I imagine you were looking forward to this post, because lace is not just an important seasonal trend, but one of the most relevant types of fabric in history.

On the cover today a modern autumnal image for its overlays and accessories, which features a guipure lace top, the type of objective look of this MD Personal Shopper post.

To give you an idea of ​​the difficulty of making this fabric when is manual, I will just tell you that women do it by interlacing wooden bobbins on a cushion, in which nailed pins guide the motif.

The industrial elaboration of the fabrics has turned the lace into a fairly common fabric: polyester acrylic and synthetic mixtures of all kinds, have democratized the lace by wearing all kinds of garments, but its thick coarse threads have made lace lose lightness sophistication, only the luxury garments continue to maintain expensive elaborations that keep their delicate beauty intact. My advice is that, without you cannot afford them, learn to use the lace so that you return, with a successful use, an original elegance.

Lace is reinvented in contemporary looks: Aim to flee from vulgarity

You know that opposites sometimes attract fatally, and in fashion the opposite of maximum sophistication is … maximum vulgarity. Although it is fashionable, do not use the lace indiscriminately, forcing any outfit you can think of to put it in anyway, you should measure its participation in look so that it is an added value and not a forced fantasy element devoid of personality.

First of all, choose quality garments, with this I do not mean that you buy lace garments only if you can afford haute couture, but don’t buy lace of vast and shabby appearance, if you do not have access to a medium quality fabric you better avoid them, if it looks bad it can be very vulgar.

One of the formulas with the best result to use the lace fabric is in contrast to the occasion of use, avoiding, for example, special events, in which this special fabric has a very common presence, and convert it into a dissonant element, such as it happens in this image in which the lace is used wiith a blazer of masculine style in one of subtle presence and contrasting feminine spirit. In this case it is also just a note, a small edge on a top, a perfect solution if you can not buy expensive clothes.

It is very common to find combinations of red with black when there is lace involved in any of the garments of the look. It is a very traditional combination that I advise against being very little modern, but it is perfectly compatible with a lot of use.

The lace fabric in the way of casual dressing – you cannot imagine everything it can bring!

In casual looks in contrast to the less formal fabrics of the women’s wardrobe is where garments made with lace fabric are less “comfortable”, and therefore where they become more arrogant defending a more conventional fashion, with what is created, by radical contrast, an innovative way to incorporate lace garments into looks.

Fabrics such as denim or denim, knit or plush, are your allies in this fashion challenge, but here too vulgarity is lurking, so do not forget to point out the style well, the accessories will be of great help in this how to use lace garments, preventing the look from falling into banality or excess without taste.

If you want to achieve a cool and modern result with this formula you must exaggerate, you can’t afford a look that is neither one thing nor the other, the discreet does not work, you have to risk, just like that, as in the cover photo of this post , you will challenge vulgarity with a risky and modern style.

Lingerie garments with lace are among the most accessible and easy to combine, their prices, variety and colors, make them available to all. You can create endless interesting overlays, lace tops on shirts, short nightgowns lace on tube skirts or on pants of any kind, long satin combinations with lace edges over woolen or viscose dresses … let the imagination fly in your wardrobe.

But when you wear lingerie garments such as these, on the outside it is also easier than ever to attract vulgarity, so try to avoid obvious things such as bra straps in sight, change them for invisible alternatives such as strapless bras, even cover silicone nipples, the most successful solution of all, but you can use only if you have a small breast.

Beyond these tips I cannot convey you with words like getting the combinations, but I can say that the taste can be trained, learned and improved, and if you continue reading the MD Personal Shopper posts you will create better looks.

Lace, born for luxury – Learn a new way to use the magic of lace in events

This charismatic fabric is able to make any person who takes it a protagonist of a situation, whatever the style, intention or occasion of proper use or not, it means if you go to an event dinner at a place in the that it is not necessary formal dressing, the lace will not make you perish “too dressed”, but will make everyone consider you a special person with personality.

If you have to attend a special event such as a wedding, a lace dress is a common bet, whether the wedding takes place in the morning or the evening takes place, but be careful with color, I always have the idea that the lace can “bother” the bride, it is better to avoid lace in white, but that falls within personal preferences or the specific situation, for example you can wear it if it is not a religious wedding and The bride will not be dressed in white. Personally, I think there are alternatives to lace much more interesting and successful, but I realized that it is one of the fabrics preferred by all.

During the night, in cocktail and night parties, it is where the lace fabric has absolute prominence, any garment that wears black lace guarantees this occasion of use.

I have yet to publish a post on how to combine tights in the looks, I am preparing it, but I anticipate that on these occasions the lace tights have a spectacular impact.

Lace fabric during the summer – Everything gets color

Relax, in matters of fashion everything is always relative, colors, moments, occasions of use … and summer is the perfect time to put it into practice, because this historical fabric of luxury and sophistication becomes in summer a more weaving fabric, and it has a lot to do with color.

In summer it is common to see white lace garments, the fact of being a light fabric makes it very much used, even if we are not fooled, this is true if the lace is made of breathable cotton, but if it is polyester, it is only the fact of being a fabric with motifs will make the air pass.

Colored lace garments give this fabric a completely different use than its use in cold months.

Enjoy the lace fabric all year round, you just have to adapt models and colors to every occasion and situation.