To complete the “blazer” issue on the blog, I propose this specific post about the blazer and its potential in women’s wardrobe, although, if you are interested in covering all possibilities, you should also stop by its twin post for men, which contains general information about this iconic garment that you should know, Matching the Blazer, Must in men’s wardrobe | The definitive guide .

The unisex garment is today a must have item definitively representative of the feminine emancipation, a kind of “passkey” to a look, which unfortunately seems to be guarantee make me for being competent when facing a job, but do no mistake, of thinking this slavery affects both sexes. Is it possible that both sexes have fallen into this trap? And well I think so, or at least the presence of the blazer among ministers, executives, politicians or tv news anchors who use it as a uniform, would suggest so.

It is clear that the blazer relationship with working life of both sexes is very close to each other so, we take full advantage of its potential in this universe.

Unisex, the fascinating androgynous side of the blazer in the female universe

It is not a simple task, but if you get the exact level of masculine effect with your blazer and then have fun by contributing adding concepts, fantasy colors or other essentially feminine resources, your blazer will open the doors of style.

In this challenge, aesthetics and accessories are resources of paramount importance: a hairstyle, accessory such as a brooch and of course your attitude, plays your way, the success of the outfit depends on the set.

You can also increase the androgynous effect of the look by incorporating other emblematic garments of the masculine wardrobe such as a white men’s shirt to strengthen the effect you are looking for.

I am a big fan of total dark looks, deep and sophisticated is a guarantee of style, in fact a black leather skirt with a black blazer worn with black pullover in autumn / winter or always with a black shirt in spring / summer, it is A wild card in your wardrobe an indispensable help a multitude of difficult dressing situations.

Squeeze the different silhouettes you can create with the Blazer’s help

This indispensable garment today is proposed in many colors, fabrics and textures in its original unalterable version, but there are also many more or less fashionable versions which opens the door to different alterations, very useful with regard to the female silhouette and its needs.

Although there are many intermediate possibilities, there are two extremes that have a direct effect on the limits of the silhouette, we need to know how to use: the boxy blazer, an oversized garment of high fashion content whose potential you can learn to match by reading in my post “Female oversize jacket, an iconic  80’s  garment returns”, which guarantees disproportions and volume contrasts, and the extralong blazer, guarantor of a sophisticated and very chic, stylized silhouette.

The possibilities of the oversized blazer in its most modern aspect are endless, risky and daring goes from the most conventional looks to the trendiest self-confidently without complexes, leaving a scent of modernity fashion addicts cannot live without.

At the opposite extreme, the sober simplicity of a long blazer, which creates essential silhouettes useful if you need to hide some excess with sweets, even if you don’t get confused, it doesn’t work miracles.

Both solutions can work very well as Look for company dinner, a great tool for those situations in which you need to feel “safe”, essential in hostile environments where you feel assessed and “gossiped”.

A blazer is a perfect investment if you want to improve your personal image, its poise provides a presence that few garments can boast, and its power of conviction will save you having to give many explanations in case of misunderstandings … it’s magical, because, in this world in which the appearance makes the  difference, the right garment worn with the right attitude can make the difference between reliable, and not reliable, people.

The blazer’s Fashion Essence, enjoy a chameleon in the closet

When we talk about fashion games, the blazer changes its function, it gets bigger in the closet, what might seem like become advantages.

This is the case, for the leather blazer, it can be as “basic” as you need, as bold as the clothes you wear underneath, timeless and simple enough to fit in a Boho look or in a Sustainable look if you wear an eco-leather blazer.

The aseptic appearance of a blazer in neutral fabric, makes it a must have for any female wardrobe that boasts of being modern, essential to match a thousand and one looks:

    • Tulle skirt to go out to dinner? = Black blazer
    • Dressed in flowers to go to the office? = Black and white pied de poule blazer
    • Trendy checks and stripes look? = Plaid blazer
    • Party night with sober crepe dress? = Men’s sequin blazer
    • Meeting presentation with printed dress? = Red blazer
    • Travel in the day with possible job interview? = Black leather blazer
    • Evening cocktail in an art gallery? = Boxy Blazer

Do you see what I mean?

If your commitment to fashion determines the way you face the world, a good blazer can give you many joys for its fashion contribution to your way of dressing, since it can for example change the function of that boring suit you are already tired of, if you replace the tube skirt of the suit with a printed skirt: hyper feminine blazer look with a top if you need to go directly from work to a blind date, and if you have jeans that fit great but you do not know how to match it, with a printed blazer they will become your favorite women’s pants again, far from the boredom you are worried  about.

A blazer always at hand for special occasions

The blazers look like off-limits garments for special occasions, unsuitable but, although they seem to be a fundamentally casual garment, on special occasions a blazer always plays in the professional league, and also plays at home.

The Blazer is among the most essential short party jackets, capable of reinventing itself. With every blouse or party top you already have in the closet you try to match it, but maybe you might have a very conventional image of the blazer in mind, a dark and severe garment that seems unsuitable for happy occasions …

In the image above the kind of blazer you can count on for an event, a cool blazer with high fashion content that responds to the imperatives of a day wedding protocol, a garment with an elegant appearance that travels from the special occasion to casual life just by changing accessories.

If you have doubts about how to dress for a day wedding, the blazer is a possibility to take into account. Do not give up, there are solutions such as the Women’s Suit, the perfect guest with a stylish, or a blazer with a printed dress,  a perfect look for these, you just have to look for a print with which you feel comfortable, the result will be feminine but not cloying.

The blazer also occupies a privileged place in more playful events, in which the objective is only to feel beautiful, without ties or protocols, in fact, it is also a candidate for the main role when you think about how to dress for New Year’s Eve or similar events.

The conclusion is that the blazer is one of the “most modern classic” garments of the current wardrobe, a style-proof fetish element, which you can learn to use in full potential with MD Personal Shopper Style Coach service, with which you will learn to match this staple for the in the contemporary female wardrobe, so that it helps you create different looks that reflect your personality and own style, for all kinds of occasions.

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