When autumn and spring arrive, the problems begin, too cold for the down and too hot to wear just the jacket, well, this garment comes to solve this problem that, during the intermediate seasons, is a unisex nightmare, suffered by both men and women.

Don’t know what to wear to go down to the grocery store for a moment?

The trench coat is the versatile “warm” garment par excellence, it knows no occasion of use, whether you go to a job interview or to have an aperitif with friends, it is the perfect mid-season garment, the wild card that can’t be missing in a modern woman’s wardrobe.


Gabardine or trench coat, here is the question

You already know the gabardine, a wide garment made of waterproof fabric, with a length that covers the knee, do you know it?

It is usually beige and is the protagonist of many films of the 60’s, but where does the trench coat come from?


Aesthetically they have many points in common with the trench coat, but we can say that the gabardine lacks all the characteristic loops of the trench coat, which are used to adjust the sleeves to the maximum avoiding the entrance of water, and which justify its practical-war origin, otherwise, they are practically the same.

To get the most out of what the trench coat can bring to your wardrobe, look at the Trad Ivy Style post, in which I explain how to create a fashion-forward look using this iconic British garment.

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Types of Gabardines and Trench coats

There is not a single style of trench coat and gabardine, but many, they change the details, finishes and accessories, but they always have in common waterproof fabrics that are usually quite thick, you just have to choose the quality, depending on how much you want to invest to protect your garments from the rain.

The slim-fit gabardines, ideal for the work look

Stylish and functional, it’s perfect when you need a look that transmit confidence. It is essential that you choose the length of the garment according to the garments you are going to wear underneath, but mainly according to your style.

In general, keep in mind that below-the-knee trench coats elongate the silhouette and enhance it, preventing you from looking like a top… or a lamppost!


Oversized gabardine or trench coat, the casual bet of this type of garment

Oversized garments are designed this way from the origin, an increase in the parts of the garment that most influence the volume, such as shoulders and sleeve length, influence relatively what you can appreciate now of buying an oversized trench or gabardine, and it usually happens only in luxury fashion brands.


In general (only in general and with honorable exceptions) it is not necessary for a garment to be oversized, it is you who makes it oversized, or not, when you choose the size, you buy.

Two or three sizes bigger than your size is usually enough to achieve the effect of extra volume, so, don’t let anyone tell you that the gabardine or trench coat they offer you is really oversized.


Gabardine and trench coat colors, staple or fashioned colors?

The most traditional color in both garments is beige (easier to combine is almost impossible), present in most of the images in the post, but there are also other colors that are also easy to combine like the one in the image above, very functional, that you can choose to incorporate this garment to your wardrobe.

The white trench coat has the advantage of being a light color that feels good and gives luminosity to the face, but don’t believe, it is not a true neutral color, like beige, and it generates “hard” contrasts, as it creates a color void, which are not always easy to manage.

In the image above you can clearly see the fabric reinforcements that many trench coats have on the shoulders, another peculiarity of this garment in many styles.


Military green is a color that fits in your casual looks like a fish in water, but there is a better option if you want to cross the formal barrier as well…


I’m talking about classic Harris Tweed, which travel between the worlds of fashion, casual and formal with a modernity that keeps you from having to make difficult choices.

They are my favorites, they offer modern and classic combination results at the same time, explore their possibilities without prejudice.


If you are not too interested in easy color combinations because you can easily create personal and daring color combinations, go for medium colors in cheerful tones,

If you only know how to create color combinations with black and white, you need Style Coach, the exclusive service of MD Personal Shopper, which teaches you to match the clothes in your wardrobe, you will be surprised by the looks you will learn to create.


Leather trench coats and other variations

Beyond waterproof fabrics there are other more expensive possibilities, but they can be an interesting investment, I’m talking about leather garments, especially if you buy garments in a color that guarantees you exceptional combination possibilities and time of use, such as the “camel” or tan leather tone, in the image above, a trench coat in this color, is an investment forever.


Black, however, is a very good alternative, but only if your wardrobe colors are limited to very modern combination options (white, grey blue), in which case you will have trouble creating combinations with warm tones.

In the picture you see a long leather biker, another garment with similar features and function, which will help you many times when you don’t know what to wear in the in-between seasons.


How to get the most of your gabardine and trench

No idea what to wear over your lingerie dress?

It’s not easy, it’s a simple and very feminine dress that nowadays is worn practically all year round, Learn how to wear a lingerie dress, will tell you everything you need to know about this garment, the post also discusses the difficulty of finding a “warm” garment to wear over it, well, a gabardine or trench are ideal: light but insulating with simple lines and essential shape, perfect solution.


Customize your gabardine and trench coat!

Stop thinking that you must wear the garments as you buy them because “that’s the way it is”, use your imagination and personalize your purchases by removing or adding what you like.

You can modify the silhouette of your new purchase by adding, for example, a belt, dare to personalize a look, the clothes will look better on you, and no one will be dressed like you… you will see how your looks start to be copied, personality has more power than any fashion!


Don’t confuse plastic garments with gabardines and trench coats

There are many garments on the market that cover the waterproof function, but almost all of them are made with plastic materials, nothing to do with the quality garments I’m talking about in this post.



It is easy to find garments very similar in details and shape, you will also find, for example, many dusters, which cover the garments, but they are not waterproof.

If you want to really protect yourself from the rain and be insulated from the cold and wind, you will have to make an investment, big, depending on how long you want it to last… but think that we are talking about a basic garment for the wardrobe, not a momentary fashion.


When you go to buy a gabardine or a mackintosh, read the composition label and make sure you’re not just buying a piece of plastic that the rain will easily wash off.


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