Do you move through the countryside ?, through the city? … No matter, although born in the countryside, the plaid shirt has become a garment suitable for many occasions, especially in our free time, although not only … Now I tell you its enormous possibilities!

Let’s explore the fashion of women’s plaid shirt during the cold winter, you can also use it at work

The most traditional checkered shirt is made of carded cotton or wool fabric. This characteristic checks fabric is called “plaid”. If you need to find clothes made with this fabric use this word, you will find many more results.

On the cover is a woman in a plaid shirt over a thick sweater in an overlay of casual-style garments of magnificent impact, with contrasting textures between the relief of the knitwear and the carding of the shirt.

In the lower images, more examples of overlays: a finer turtleneck under the shirt and a shawl made of checkered fabric. Although the fabric continues to belong to the casual world, with these two solutions you could create a suitable look for your professional life.

To achieve this you must choose carefully the rest of the elements that make up the look, just choose the items that best suit the work you do and the image required to unwrap it: office, gym, commercial, outdoors …

The colors chosen when buying your plaid shirt for women are also variables to take into account when combining it for one occasion of use or another. In many works the very bold contrasts are not well received, better to take it into account.

Notice that, in addition to the classic plaid flannel shirts, in winter you can also use the wool in hunter version, creating with them numerous overlays to reach the degree of protection against the cold you need.

The sheepskin fabric is one of the most indicated to achieve efficient results with this type of winter overlays. Explore different possibilities by playing with colors and textures.

The plaid woman’s shirt protagonist of imaginative contrasts of style in spring … Long live the overlays!

Let’s talk about freedom of style and overlays full of imagination. Move freely between different styles on different occasions. Freedom and character are essential characteristics to achieve an image with personality with a woman’s plaid shirt.

The image above is probably my favorite image of this post … let’s analyze it.

Plaid shirt in almost pastel colors due to the treatment of the fabric. Washing casual clothes causes an erosion in the fabric that changes color, achieving a very young casual effect.

The romantic touch is the inspiration lingerie under the shirt, lace more typical of the underwear than a walk in the field. Worn boots and a basic black pants complete the look … delicious!

Enter in your outfit garments that come off a predetermined use occasion, it is always a success.

The surprise effect in fashion is one of the ingredients that has evolved our way of dressing, increasingly modern and freer, I invite you to create a look and then think about adding some dissonant element that you have by function, color or occasion of use to revolutionize it … and do not forget the accessories, they can be of great help.

You do not have to incorporate the plaid shirt always “on” other garments, you can wear it among others, modifying the content and even the silhouette of a look.

In the image of the left female casual with romantic touch. Here you could put your plaid shirt between the denim jacket and the dress, transforming the intention and making it more casual and informal.

In addition, in the traditional plaid shirt, the size of the check is quite large, but you may want to use smaller pictures and not necessarily in a version with many colors.

In the image on the right a smaller and two-colored painting that plays, however, with the contrast of fantasies, another of the proposals to know how to wear the fashion of women’s plaid shirts.

Checks with polka dots, but also with other checks or with different flowers and different geometric motifs … there are no limits, let your imagination fly.

A woman’s plaid shirt under or over other garments?


As a characteristic garment of the field, you should not resist wearing a plaid shirt under a breastplate in denim or in typical corduroy fabric … but do not neither resist wearing a cotton sweatshirt underneath. It is the triumph of sportswear, especially if you need comfort of movements in outdoor situations.

In its most “basic” version enjoy the endless combinations possible between a plaid shirt and a shirt. Colors, but not only the moment you put on a T-shirt with motifs of free theme (rock, cartoons, movies or advertising, anything goes), a world of possibilities will open up before you, from enxtremely naive and  young, to tough and contestataria.

It’s time to talk to you about shirts made with smaller checks, easier to combine and use, especially in daring overlays. They are Vichy style checks.

With such simple checks you can really exaggerate in the superpositions that you create without fear, risking to use even elements that have practically nothing in common neither as a style, nor as an occasion, nor as a motive. It’s absolute chaos, without any type of conditioning. Of course you do not have to maintain a conventional order in the disposition of the garments.

I also recommend the women’s plaid shirts in oversized version. With them you can make overlays, but also play with the volume.

They are fabulous to wear with a belt, but also under a masculine blazer, leaving the excess of size protruding everywhere.

The condition for experimenting with these shirts is to forget their preferably informal and rustic character … make tests mixing it freely with other garments of your wardrobe!


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