It’s definitely fashionable, having a Personal Shopper is today a solution to keep your style and wardrobe updated, but… what is a personal shopper?

Why You Need a Personal Shopper

Probably on many occasions you have felt insecure when dressing, it is normal, just as I do not know how to develop in your professional world and could not work as a journalist, financial advisor or judge because I have neither the tools nor the knowledge to do it professionally. You have not been trained to know how to offer people advice that improves their image and their wardrobe and thereby their confidence, making them feel good.

A Personal Shopper is a fashion industry professional who knows the silhouettes that best fit the shape of each body type, which are the different styles of dress that can work with each person and that works for you in search of a single objective: that when you look in the mirror you see a person dressed in a current way and appropriate to each occasion, And what’s even more difficult is that you recognize yourself and like yourself.

The point is that dressing up is something every day that we all do and you are not always everyone knows dressing up nicely, the results are not always good and that that causes…frustration. After all, our appearance is the first thing we present to the outside world.


MD Personal Shopper to find your own Style

Dressing up in style is a common goal between men and women, the cornerstone of social life today, but what about dressing up… your own style?

It’s very frustrating to feel that you don’t understand the secrets of the fashion world that others seem to know in an easy and natural way. They always look modern and well dressed and you don’t, but that’s not the most important thing, have you noticed that they all wear the same clothes and wear them in the same way?

It is the current format of “dressing up in fashion” which generates a sense of disguise with which some people feel uncomfortable and little identified, when the important thing is to wear clothes and accessories in a personal way. Being distinguished from others is fundamental to express your personality, that is, to dress well.

My job isn’t easy. It’s not about touring person to take look at shops, dressing them with the latest fashion trends and telling them which colors suit them and which ones don’t. That can be done by any friend with an interest in fashion who reads many blogs, it is not even a question of telling a person who likes narrow garments to avoid them on certain occasions to look thinner. To achieve a great result a Personal Shopper must freely handle volumes, silhouettes, patterns, morphology, colors, tissue behavior, textures and even fashion history, with what that means in terms of social development and culture.

In parallel is the personal experience: you must dedicate time to know each client’s lifestyle, priorities and aesthetic preferences and to adapt clothes woven colors and looks to your life so that when you open the wardrobe everything is easy and familiar. In no case a strange disguise.

It is for this reason that all my MD Personal Shopper services start with a free and uncommitted meeting, where we have the opportunity to get to know each other and you can explain your objectives, needs and concerns.

At that meeting I have the opportunity to see what your image looks like, and advise you on what we can do and the steps to follow, and if it’s okay with you, then I draw up a budget action plan, guidelines and times between the services I offer, which can be one or several: Personal Image Consultancy, Shopping Together, Wardrobe Background, Fashion For Events or Personal Stylist, all for men and women and with a personalized development.


No more chaos, a Personal Shopper in the closet

The closet of most people is an inhospitable and unknown place even for its owner, which accumulates mostly forgotten garments and accessories and which could be very useful if they are exposed and reused by proposing them in new ways.

The service of MD Personal Shopper Wardrobe Background is the first advisable activity if you want to put order in your look. Knowing what you have is the best way to understand what you need and what you don’t, you will find that you have much more clothes and accessories than you imagine, items that you don’t even use and could introduce into your looks instead of buying new items, especially considering the current need to reuse what we already have so as not to increase our climate footprint, given that the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet that we have to protect.

After cleaning and with clear ideas, the Style Coach service from MD Personal Shopper can be very useful, since it teaches you to make the most of all the clothes and accessories present in your wardrobe and provides you with the keys to customize your looks and create your own style.


Regarding Fashion for Events, the best Personal Shopper is a guarantee of tranquility

When you have to attend a special event and you don’t know what to wear, you get that dizzy feeling: you don’t have the right silhouette, the colors that suit you best or, better said, how to combine colors. There is a widespread belief that there are colors that you should avoid because a color study says that they do not favor you, do not combine well with the colors of your skin or your eyes.

In my opinion all colors are valid, just know how, where and when to use them, not avoid them, why give up a color you like? With MD Personal Shopper, your Personal Shopper in Madrid, you will have all the keys to not give up anything.

On special occasions it is very common to have doubts about the most appropriate attire and a Professional Personal Shopper offers answers to those questions: I exact how to dress for an evening wedding, I guess what to avoid if I am also a wedding sponsor, What to Wear If I Get Invited To A Cocktail On, Which Is The Protocol Of A Day Wedding, What Coat You Can Wear With A Long Dress, Knowing How To Go To A Casual Summer Evening Wedding…

So, with my Shopping Together service, I create a Shopping Tour looking for party dresses for an event or award ceremony, an elegant yet casual look to attend as a wedding guest, Stylish dress skirts for a cocktail party, buy the perfect tuxedo for a New Year’s Eve look or a more casual look but make you feel good for this occasion. As Personal Shopper I offer you alternatives that adapt to the occasion, to your personality and very important, to your budget, so that you feel like a protagonist every time.

MD Personal Shopper is an expert in events, I know the trends and how to apply them to each customer, I know the fashion games and I use them to show what distinguishes you, choosing the shops where you can find the clothes and accessories you need to match your look with your personality, values and budget.

what is a personal shopper


MD Personal Shopper and you, a perfect team

My Personal Shopper service offers you 360º advice to get a look for all occasions and styles, casual, formal, conventional modern, daring original and even extravagant… if that is the goal you have set for your overall look or just for a special occasion.

To achieve this I put at your disposal all my professional experience of years in different sectors of the fashion world, creating a mutual trust that is guarantee that you achieve the look you seek in the personal style you want.

what is a personal shopper

There are everyday problems that you face without knowing many times what to do, pure aesthetic technique, and in this you can help your Personal Shopper: colors that combine with blue, know how to combine a black leather skirt or if it is better to opt for a cowgirl skirt, how to wear a T-shirt with a suit in the case of men or if on a given occasion it is better to wear a long skirt or a midi skirt. They are all doubts and questions that MD Personal Shopper helps you to solve, but always respecting your personality and concrete needs.

After this there is always the question of the cost of hiring the services of a Personal Shopper. It is an investment that, especially if you have a very small budget, subtracts money from the total amount of what you want to invest in your wardrobe. I consider the investment differently: I will optimize the purchase of garments according to your budget so that, instead of accumulating more loose garments in your closet, what you buy (be it much or little) will serve to combine with what you already have, Getting a lot more out of it and you’ll have the assurance that you’ve renovated a lot of your wardrobe.

My Personal Shopper service is not a luxury for the few. No matter what budget you can spend on that goal, there is a service you can count on. Call me or write me on the…contact page Don’t be afraid to ask!

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