Finally, an occasion to wear a long dress … in winter!

Everything in this look is a pleasure: the movement that accompanies each step, feel how the fabric caresses your legs, that wonderful feeling of not having to worry about how you feel, to be able to wear a beautiful coat over … a coat … but which coat?

MD Personal Shopper comes to your aid not with one, but with a multitude of alternatives so you can adapt a long dress and coat to the particular silhouette you want to wear, because yes, once again it’s all about silhouettes, know how to handle them for profit own is everything.


With long dresses you can wear fur coats

On the cover and in the later images furs (naturally fake, let’s see if we are able to leave wild animals in peace!), The most trendy and flexible solution of the season.

Their stains and neutral colors, make you can combine them with any fabric, fantasy or plain, that pleases you.

The “swollen” texture of the furs makes the upper part of the silhouette necessarily rounded and more or less elongated, depending on the length of the fur garment of your choice.

Advantage? That has its own identity with respect to the look you wear underneath, it does not matter if the long dress is straight, evasè or layers, the only thing you have to control is that the length of the coat does not end in a place that “bothers” the dress, it could be for example because of a decorative reason of the same or for your physical characteristics. You will necessarily have to try a long dress and coat together to know it.


The right coat for your long silhouette empire dress

But if you want to achieve empire silhouettes, it is better to leave aside the more fashionable swollen furs and look for garments that have a high notch point that respects the dress you wear below without hindering your movement.

They are my favorite silhouettes at all, perfect when they match the shape of the dress, elegant and with an elongated figure effect that can be very useful if you are not very tall and you can not stand the heels.

They are very useful also when you are pregnant and you need space for the belly, the notch under the breast will avoid those horrible bags that are created when the line of the coat and the one of your body need completely different silhouettes.

When the dress is cut in the waist or very close to it, you can use coats that completely draw the figure, even with a belt and not necessarily a party, although, if your long dress has patterned motifs and you are pretty traditional, yes I recommend you to use a coat in plain and neutral color.


Coats with classic fabrics, perfect with any long dress

If you do not have a coat in the perfect color and the occasion does not deserve to go shopping, the fabrics of classic fantasies are the best option.

The geometric motifs of these fabrics their neutral colors (gray, brown, beige …), do not generate a lack of harmony with the dress, passing rather unnoticed … as if they were not there.

Prince of Wales, Pied de poule, Tweed, Spike, Cheviot, Eye of Partridge … any of them will work perfectly, also if the problem is not that you do not want to invest in a new garment, but you seek to create some movement in your long dress look.

Let’s talk now about the style and the aesthetic criterion of contrasts in unconventional looks, in which the criterion of novelty prevails over coherence or even practicality.


Not only coat, with long dress also blazer or jacket

Is it necessary to wear a long dress always with a coat …? Why not a jacket or a blazer?

In search of more modern silhouettes I propose now a fashionable garment that, if you are not in a particularly cold place, will give a hyper modern look to your image breaking the conventions on what is or is not suitable to combine with a long dress .. .I speak of the blazer, if possible and for this special occasion, black!

Another modern option (my favorite) that will give a young look to your image are the jackets, which can be of many types and fabrics, although if you read my posts often, you already know that I have a weakness for the Perfecto, especially leather, Essential garment in a modern women wardrobe, which can save you a thousand and one times, since it can be combined practically with everything.


Change the coat by layer or poncho, they combine very well with a long dress

There are other clothes very fashionable this season that can be very useful with a long dress and whose interference with the silhouette of the look is practically nonexistent, I speak of the layers and ponchos.

Its enveloping function will not have to worry too much about the silhouette, which will probably combine without much difficulty with the long dress you have chosen.

As for the fabric of this overcoat, in this case I recommend a plain fabric or a geometric fantasy. The objective is that it is easy to combine with party fabrics and that it is a durable garment in your wardrobe.


Not only coats, knitwear is also a solution that works with a long dress

We arrived at the end of this post with the most “basic” solution of all: knitwear.

Advantage? The first is comfort, because we are used to giving up this important feature of attire when it comes to special events.

With the passage of time and thanks to the relaxation of social rules and conventions in dress, a party look with a long dress does not have to be constituted solely with strictly party garments.

Knitwear provides an interesting contrast of textures with respect to the usual party fabrics.

Chiffon, taffeta, sequins, tulle … wool! One of the most modern (and warm) solutions for your look with winter long dress.

With coat and long dress do not forget to take into account the footwear

I can not finish this post like this … I can not talk about long dresses with outerwear if I talk about footwear.

The impact of a long, short, a jacket or a poncho in the final silhouette, generates a harmony or a contrast, a success or an error, depending also on the footwear you choose.

Before choosing the outerwear that you will wear on your long dress, introduce also footwear into the equation.

Sneakers or high heels, anything goes in the current fashion, but not everything looks good in any way. First the complete look (shoes included), then the coat, jacket or cape.


So you’ll have your perfect look with a long dress and coat!

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