The trends for men of each spring / summer season change from year to year, so I will offer you a “guide to apply the generic trends” of the spring / summer season “to the different ways to dress and styles of men’s fashion year after year.

I’m going to divide this post into two well-defined parts, it’s a bit crude division, but it’s very complicated to face the multiple subtleties of the masculine attire and this has seemed the most effective formula.

Trends Spring Summer Man 

Styles “Formal” and “Casual Relaxed”

I will not devote time or energy to the more rigid and conventional vision of this way of understanding male fashion, I think there is a lot of information on this way of dressing, I will focus however on a formal attire male, yes, but definitely modern inspiration.

For the day the suits in colors in clearings are fine, always want to dress in clear against the rise of the temperatures, but do it maintaining contrasts so as not to lose audacity. Dark shirts, for example, are a very useful element that can also be replaced by a cotton turtleneck, an alternative touch to the “obligatory” of the tie.

You can also use fabrics with patterns that are not too consistent and can replace the wonderful classic fabrics of winter. Bet on checks and  stripes so that they are not difficult to combine if you do not know how to do it.

The accessories are always a magnificent instrument to express your personality, use them to incorporate some originality to the attire, replacing for example the eternal spring moccasins with sneakers or booties. Striped suspenders can also help personalize this with no frills, but with style.

Do not get paranoic for the night and special events, a tuxedo is always an impeccable success in all seasons. In this case play with the accessories, but only if you know exactly how to do it, in the MD Personal Shopper Instagram you will find images with interesting examples to renew a tuxedo look.

In an alternative version, less formal, a more daring proposal of this style: casual, yes, but “controlled”. Not completely free of rules, a way of dressing that never comes to enjoy a total spontaneity.

In his work attire he never renounces the blazer, but he is original and even, at times, sophisticated. Personally I love this style and it also seems like a professional challenge. To create this type of look are bold and surprising colors, responsible for this style to reach its full potential.

Always wearing a blazer as a main garment, play with small and powerful contrasts / color combinations: military green with navy blue and white, ocher with pink, military green with light blue, brown with pink and gray, gray with light yellow and navy blue, khaki with burnt orange and white, white with blue and dark gray … and then there are the accessories: fluorescent socks, leather belt, scarf wound around the neck … an art!

This style also accepts with ease the introduction of small fantasies such as flowers and stripes or small geometric motifs. It is the blazer that unifies the look, so: while you keep the blazer everything works.

In its “free time” version it becomes a casual sport without surprises, very useful if you do not know how to dress and do not want to risk: jeans without breaks (they should not be too bold or risk looking careless), basic shirt in any color smooth and superimposed shirt (fantasies or plain of cotton more or less thick, even military shirt). The sneakers complete the look, you can even use strong colors or dare with printed sneakers, in this outfit these notes of contaste are very welcome and are a guaranteed success.

The mountain style boots are the perfect alternative when it’s not too hot … better in sand color.

Fashion and Alternative Styles

Most men who do not have demands for formality in their daily lives wear clothes that are encompassed in this group, in which forms of clothing coexist that become opposite, but which find in this group common and shared coincidences , although used in each style in surprisingly different ways. It is the magic of fashion.

Men uninterested in fashion and staunch supporters of comfort are the number one fans of this style that allows to boast of careless without being obnoxious. It is the total absence of fashion, just put the practicality above any other claim, paradise of the “comforters” who is in no case exempt from a fashion logic. After all, the items you find in stores are designed to be sold, that is, to coordinate and buy more than one.

To make this type of look you need a lot of knitwear, little iron and colors that blend with the environment.

The younger interpretation of this “carefully neglected” style is explosive and seemingly immune to fashion, it feeds on these garments and gives them a very modern fashion touch.

This style uses the broken garments, several larger sizes or customizes them at will, creating with them curiously sophisticated looks in their spontaneous and demanding interpretation (yes, I said demanding) of fashion, which get an interesting look full of personality, also adapting to all temperatures with the advance of the seasons.

Continuing with this way of dressing, compendium of clothes and accessories mixed and interpreted in a thousand different ways, we come to the last part of this post in which curiously is “the occasion of use” which makes the decisions of style.

Before thousands of interchangeable options, the choice of look comes largely determined by the occasion of use, and within it by the various personal and social objectives: sought impact, fashion content, comfort, technical and practical needs, etc.

For example: if you are going to spend the day doing photographs you will need comfortable pants, a backpack and maybe a cap to protect you from the sun. If you dress for an interview to work in a nightclub, you should look for information about the target of the business and maybe choose a fashion style printed shirt and so on … if you dress to visit the museums of a city, you need some comfortable sneakers and a superposition of garments to adapt to different temperatures according to the spaces and temperatures of the day. Good sunglasses are essential. If you have an emergency and you are going to visit a client on your day off, put a shirt on top of the shirt that serves as a jacket and avoid those shattered jeans that you usually wear in carefree situations …

The nights do not have rules, but in any case they always respond to the same logic: it’s not the same to dress up for night out with friends than for a dinner in which you will meet your future in-laws or a party in which they could introduce you to the owner of a company that you would be interested in contacting.

Year after year the trends change and, whatever your style, you can adapt them to your personality, way of dressing, occasions of use and aesthetic preferences.

This guide will always help you.