A leather skirt and …
… creating a look with a leather skirt is quite simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want a spectacular result.

Look with leather skirt according to the occasion

Leather is a polished material, without any relief, only the natural shine of the leather that can have a shiny finish, even patent leather, which changes its appearance a little, but the finishing do not add any fantasy to its surface.

In your everyday look a leather skirt is a safe bet, an easy piece to mix with other clothes, although, precisely for this reason, it is easy to fall into boredom.

The trick of MD Personal Shopper, your professional Personal Shopper service in Madrid, so that a look with a leather skirt is not boring, is called texture.

In the image above one of the most fashionable fabrics this season with guaranteed relief: fur with leopard motif.

Sophisticated and very cool, the leopard fur coat with long hair provides movement in contrast to the smooth surface of the leather.

I never tire of repeating that it is not necessary to sacrifice wonderful wild animals to enjoy the beauty of their skin. Nowadays textile technology puts at our reach imitations that preserve all their original beauty.

Yesterday I had in my hand a wonderfull fake coat, beautiful leopard very natural and black nleather inside, reversible!

It also had a very reasonable price. I found it in one of the fetish stores of my professional service, perfect to create a look with leather skirt.

If your style is less sophisticated and you want something more casual, the british taste fabrics characteristic of autumn, also very fashionable this season, add texture to a look with leather skirt.

In the case of the image, in addition, the look is even richer by the use of garments belonging to different occasions of use. The sportswear touch of the cotton sweatshirt, reflects the most current way of using the garments of the wardrobe, spontaneous and irreverent, the way in which any woman dresses today.

I have not talked about color yet, that would be another post, but if you are going to buy a leather skirt, the most durable choice in a wardrobe is a black leather tube skirt, almost eternal and useful in almost any occasion of use. ..and combines very well with almost all the colors of your wardrobe in all seasons.

Casual look with leather skirt

There are many casual style garments made with fabrics that have a lot of relief, with textures that can be used to create contrast with your leather skirt.

This season, in addition, the fashion of fur garments, translates, in its more casual version, in look like sheep fabric that, if you also choose an oversize garment, will complete your leather skirt look in a very, very fashion way.

Beware, the leather skirt can also be very vulgar

Leather has always associated in our imagination a “sexy” component that in most cases puts an unavoidably vulgar note.

If you are not interested in this way of interpreting leather, my advice is to make sure you “finish” your look well.

I mean to avoid wearing it with tops, corsets and other garments of this type associated with seduction. Create your look contrasting with textured fabrics, those that spoke at the beginning of the post.

A day at work with your look with leather skirt

Leather is a noble material, so if you need to convey an image of elegance, your leather skirt is exactly the garment you need.

Use a denim jacket, a tweed blazer, a leopard jacket or knitwear, adapt your look with leather skirt to the formality that your job requires, the leather skirt has no more limits than this.

Personally I like to wear it with knitwear.

From a light cardigan in a fine thickness in autumn to a thick oversize pullover in a highly relief construction to use during the coldest days of winter, a knitwear will always be the best companion for your leather skirt in your professional life.
As you’ve seen so far, the result depends only on the clothes you mix in the look, but I invite you to never lose sight of the valuable texture element.

Also avoid a leather skirt with a leather upper or introduce a garment between them that provides a change, a texture that creates a contrast.

When the night comes, use a leather skirt look too

Did you leave the office late and go directly to a romantic dinner or a meeting with friends?

Do not run home to change, your leather skirt is also perfect for a night out look.

Choose a simple blouse with some transparency or a top in a special fabric, a leather skirt that has no decorative motif, that is, that is very “basic”, is a perfect wildcard for these occasions.

A woolen cloth pencil skirt would do the same effect, but do not underestimate the impact of the leather’s sophisticated shine.

You do not need anything else … well yes, the help of some hyper female accessory.

Use jewelry or fake jeweley with moderation and always paying attention to the other items that make up the look.

In the case for example of a blouse like that of the image, it leaves all the protagonism to transparency. If you want to add something more, in this particular case a wide and spectacular bracelet that could be made of leather with studs would be better, an opportunity to show an original contrast of occasion of use.

Footwear is fundamental. I suggest you to use sandals as sophisticated as the occasion requires or the impact you want to cause.

If you follow these tips, I can guarantee that your leather skirt look will be spectacular!