are the best choice, although the shape and style change completely, resulting in a 70s style image that, if you feel like it, can bring you an important change of image.

Wide man’s trousers in the casual world

When we talk about casualwear, cotton blend fabrics and technical fabrics become protagonists of the look.

Large pants belonging to this style, are not made in heavy fabrics and fall like the previous style.

They are pants that “inflate” staying away from the legs, without leaning on them and even without even touching them, generating a straight silhouette, practically rectangular.

“Crunchy” fabrics without falling effect occupy this space relaxed fashion, where comfort is always an element to be taken into account and to respect above many other qualities, even, in many occasions, aesthetics, although I invite you to demand always the satisfaction also in that area, even if you go to allocate the garment that you are acquiring “only” to your free time … it will make you feel better in your skin!

Cuts and large pockets are the protagonists of these wide man pants, made with a fundamentally functional spirit.

Men’s wide pants with narrow bottom

So far we have talked about practically straight large

pants, that is, with a wide leg silhouette from the hip to the bottom, but this type of silhouette can also be a little different …

Wide pants can have narrower bottoms, respecting the width of the thigh, but creating a triangular silhouette when narrowing in the bottom.

This type of pants tends to inflate and generate bags, so you must be careful with the final result if you have extra kilos, since they will tend to increase your volume.

The effect will depends in any case on the type of fabric in which they are made, since, in this style of wide man pants, we often find fabrics with falling effect again.

There are no rules, the variations in a matter of inches can completely change the effect of a wide trouser, or another, on you.

My advice is to try different brands, so you will discover which of them has the garments that best suits you.

It is a question of patterns, but also of fabrics, so it is possible that you can fit the casual pants of a brand, but for your formal attire you need another completely different brand. There is no more secret than trying many … and I assure you that you will be better off when you least expect it!

Large pants come from the work pants

Wide, comfortable, with plastron pockets: the current wide trousers come from the world of work, they are pure functionality!

Firefighters, policemen or workers of the construction world, sanitrios … all the people who carry out a job that includes physical activity, usually have wide pants with pockets as a uniform.

If you let them fall freely on the legs they are only functional, without a fashion note, so I invite you to introduce them inside a pair of boots to create a light bag that modifies the silhouette.

Wide man’s trousers and overlays

Bermuda, ¾, shorts … there are wide pants of many different lengths, and even you can change the length of a long pants at your leisure.

This last possibility comes from the purest streetwear and is full of possibilities. The world of sports and hip hop is probably your best

Creating overlays with your wide pants without fear, the first thing is to find the clothes you want to superimpose, shorts, leggings or pants ¾.

I suggest you also look for some contrast of fabrics, textures and brightness, for example, lycra leggings can create an interesting overlap with your wide cotton pants…