With the heat, the skirts are more attractive, so let’s go over the trends in skirts for Spring Summer 2018.

The type of skirts that are more fashionable this season are very spectacular: volume created with folds, gathers or boards, anything goes to get the skirts to “move away” from the body and acquire a volume that surrounds you attracting all eyes.

These skirts cannot be worn “dropped”, you have to wear the waist in its real position. It is the waist of the skirt that holds the skirt allowing it to unfold its full volume in the background and what is even better, that the skirt moves with each step you take, although the effect it causes will depend on your way of walking: coquette, dancer, forceful, aggressive, subtle …

They are hyper-feminine and offer great results on very different occasions of use. Wear them with an eternal white shirt to go to the office, with a casual shirt for your free time and do not leave them at home, with a basic top that leaves all the protagonism and beautiful heels as in the picture of cover, to go out to dinner or for a special event, you will always be perfect.

As usually, the transformation in the occasion of use depends fundamentally on the fabric in which a garment is made, but also on the accessories that you choose.

Yes, I know you already know, but I like to say it because they are fundamental elements when creating a look and with them, you can get fireworks with garments that, without them, could even be banal.

But what are the most decisive accessories in terms of the power they have to transform their use?

Well, the jewelery is important, also the scarves and of course the hats, that with extreme cold or extreme heat always have more prominence, but if there is something that not only determines the occasion of use but is capable of modifying style, volume and silhouette, that’s footwear.

And for you to have a clear example of two images: Platforms if your style is flirtatious and very feminine, if you do not like to leave the house without makeup and without a hairstyle that guarantees a perfectly well-kept image even in the most insignificant details …

… or boots if your style is fresh and modern if you are looking for a cool image, using the latest fashion trends of spring summer 2018 that advise you to wear boots with everything and everything.

This spring you can see them through the streets of the whole world with dresses and skirts, the garments with which they result a more striking footwear by the contrast that they suppose when you avoid the pants. They are my preferred option, although I am not as fashion victim as to wear them even to go to the beach next summer.

But let’s continue with other trendy skirts for this season, we talk about the eternal pencil skirt that fashions seem not to affect since the 30s, although since then they have had to live with other guys having more or less prominence.

My favorite is the perfect pencil skirt, impeccable and without frills and that narrows slightly in the background. It even takes practice to walk with this type of skirt that also forces you to keep your legs close together, but I find it fabulous.


The version of this straight skirt, instead of narrowing in the background, I do not like at all, neither one thing nor the other, lacks grace and become a basic, boring and uninteresting garment.

In its defense I will say that it is more comfortable to wear but, if that is the problem, choose the narrow tube skirt made in an elastic fabric, a great compromise between both options.

You can also choose a pencil skirt with opening, a proposal that you will like a lot if you like to play sexy.

We continue with the pareo skirt, a type of garment that, if you are only using in its original function over a swimsuit or bikini, you are completely wasting.

Easy, comfortable and accessible, what you need for your day casual look in a basic fabric, but also at night if it is made in a sophisticated fabric.

It’s perfect if you need a big size, because you decide how to tie the skirt and you can manage fabric, silhouette and volume. I recommend you take the background a little narrow for more slender silhouette. In addition, the knot in the front helps disguise the possible excess of fat in abdomen.

If you do not have any particularity, you will have at your disposal in any case an easy, fast and casual garment that you can in many occasions.

The last type of skirt in trend this season is the long skirt and has two versions: straight and basic or flowing and fashion, both useful according to the occasion.

Personally, I have no preferences, except for the accessories that should accompany them, always flat and casual shoes or what is even better, sporty type sneakers and even with bare feet if you have occasion for example at a garden party.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the wide variety of silhouettes offered by the types of skirts this season.