The blazer stars in this difficult-to-write post because, when I write about something, I always want to offer useful content to those who read me and to do so I needed to understand the real differences between the blazer and the conventional suit’s jacquet butthought I checked lot of documentation, consultining different experts, I have not founanything than improvised contradictions about the real differences between both. What to do if these experts offer different or poorly defined rules? The information depends on the professional and personal experience of each one, but there is no one more expert than a tailor-made tailor …

The news about his professional excellence led me to knock on the door of the tailor-made tailor’s studio by Gonzalo Larraínzar, Conde de Aranda nº 8 (Madrid), whose blog I also recommend for being a great source of information on the secrets of the tailoring to measure.

Although I showed up without an appointment and without warning taking advantage of a job at a close client, I met a professional who kindly answered all my questions, moreover, he generously left the door open for future consultations: thank you, Gonzalo, you have made it clear to me that the differences between the blazer and the suit jacket are … none! There are no differences in the construction of the garment, nor are those rules that speak of the fact that there are certain buttons that you should wear or not unbuttoned on the jacket depending on the occasion, the only reality is that the jacket is the top garment of the suit , and the blazer is the same jacket but usually used single, as an individual garment, which makes it a flexible element in the male wardrobe, which travels with the same effectiveness both between casual looks and between formal looks.


The blazer, capable of changing style and occasion of use with just pinching fingers

The blazer, capable of changing style and occasion of use with just pinching fingers

The variety of fabrics and colors and the fact of not being “bound” obligatorily to another garment creating a set, make the blazer free as a bird, in fact, Larraínzar made me notice that the blazer is often proposed in fancy fabrics , often with contrasting buttons, but there is something else, by breaking that umbilical cord with the suit, the blazer has been left with the best part of the binomial, the upper one, which gives any man, on any occasion, a presence which is very useful if you know how to use it … if you don’t know too, but with less spectacular results!

A dark blazer with a black t-shirt underneath is all that is needed to answer the eternal question: what does a man need to be well dressed? It is also the answer to another question, what does a man need to have his own style ?, in both cases there is a blazer in the in the answer, in the first one for its simplicity, in the second one because, starting from a simple but solid garment from the point In view of the basis for creating a look, you can easily add personal touches that give character and style to the outfit, perhaps by incorporating modern pants, a renovated classic or a fashion accessory.

In my post “Fine men’s dressing, in balance between , casual, sporty, fashionable…“, you will understand is choosing from garments, accessories and fabrics that follow match instinct and not fashions, when it comes to creating your own style.


Don’t settle for any blazer, quality and comfort come into play 

This is where quality comes into play because yes, it is true, a good blazer can cover even formal or semi-formal occasions without problem, but only if it is a garment with a good fabric and well made, if not, forget about the trick of Magic.

In these images two very different blazers in which the difference is evident: one transmits reliability, comfort, self-confidence and is also a great example of how to wear a scarf. In the opposite image a blazer results in an example of garment without poise and made with a poor-quality fabric, which one do you prefer?

As a men’s clothing consultant, I guarantee that a good blazer is the best investment in the future you can make in your image, especially if you buy it in a plain color. Despite the current fashion in which black always prevails, I advise you dark navy blue, always deep and elegant, its contribution to your image is more definitive … and combines with black!

A good blazer is not a cheap garment, but if you take care of it, its survival inside your wardrobe over time is very, very long, whether it is the closet of a man who wears a formal style with garments for 50s men, who wears the blazer with jeans, as if he were a younger man fan of t-shirts with comic-printed patterns.


Blazer, long and color, target the silhouette

Let’s talk about two characteristics to keep in mind when you choose a blazer to incorporate into your wardrobe, the blazer is an important garment with a lot of specific weight in the look, and these characteristics define its impact.

An outfit with a lot of color is always a risky choice, but not because of the daring of the wearer, but because of his ability to “correct” the result as you add or subtract colors from the total look. Remember that accessories also provide content to the look. If while you are preparing your look to go out you don’t succeed, use the MD Personal Shopper Online Service and I will help you to improve it.

A blazer is also a short garment that strengthens the upper part of the silhouette, in general it is better to use it in its traditional proportions if you are not a tall person, avoiding especially long blazers, which can even create a strange proportion difficult to manage.

The contemporary betrayal of the blazer in England has an important historical, especially in the twentieth century, during which it became essential for the male wardrobe. It is part of the tradition of many school uniforms, being identifiable by their colors or their combination of colors, stripes and piping of each. It has been a must for Mod aesthetics in the 60s and 70s, music has indeed been a very important blazer diffusion platform. If, like me, you have a passion for fashion and music, Quadrophenia must necessarily be a must for you film library.

Blazer, protagonist on special occasions

If we talk about fancy fabrics for special occasions, you will have to incorporate into the equation reasoning such as personality, occasion of use and of course the objective that you have set for the specific occasion, do you want to stand out, go unnoticed, seduce, convey confidence and reliability, modernity, leave “good taste”? … reason well the objective before choosing the elements of the outfit, all the possibilities are within your reach if you handle your look well.

With the formal contribution of a blazer you can also save the suit, an element that causes allergy to many men (although I can’t understand why). If you want to discover more secrets on how to use it in this aspect, check out my post “Wedding look for without suit, alternatives”, in it you will find many solutions to use it in events.

In these situations, I have a very specific personal preference, a kind of aesthetic mania: I can’t stand the bow ties worn with a blazer, they seem out of place. If you choose to wear a tuxedo just wear a tuxedo, but don’t wear a blazer with a bow tie …

Wear a blazer in a smart fabric with a pullover, the most modern choice, also to give you a shirt underneath or a simple shirt (always better with a round neck at events), but even more unforgivable than wearing a bow tie wear one of those prefabricated ones with elastic.

If you do not want to give it up there is another formula that is especially attractive for its rebellious appearance: the unmade bow tie with the unmade bow hanging around the neck, definitely chic if you know how to wear it.

Special occasions do not have to be just events such as weddings or baptisms, they can also be romantic dates or special celebrations among friends. If you are for example an unconventional guy and you look like a current and very young aesthetic, there is also a blazer for you with specific characteristics of your style.

Do you think that a blazer is a garment just for old people and conventional people? … Well, I tell you that fashion is one of the few aspects in which, if you want it, with a little value and always giving priority to your personality, you can still be free.

Use your blazer with your own style whatever, without fear of being wrong, in my post “Styles of men’s clothing, find your own style”, you will find the keys to make it possible.

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