Wardrobe background

The wardrobe background is what you need if you have the closet full, but you never know what to wear or, what even worse, you are never satisfied with your look.


It is a fundamental activity that we do together, because the most important thing is to transform your wardrobe with my help, into a familiar place full of new possibilities for you.

First, I help you to classify and discard garments and accessories, to distinguish the most everyday items that are the basis of your wardrobe and that you can use with a certain automatism.

And then?

Then I identify the most different and original articles that can be used to create interesting and particular looks that fit you, mixing them with those that form the basis of your wardrobe background, with your own style.

I teach you to differentiate the styles and I propose possible uses for each article. I am sure that you will be surprised by the results, you will discover that your wardrobe keeps unexpected surprises that you did not expect, clothes and accessories that you are not taking advantage of in all their potential.

From this study of wardrobe background, I can determine what items you need to get an image according to your expectations and your physical characteristics, advising on clothes and accessories with which you could improve your image.

You can complete the experience with the Personal Shopper service woman.

And if you’re interested you can also learn to mix these garments and create modern outfits that reflect your personality, with the Style Coach service you will discover new ways to renew your look.

60 €/h

Discount: by No. of hours or No. of services

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I know, it’s chaos, you do not find what you need and you always lack something that makes you feel different.

If you have problems managing your wardrobe I can help you. With the wardrobe background service it does not matter if you have a huge wardrobe or a small one: Believe me, it is better a small one in which you move comfortably and find easily what you need at all times, than a huge one full of useless clothes and accessories.

Let’s optimize your wardrobe. I help you to select the essential garments, to eliminate those that create only confusion and to identify those garments and accessories that are interesting and can help you create attire that reflects your personality in a current way, applying my professional vision as a personal shopper and image consultant for man.

My recommendation is ...

I recommend to you this service most of all because it is the best way to know what base of wardrobe you rely on and how to improve it, and to identify a cupboard background composed by basic articles that act as “jokers” and for “more “special” others, so that it will be much simpler for you to compose your looks for any occasion.

If you want to renew your image with new acquisitions you can add a personal shopper service for man.

And if you are also interested in learning how to mix these garments and create looks that do not fall into boredom or banality, you have the Style Coach service with which I will provide you with the tools you need to achieve it plus a key to use the clothes and New accessories that you can acquire in the future.

60 €/h

Discount: by No. of hours or No. of services

* See “Prices”

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