I want to talk to you about one of the accessories with more character that you can wear today. It’s not just any accessory, I’m talking about military boots and how to integrate them in your way of dressing with your own style.

I always tell you that a garment or accessory comes from “other worlds” foreign to fashion, carries with it needs and contents that belong to that world, that’s why I constantly invite you to incorporate these “aliens” to your look as freely as possible . In the case of today, the military boots, the folly of war is incorporated as standard, but also the urgent need to cover an “all-terrain” function.

The first to incorporate these boots into their aesthetic uniforms were the members of the punk movement and skinheads, perhaps because of the impact that the images of the Vietnam War had, all over the world, very recent in those years.

The music group that initially provided identity to this look were the contestants Sex Pistols, wild in content and incombustible on stage, military boots have no meaning in the fashion environment if you do not know this aesthetic.

The most recognized military-style fashion boots are created by Klaus Martens, doctor of the Wehrmacht who, after the war and due to an ankle injury, wanted to modify the boots of the German military uniform, very hard and uncomfortable. He added a thick pneumatic sole, using the discarded rubber from the Luftwaffe aerodromes.

Dr. Martens is a safe investment in your wardrobe, I recommend it to you, there are many imitations, but the authentic ones have their own identity.


Combine military style boots in fashion

The military boots are a powerful accessory, their volume and the impact they have on the silhouette is a fashionable argument in itself, use them as a tool to create the basis of your look.

In the image, a fashionable version of the military boots. You will find an infinite number of possible variations, all of them useful as long as they maintain their main features of blunt-looking accessory, otherwise, we will be pulling an accessory of another taste and function in your look.

Two main inspirations to go to create the skeleton of your fashion look with military boots: Moto and Punk.

I have spoken before the punk world and its aftermath still present in fashion, but there is another inspiration that is common to find every day in our daily environment, is that, comes from the world of motorcycling.

In both cases, the best option is to use thick military style boots in contrast to other worlds or styles: Smart, naive, folk, glamor, trendy, casual, boho …

As for the silhouette, wear them with very narrow garments if you want to improve the contrast. Use for example leggings, shorts, miniskirts or a little short pants that leave them in sight.


Combine military style boots in your casual outfit

In shamelessly fashion looks, the military boots that best fit are black and thick, that is, those that seem more “authentic”. And yet not all the boots used by the professional military are the same, they change shape and color depending on who uses them, where, how and for what. For example, troops deployed in the desert do not wear boots of the same color and material as the s.w.a.t that work in the cities.

The protagonists of this casual world are the Magnum boots.


Sand or blackcolor, its reinforcements in the points of stress due to the use, contribute to its appearance an irresistible hardness and an urban look that has no age or limits, beyond what you put.


Military boots should not necessarily lead to a very casual result, if you use them with basic, young and easy-looking garments, like this overalls, the look will be a casual daring and relaxed …


… but if you take care of the accessories and your appearance, for example, the hairstyle, in the image of the stairs, you could create a casual look close to formality, with which you could even present yourself for a job interview.


Combine military style boots in your work look


I explained before, the professional military uses many different boots according to the occasion or the place where they wear them. Among them there are more or less thick boots that can fit into looks that do not require excessive formality.

It becomes fundamental to choose the thickness of the soles, since sometimes they are excessive for the work environment. There are boots with a thin sole and upper leg that “play” with that military mood.


In the masculine looks, the key garment to achieve the necessary formality is the blazer, a garment capable of taking a professional look beyond the impact of the military boot, providing that feeling of credibility that you need in the work environment.


In the feminine professional look the resources are infinite as well as the contrasts. You do not need to renounce fashion or your own style to guarantee acceptance in a professional environment, rebel against those “demands” that limit your way of dressing … professionalism is in you, not in how you dress.



Use very feminine garments and materials that convey a sense of quality, they will make you feel sure of yourself.

A tube skirt, with high neck pullover, for example, will generate a feminine and interesting contrast with your military boots, perfect look also if you change it for a printed or knitted dress.

Use them also in your nocturnal outings, mixing them with fabrics typical of these occasions and some hyper-feminine accessory, in search of a surprisingly transgressive look.

A final image serves to propose an even more casual alternative to military boots, suede and thick rubber soles and for mountain boots that you can enjoy short, ankle or high, so that they protect you better when you walk on the mountain … naturally also They are perfectly urban.