Fashion for events

Do you have to attend an event or simply need help with your image to attend an appointment in which the impact you will cause is important to you? Opt for a service specialized in fashion for events.

More than just events

This is a service specialized in offering solutions to achieve an impeccable image in Events and special occasions: communions, special appointments, conferences, work trips, presentations, galas, awards… 

Through the evaluation of the event and its characteristics and your morphology and needs on colour, textures, silhouette and volume, you will get a result according to your personality and the situation. 

It will highlight your best version so that your image dazzle at the event and always according to your budget and needs.

A 100% service for Man and Woman

Advice on shapes, materials, colours and silhouettes that best fit the situation and your physical characteristics, from the fabrics and shapes that favour you the most to postures that are better avoided.

Of course, also on the accessories, those “satellites” of the outfit able to completely transform the result, even the underwear that best suits your body and the chosen look.

Everything that refers to beauty: makeup and hairstyle, haircut and beard, always taking into account the volume of the chosen silhouette and the harmony or contrast you want to achieve, we will even talk about how to use the perfume to your advantage according to the season in which we are at the time of the event.

Bet on a specialized Events service.

As in many cases an event can take place outside your city and also involves a trip, I put at your disposal the Suitcase Service, a good solution if time and circumstances do not allow you to take care of packing your own suitcase. Delegate to me this “work” that can become a complication.

Events service also available Online

Weddings Special

Are you getting married? First of all, congratulations! it is a very special day and it is all decisions: place, guests, menu, attire…

I offer you peace of mind and security for one of the most special moments of your life, nothing more and nothing less. The wedding of your dreams.

A personalized service that takes into account your physique to help you find the look of a bride or groom that you dream of and that best suits you.

Always with the aim of your total satisfaction and taking into account that ideal look that you had imagined: modern, classic, spectacular, fashion… and if you don’t have inspiration, I’ll help you find your own.

Don’t you want to feel like you're wearing a costume?

The answer is an outfit that respects your personality and your needs so that you worry just enjoy your wedding. 

At weddings it is more necessary than ever to have under control fundamental elements, such as the fabric and its behaviour when you are on the move, the volume or silhouette of the protagonists separately or as a couple. 

If you feel like it, knowing the preferences of both separately, I can help you achieve a coordinated aesthetic result as a couple on that special day.

 If you want the “secondary actors” of the occasion, such as witnesses, godmother, godfather or other close relatives, to also receive help for an occasion that you will always remember, choose a special group wedding service, just contact me for a personalized budget.

Weedings Special service also available Online

Suitecase Service

The Suitcase service is designed to simplify the lives of people who travel often and for those for luggage preparation is a problem in terms of time and image. 

 An appropriate outfit adapted to each occasion throughout the trip, and is accompanied by a dossier, which contains all the information and indications to dress with the elements of your suitcase.  

 If you don’t have much time and don’t feel like facing that suitcase at all, “delegate” this work that has become a complication and whose thought worries you and call me. I’ll pack that bag for you.

The suitcase is not something simple to do...

Imagine a work trip with work commitments and also nightly, perhaps even with some special event, in a country that is not yours. 

I prepare the suitcase for a work trip or for a well-deserved vacation and I give it to you accompanied by a dossier or guide of the different outfits for each day and every night and I do it with the vision of an image advice and personal shopper.

This service can be simple, if you think you have enough items in your closet to “face” that suitcase, or combined Service Suitcase + Personal Service Shopper if you need to go shopping to buy something you may miss

Suitecase service also available Online

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