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It’s very possible that you delegate your fashion purchases in a personal shopper not because you do not like to do it, but because of priorities and lack of time. It’s the service shopping for you.


My goal as a personal shopper for women is to understand fashion and style as you understand it and select items that you want and feel your own. For this I need to know you, your physical structure and personal characteristics, with its peculiarities, advantages and particularities.

It’s not about filling your clothes closet, but about choosing items that have a fashionable and current component, I’m not talking about extravagance, unless that’s what you want, I’m talking about differentiation.

The proportions are very important:

– 50% Work for a professional life that demands an image of reliability and competence.
– 30% Casual for family life and free time.
– 7% Sports activity.
– 10% Social life: dinners, exhibitions, afternoon commitments.
– 3% Parties and night events.

This is just an example, we have to meet and draw up this plan for your wardrobe together. It is easier if I have previously made a Wardrobe Background study for you, that allows me to know the base which we have.

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I select for you garments and accessories that “belong” to you. My goal is that, when you open your closet after having ordered a shopping session, you will find an outfit that suits your life with ease and you feel satisfied.

It’s not just about applying trends to your wardrobe, for me it is rather the opposite way: it’s about selecting among the trends the clothes and accessories that best suit your personality and your way of life.

I work with your image

I do not work with fashion magazines, but with the image and wardrobe of real people with real lives. My goal is that you get the image that you have commissioned me: original and with personality, efficient and formal, casual, sporty, sophisticated, extravagant or even invisible (if what you want is not to attract attention and do it with good taste and particular details).

Call me to make an appointment: I need to meet you to adapt the selection of articles to your personality, preferences and lifestyle. Explain your priorities and the wardrobe composition you need, the time you dedicate to each activity: work, family, leisure, events or sport …

If you want to avoid duplicities in your clothes or complete your wardrobe, add to the man’s personal shopper service of the Wardrobe Background service.

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