Almost all of us have some pencil skirt in the closet, but often it is difficult to know how to combine it to get a result attractive for our body and our style.


How to combine a pencil skirt according to your style and your rhythm of life

A formal and very active professional life? On the cover, an impeccable tailleur with a pencil skirt in a spirit reminiscent of the 80s fashion, with its characteristic bomber style jacket that replaces the classic blazer.

The pencil skirt fits perfectly in a formal professional style that escapes boredom, just look for fashion combinations and accessories and use them correctly.

Use seasonal trends to create a trendy and sophisticated image at the same time.Furs and knitwear are your best allies to get it.

Short jacket in faux mink, tartan tube skirt and pearl detail pullover, impeccable style for a fashionable day in the office.

Even the basic knitwear is perfect allied to your look with pencil skirt: cardigans, twin sets, vests … abuse knitwear when you wear a pencil skirt, with the classic fabrics characteristic of formal looks work very well.

If your professional look is somewhat less formal, the margins are much less strict.

Welcome leather in garments less features of professional attire but which are perfectly compatible with the way of understanding fashion in a professional situation. Update your professional look by coordinating your pencil skirt with a biker-inspired leather jacket.


The female pencil skirt and easy to combine also in a casual style

Do you think a very formal type of skirt? The pencil skirt is not formal, it is extraordinarily feminine and that does not necessarily means formality.

One of the most important characteristics of the pencil skirt is that it’s not just straight, but narrows to the knees and to the bottom, drawing like no other the female silhouette and that is the case, regardless of whether it is made in wool, prince of wales, gauze or denim.

Integrate a pencil skirt in your most casual looks without fear. Nylon, polyester, plush, neoprene … all the casual and technical materials of the casual style will contribute to create a modern look that reflects your casual soul.

Do not have reservations when using a hyper-feminine garment, in fact, the most modern way of dressing is the one that uses without complex garments and accessories belonging to all styles, mixed and scrambled.

The fashion of the woman’s plaid shirt is not immune to that trend … her unmistakably casual style of inspiration fits perfectly into this formula.

The checkered fashion is a must have of the season and we have seen it in all versions and in all kinds of garments and accessories and will soon occupy a post to analyze it.

Use this fashion checks garments creating overlays that enrich your casual look, is present in prints and “eternal” fantasies that do not go out of style and always come back, even if years pass.

Combine a pencil skirt with the most appropriate footwear every occasion and with fashion: Boots!

In this post you have images to help you choose appropriate footwear depending on the occasion when you wear a pencil skirt: work, casual, special occasions, combinations that you can easily create on your own.

But I want to make a special mention to a footwear that has not been so usual until today, but that creates the kind of powerful contrast that you are looking for to get the most modern result, Md Personal Shopper recommends you to wear pencil skirt with boots.

In the previous image waterproof boots, specifically the HUNTER, which I likethem for their shape, colors and volume, original and practical with a pencil skirt in both formal and casual looks, a useful investment for your wardrobe background that you do not you will regret.

A less impressive alternative are booties, whose less daring volume will generate a more conventional but always modern result, perfect both for the office and for dining out.

Many women use high-heeled boots, not only with a pencil skirt, but also with narrow jeans, which personally seems to me extraordinarily vulgar … a matter of tastes and criteria!

Infinite possibilities to combine a pencil skirt on special occasions

For example, a blouse. You have at your disposal many types of prints, for example, with the blooming print, inspired by the flowering at its peak, deliciously feminine and very elegant, perfect at a dinner, a cocktail, a day or afternoon event …

… you can also choose something much more sexy but also very feminine, even with a seductive aggressive note if the occasion (and the company) deserve it: a top in a shiny or metallic fabric that only needs your pencil skirt and fabulous heels for a spectacular night


Always have a pencil skirt available, the basic feminine essential

Pencil skirts have something that makes them seductive and special, they are the openings, essential to be able to walk.

These openings are normally made using the seams of the skirt. They are not seductive only because they make your legs appear intermittently when you move, but because they force you to walk taking advantage of the entire width of the bottom of the skirt, which is not much, with your legs close together and taking small steps …

The result is a hip movement that you can control according to your taste or according to a specific goal, you know!

And believe me, this is not a macho advice, but a advise for autonomous women who know what you want and how to get it.

In short, I suggest you use the pencil skirt as basic articles that you always carry with you.

If you go on a trip, put a pencil skirt in the suitcase as you put the toothbrush. The most practical to combine is smooth black, made in a classic or denim fabric. It will be useful if you have a dinner, go shopping or visit a museum … also with sneakers!