It is one of those moments in life in which, although you are not the absolute protagonist, the protagonists are not any couple, so you do not have any look, you need your presence also has a role, which provides a perfect image .

The choice of the color of your godmother look will determine the impact that causes in the event.

The first thing you have to do is look for colors that favor you. All range of pastels are classic in godmother attire, but do not get carried away by old customs and misinterpretations of fashion, look for colors and fabrics that make you feel that your presence corresponds with the emotion you feel.

Just an important tip about color. If the wedding is very traditional there are two colors that can be annoying or too shocking during the event: white, if the bride chooses this color, or black, which can generate a high contrast effect. The rest of the colors are not “inadequate”, they depend only on the type of wedding and how you feel.


Dressing as a godmother, fabrics necklines, silhouettes and underwear

You know, when you look for a look for your wardrobe you know very well what are your strengths and what are your weak points, you know that you like to stand out and what to hide, but I warn you, when you face a look for such a special occasion, the risk is to forget those characteristics that of yourself that you know so well and get lost in a world of excesses and nonsense … do not do it!

We have started with the color, you already have an idea of ​​what kind of color could appear, focus now on the look:

Do you already have a mental idea of ​​how you want to see yourself? Surely, but you have to start with very objective reasoning, think about your shortcomings, particularities and virtues: do you have a nice breast? Concentrate on the neckline, short legs ? look for tall, narrow shoulders ?, a structured jacket … and consequently, to highlight a neckline you need a structured fabric that holds the breast and enhances it, for a longer leg effect a lightweight fabric that creates movement and you can structure the silhouette for example with the help of a rigid fabric like taffeta.

In many cases the main problem is the very generous silhouettes, the excess weight, in this case the best option is not always try to camouflage those kilos of lower exaggerated volumes and excess tissue, it is more, “drawing” the curves of your body you can get a better effect. Try out clothes without complexes and without prejudices, you will discover that there are silhouettes, even very fitted, with which you do not count and that will surprise you and make you like you more.

As you see, to get a good godmother look, silhouette and fabric must work in harmony. With this I do not mean that they should be similar, it is more the opposite, they can be complementary even in their contrast, for example, as I said before, a dress in lightweight fabric may need you to wear a structured jacket that allows movement and give strength to the look. In this case, the rigid fabric (may be a taffeta or for example a brocade), will be in contrast to the light fabric of the dress (it could be a volie), but they form a coordinated set that works well, because they have been chosen at the same time and with a common goal.

With this I invite you not to look only for “beautiful” garments, look for garments that serve those objectives, keep your needs always clear and look for your look with someone “objective” to help you get a good result: a family member, a friend or your Personal Shopper.

We arrive at the next determining point in the choice of your wedding dress, the underwear.

When you choose the clothes of your godmother look, think at the same time about the underwear that you will need, do not forget that the shape of a bra or the containment of a belt, can work “miracles”.

If you are going to attend a post-purchase test to adjust the garment to your measurements, take the underwear you have chosen: bustier, girdle, bra, combination … can be decisive for the result to go from “good” to “extraordinary.

You’re extraordinary, do not settle for a conventional godmother look, “dress as you feel.”

The options to dress as a godmother today are endless, garments of all kinds and prices flood the stores, look for a look with clothes and fabrics that correspond to your personality and age you feel, not with the one on your card of identity.

Your wedding godmother look can be as spectacular as you want, you just have to worry about feeling comfortable and safe when you wear it, do not settle for less, dedicate all the time and time it takes to find it, do not settle if you do not she is safe.

Long or short wedding godmother’s look?

The characteristics to choose your godmother’s wedding do not really depend on you, they will be the protagonists, the couple, those who decide if they prefer a short or long wedding dressing, but you can choose the composition of the look you are going to wear, one piece or several garments in the look..

Depending always on your physical characteristics you have several short look options to choose from: 3-piece jacket suit with skirt or trousers, coat with dress or coat with skirt or trousers with top or blouse (which can also add color and fantasy to the look) below.

All the possibilities work well, with all of them you will obtain an impeccable and elegant presence, modern and with great possibilities of transformation as soon as you start playing with the accessories.

madrina de boda

The great advantage of the short look is that afterwards it will be mixed in your wardrobe as if by charm, helping you transform other garments present in your wardrobe that, with the passage of time, have ceased to seem interesting to you.

As the garments for events are made with particular fabrics, they will be very useful to “move” the clothes of casual and practical style present in your wardrobe, making them more modern and particularizing and modernizing your look, which will win in presence and style.

In many cases you can choose if you prefer to wear long or short, in that case I prefer always the short look, but in Spain long weddings are very trendy noy and maybe you prefer it. Long looks can be very scenographic, but they can also become a nightmare if you are not used to walking with them, keep in mind and practice at home before using it, your presence will be much better and you will avoid incidents.

In long outfits the silhouette is very linear so, if you have an elongated body, with narrow shoulders and few curves, be careful with light fabrics like the volie, you need to structure the silhouette and they provide movement, yes, but not volume, you could find yourself with a languid result and without strength. If you really want to use them, you can incorporate coat or a jacket that generates contrast and structure in the look, you will gain in presence.

madrina de boda

For physicists with excess weight, the best solution, as I told you in the previous post, is to try. The taffetà, for example, is a classic wedding godmother fabric that, because of the structure of the fabric, very well supports tweezers that help to modulate the shape, containing better the excess weight. In any case and whatever the model you choose, always wear a belt.

You can also create a godmother look with an unconventional garment and fabric, like a monkey in a satin fabric, I assure you that you will leave everyone with their mouths open. Do not think only about outfits considered “appropriate”, look for a look that makes you feel good, away from you the limits that mark the conventions.

Use the accessories to give emphasis and personality to your wedding godmother’s look

madrina de boda

Silhouette, colored fabric … we already have almost all the ingredients so that you are perfect that day, we only need a seasoning that is not too invasive, but add boldness and modernity to the result.

From the beginning I invited you to give a lot of value to personality and comfort and accessories, are no exception.

The accessories can add color, modify a silhouette, create a contrast of style or occasion of use, attend to practical reasons such as disguising a defect…

The accessories are powerful weapons if you know how to use them in your favor, always remembering the maxim that I taught you in the post of the first part: the danger is to get lost in a world of excesses and nonsense … do not do it!

Start always by practical reasoning, mentally situate yourself on the stage you think about and what you need: If it’s a temple wedding and you’re wearing a low-cut dress, you might need a shawl while you’re indoors; if I dress that better than was in the tests is smooth and you want something that brings something fantasy and color, look for patterned shoes; If you have a short neck do not choose a wide collar; If you have huge blue eyes, highlight them with large earrings to draw attention to your face … and so on to the infinite, think of a virtue or a need and focus your efforts on it.

madrina de boda

It is better to think about the accessories when you have defined the look or, in any case, when you already have an overview of the look, you can work miracles by transforming your image.

Finally, remember that, if at this time you cannot aford to buy a new look for a wedding, (maybe it is not an important wedding for you), well-chosen accessories can transform an old look by investing few resources. Try flashy accessories, even somewhat eccentric, to successfully renew garments that were in disuse.

Take care of all the details of your wedding godmother look, also makeup and hairstyle

madrina de boda

An important part of the godmother’s look has been left in the inkwell, which is sometimes taken too much for granted and in which one usually chooses two alternatives: either try something surprising or limit itself to the usual hairstyle / makeup.

When we look for the exceptional without studying it well before, the “exceptional” can become “exceptionally disastrous”. My advice is that you do not risk too much without doing tests before with a professional of confidence. Above all, that you do not disguise yourself, if you never put on your makeup it is useless to improvise, there is nothing worse than trying to do something you do not know how to do when you prepare for a special event.

I know it sounds a bit cruel, but we are among friends, so I remind you that the “clown trend” is not usually fashionable. If you are not sure of what you do, limit yourself to a background that avoids the brightness in the photos, some color in the cheeks and a lipstick with which you feel comfortable, you can let yourself be helped by a professional at a specialized point of sale.

Finally, a warning: if you are going to do some type of beauty treatment, do not wait for days close to the event, reactions may arise, so it is better that your skin has time to get used to the changes.