Let’s go with a different seasonal change idea, practical and very much in harmony with what you need in your day-to-day life, cleaning and seasonal change… all in one.

Organizing a wardrobe has a lot to do with practicality, something to do with passion, and everything to do with the need to physically find what you are looking for, that’s why I bring you a few tips to put in shape a wardrobe that fits your needs, that satisfies them and is quick when you go to create your looks.



Create a photo archive-make the most of the time you spend changing seasons

The whole wardrobe turned upside down, one of the most unpleasant situations you have to face a couple of times a year, well, I propose you to take advantage of this chaotic experience to get something that will improve your daily life and will make you dress faster and better.

Photograph all the items you have in your wardrobe (including accessories) and create a file of images, then sort them by product type to make them more manageable when creating looks.


It can be a fun activity to do with two people: your partner or a willing friend who is willing to lend a hand so it’s simpler with laughter and collaboration, plus a different point of view could help you identify the most interesting items in your wardrobe and discard others.

To clean out you need a mirror…


…and also, a lot of objectivity, because let’s be clear, there are clothes that you honestly already hate, but do you still need them? It’s possible that they serve as a wild card… and that counts too!

Yes, what you feel like doing is throwing away clothes to make room for new ones, but…. (you’re not going to like this) 98% of the clothes you throw away will be useful in the not-too-distant future, fashions come back, they are reproposed, reinvented, they feed back, and soon you will need again an article with the same characteristics of the ones you just threw away… Not to say that you will even be able to pay a pretty penny for a vintage item with the same characteristics as the one you have at home, even an old one from your mother or father that you threw away a year ago.

He was right, you didn’t like it…


If this was true before, lately we have reached madness, the most complete absurdity of the repetition of fashions, as if to make us buy something new they only have to change a small detail, and the worst thing is that they succeed!

Stop for a second to think before throwing anything away, I propose you to stand in front of a mirror and be objective with the clothes you have, evaluate how easy (or not) it may be to combine them in the future, if they can have potential in alternative occasions of use to the ones you have been using until now or if they evoke something from the point of view of nostalgia or practical necessity and, finally, and in case you don’t really need them anymore, think about giving them a second life that can prevent them from becoming a meaningless waste.


Be careful with the most particular garments, those for parties, or those for occasions that are especially different from the rest of the uses, but also be careful with those of casual style that you can use in a thousand different ways, if you know how to give them a new life.

A garment is not just a garment, it is also the silhouette and with it you can transform your look.


Evaluate garments also by their silhouette, it’s an image consultant’s trick…

I’m not asking you to become an image expert, but I am asking you to stand in front of a mirror and evaluate the way in which that garment can be useful to you according to the harmony it creates with your physique, if you know yourself well you will soon understand how this idea works; a mirror, a few different garments, a few accessories that can transform the silhouette vertically and horizontally and the game is done, in a short time you will decide if a garment is worth it or not, give it a try.

Fantasies, jeans and basics all go together, they are timeless, dedicate them a space at one end of your wardrobe

Fantasies are not only flowers, but also graphic motifs, stripes, repeating patterns, and other wonders that add value to the creation of different styles.

The fabrics in which the prints are made are usually quite timeless, they are easily used in all seasons so it will be even easier to use them constantly in different overlays throughout the year. That’s why I recommend you keep them on hand in a single block, you’ll find it very easy to use them in the different combinations you create.


Yes, it’s true, jeans are unbearable in summer because they are too hot, and also unbearable in winter because they don’t protect you from the cold, and yet, you don’t know why, they are the most essential items in your wardrobe that you will use constantly all year round, both for men and women. Once you’ve accepted this inexplicable fact, it’s best to keep them constantly on hand to wear them on a thousand occasions in your day-to-day life, both casual and more formal, especially now that even the concept of formality in men’s attire goes unabashedly for well-worn jeans.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, basics of all types and colors should always be available and accessible, cotton is the protagonist, essential to guarantee comfort and facilitate the combination of colors, given its accessibility in terms of price.


And shirts, due to their traditional shape, are always useful items to have on hand in between seasons, as well as being very practical items to use as outerwear.

Outer garments are the ones that define the seasonality of a wardrobe, so I invite you to use these powerful garments to separate one season from the next, they will be eliminated, or added by themselves, as the days go by, and you need them less.


I suggest you use the trench coat as a point of separation between seasons, it will make you realize how the change of season works as the days go by, they are key garments: The trench coat is the between-season item par excellence…. also Trench coat for men in the case of boys.

Event garments located in one area – essential to play with the occasions of use in your looks

If you can, keep the garments for events in a well-defined area of your wardrobe. Some of them, due to the characteristic of their fabrics, will be items that you can only use on a few occasions, but other times, they can be the coup defects that you need in your looks.


They are usually particular garments and accessories, with different or spectacular fabrics that remain forgotten in the wardrobe for a long time, and are used for a few hours from time to time… But don’t you hate to have fabulous garments forgotten in the wardrobe when you could be wearing them in daring combinations that improve your personal image?

Think about it, you just need to learn the keys to know how to use them.


His and hers shared wardrobe, discover new frontiers 

If you share a wardrobe with a life partner, the possibilities of your wardrobe and your way of dressing increase with new style alternatives.

The times when clothes were of one sex or the other, for one occasion or the other, are gone and have left in their place a way of understanding personal style that opens up new possibilities. Open the door to experiment with your clothes and accessories, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve by adding elements of a different way of dressing to your own.

If you want to achieve results, the most important thing of all is that you forget your prejudices and past fashion views and let your instinct guide you when it comes to wearing clothes that are not part of your aesthetic horizon. Just have fun.


 Knitwear better folded

Yes, they’re always hanging on hangers in the shops, but in reality that’s just a guarantee of deformities and snags.

Knitted garments are better folded, they keep their original shape and don’t sag, giving way to deformities that will spoil the quality of the knit and the durability of the garment.

I know they look better when hung up, you can assess their colour and shape easily and it is easier to use them in your looks, but don’t be tempted to expose them to damage and distortion, knitted garments sag underweight and get damaged when they get caught on hangers or other garments that may be hanging next to them.

Dedicate an area of your wardrobe to folded garments, after all these are delicate garments that have a certain volume just because of the way they are knitted, and they deserve your attention if you want them to last over time and maintain their original colour and shape.

I must say that, as time goes by, I have become more and more a fan of knitwear, they are key elements of personal image and should be treated as such.



 Accessories also count

Just as knitwear deserves its own space in the wardrobe, accessories also need a location that allows you to choose them easily when creating your daily outfits.

I know it’s not easy to find a place to keep them, I recommend you keep them in boxes catalogued by type, in my experience the best way to find them when you need them.

Choose a box of an appropriate colour and size for each accessory, put all the ones you have of that type together in that space, you can even put a sign outside that identifies the box to locate it easily.


The most problematic accessory is the necklaces, in this case I recommend that you hang them somewhere where they have vertical space. Many companies have hooks that you can use for this purpose, you can for example take advantage of the tie hanger that almost all wardrobes come with to hang them, you know that living together is also about sharing…

Chaos is necessary… disorder is not.

I have always defended the creative potential of chaos as a formula to reach new aesthetic resources and new surprises when it comes to dressing, but in the case of the wardrobe it is necessary to make an exception if you don’t want to despair when you go to get dressed and you are looking for some element to create an outfit that you have in your head.

Use mental chaos to break down your own barriers and challenge yourself to come up with styles that challenge what you thought you knew about yourself but forget about having a messy wardrobe if you want to get dressed every morning in a reasonable amount of time.

Create controlled chaos on your bed when you’re playing with the possibilities of a look and want to try out different and style-challenging combinations but keep your wardrobe in impeccable order to ensure you have all the items you need when you go to get dressed… Disinterested advice from Image Consultant! ????

If you need more inspiration there’s another Post you might be interested in, Closet seasonal organization also has lots of ideas on how to manage your wardrobe and get the best out of your wardrobe.


…and now adapt what I have told you

The dreaded moment has arrived, the moment to stand in front of the wardrobe and apply all these ideas to what you have.

It is not a simple task, so try to keep the ideas that you find most interesting and that can really improve your quality of life on a daily basis, after all, the wardrobe is something that we open a thousand times every day and it has to be adapted to the occasions of use that you have to face in your daily life.


Try above all to apply practicality, you have to be honest with your possibilities, with your exposure time and with what you really need to achieve and, if you see that you are not going to get good results, I invite you to use my Wardrobe background service that will make things easier for you by highlighting the needs and weaknesses of your wardrobe fund, and it will also leave you a lot of outfits already created to dress you easily with looks full of style and personalized so that you look great on every occasion.