The origin of Trad is not in women’s fashion but in men’s, a trend of English Bon Ton taste, that is, with the traditional British college mood­­­ that always entails the indispensable gentleman touch that surrounds the English men’s traditional fashion.

I imagine that the beginning of the post has already produced an image in your imagination … OK, then starting from that image and without forgetting it at any time, add a vintage touch and a contemporary environment, for example, a restaurant filled on a Saturday night in any city or your place of work in full hustle … have I managed to transmit the Trad spirit?

At the beginning of the season a garment becomes an absolute protagonist, I mean the trench coat, variant of the raincoat in its most military aspect, whose origin is in the trenches of the First World War and which is characterized by its added loops on shoulders and cuffs with obvious practical reasons (I don’t know much about military needs of this type, so, if anyone knows the answer, please leave a comment in the post and so we all learn).

In autumn you can take it everywhere, to dinner, to the office or to a party, then you can store this emblematic garment in the closet to always use it because, whatever they say, you will always find looks with which it will be useful to have it in the closet, and not necessarily for their practical virtues, which are many and much appreciated.


How to create a Trad look: paintings and blouses in the Trad style


To create a trendy work look in the Fall-Winter 19/20 you need an eternal and essential fantasy in any college look, the checks, (I prefer the Scots, because it seems to me that the look wins in authenticity) and a foulard collar shirt that puts the vintage touch ton ton, but you can also replace it with a turtleneck pullover.

Next season’s pants have a very high waisted, in fact, it will be difficult for you to get used to wearing them after years of such low waistlines. Adapt the tops to the temperatures and needs of the day, you can also reuse the multitude of shirts that you probably have in the closet, but do not wear them on the outside, the result of the look must be “tidy”.

The length of fashion for the skirts is the midi, but as for the shape they can be tube, pleated and the cape skirts also work, which create a lot of movement and are flirtatious and fun, very useful if you have a figure with a very fitted waist and important hips.


As an alternative to the trench according to weather and time, the best option for the start of the season is the leather jacket, a modern garment that you can use in more than one trend this season, a future vision investment for your wardrobe, but this time my advice is that you buy a smooth and simple leather jacket, if you want “fashion” it must be 70s style, plain and elastic at the bottom, but not a Perfect, more appropriate in the Matrix trend, of which We will talk later.

Casual Trad Style, the free time versión

The most casual Trad-style looks go through knitwear and oversized coats, which give Trad a contemporary spirit, and accessories with its own personality, and with this I mean you to choose them, to introduce those accessories that you wear into the look, feel good and you like much, abuse to spice up your looks, but not because they belong to the Trad trend, but because you feel beautiful and safe with them, enough reason to use them by personalizing the Ivy Trad trend and any other trend in front in the future.


In fact, gloves, belts, scarves (I love scarves on the head) or sneakers are protagonists in the looks, which would otherwise be just a set of trench and plaid skirts. It is also important to know in what way these garments characteristic of this trend will impact on the image you are going to transmit, more or less formal, more or less young, more or less fashion … the way you wear clothes and accessories is what will have it under control.

The next season mouton, which replaces the faux fur of last season, will be fashionable, but you know that I always advise a free and personal interpretation of the trends, so, if you have a jacket in the closet, reinterpret your own Trad trend with imagination.


The pants of this style of masculine inspiration in its more casual version are mixed with those of other trends of Fall-Winter 19/20, they are not as short as bermuda pants, but they do not wear excessively long and off-hook pants, if you want the long fashion, look at the image of the post.

I’ve talked about knitwear before, because knitwear brings to the Trad looks that college spirit that gives them consistency. Cardigans, features college style, are always in perfect harmony with this trend, abuse them also under the coats, when the cold begins to arrive you will get a fabulous and warm look.


Trending boots and large bags also in the Ivy Trad style

The boots have been a trend for several seasons, and in the Fall-Winter 19/20 they will continue to be an indispensable accessory to create the trendy looks, the only thing that changes is the boot model, which in any case is different for each occasion .


Last season the coolest and most essential boots were the military ones, and this year they are still in fashion, but they share prominence especially with high or very high boots. Choose the most appropriate boot for every occasion and style, there are different models, boot heights and materials to choose from that will always give character to your look.

Another important accessory is the bags, especially large, do not be afraid that they are huge this season are never too large, and you can play to create large disproportions that result in shocking looks.

It is not all said about one of the most important trends of the next season, the Ivy Trad will adapt easily to the ways of dressing of many women, so I will probably continue talking about it, but if you need more information about any specific interpretation of the Trad fashion, you can write to the MD Personal Shopper contact, you will have personalized advices.

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