Personal Shopper in Madrid

If you have to be present at a special event just don’t mind: my service of personnal shopper in Madrid will guarantee you the image that you are looking for, but you do not know how to obtain.

I will listen to you and will adapt to be the professional solution saving your time and always guaranteeing the best result for every occasion.

If you want to discover a way of dressing that turns out to be related to your life style, what you need is to find harmony for your image and your cupboard and that a professional could advise you how to get the best possible result for your image.

Image & style Consultancy

Do you very often hear or read that “everyone has their own style” and you have no idea which one is yours?

I understand you, but do not bother because having “own style” is something that changes constantly, since we all receive constant external influences with a lot of information that make our tastes, criteria and aesthetic parameters change. If we were impervious to this influence, the history of fashion would be boring … and it is not!

As Personal Image Consultant I will help you: I’ll analyze for you all that information today, I’ll help you choose what suits your life style, I’ll teach you how to pass it through the filter of your personality, so that to transform it into your own style.

Personal Shopper

As a Personal Shopper I put at your disposal all my experience in the fashion world to offer you a complete professional service for your peace of mind in a shopping tour together in Madrid: the volume that “fits” the situation, the best silhouette fitting with your figure and proportions, makeup and accessories that highlight your look….

But if your work and your obligations do not leave you enough time to take care of your image, what you need is the “shopping for you” service and I will take care of purchasing your new seasonal wardrobe.

Flexible services that adapt to your needs, close to your way of life and your budget, designed to offer you solutions.


Do you have to attend an event or just need a personal shopper in Madrid to help you with your look for an appointment at which the impact you will cause is important to you? Opt for a specialized fashion service for events.

There are occasions in life that deserve special attention and for which the most important thing of all is always to feel oneself, without disguises.

What can I do for you?

Maybe you have to attend a wedding as a guest, an awards ceremony, a work convention or a “special” meeting … for any occasion there can be a look with which you will feel a comforting security and with which you will draw everybody attention or go unnoticed, as you prefer.

As your personal shopper in Madrid, I accompany you and help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself, but if you are not in Madrid do not worry: The online personal shopper service puts at your disposal the same professional services through your computer, tablet or mobile, anytime and anywhere.

Go to your event with the peace of mind that you have an image consultant that guarantees the result.

Online Stylist

The online stylist service is a quick and accessible solution that can get you out of a bind or simply put my personal shopper services at your fingertips if you are not in Madrid.

Do you have to attend some type of event and have doubts about the best way of dressing? Do you feel that your image does not reflect the real you or how you feel and need an image consultant to help you renew or revolutionize your look?

What can I do for you?

Connect the camera of your computer, tablet or mobile phone and call me, you will have at your disposal all my professional experience to get the most suitable attire for that occasion, whatever it is, always taking into account your physical characteristics.

With my help as online stylist you will not be alone: in case you needed new acquisitions for attend that event this service includes an online search for shops in your own city where I would recommend you to go, so that you could find the clothes and accessories suitable for your needs and budget.

I will give you for free a
first style evaluation

Make an appointment.

It all starts with a conversation without commitment.

Choose a place in Madrid where to have a coffee: I will meet you there and be happy to hear your shopping needs.

I will give you for free a first style evaluation, we will discuss the impression it conveys and how you can reach your goals.

If you don’t live in Madrid, you can use the online personal shopper service.

Call me, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

I’m Monica Diego, your image consultant in Madrid … Is there something that you do not like, something that you feel as a limit in your personal image and feel sensitive about when it comes to dressing up, or in your way?

By hiring this experience with your personal image consultant, you will have the opportunity to learn many things about silhouettes, colors and fabrics that suit you and discover the enormous possibilities that are open to you with the appropriate advice.

But the personal image does not refer only to clothes or colors, in the personal image do have an even more decisive impact things like the way of speaking, of moving or presenting, something that happens naturally, as part of the personality, but in certain occasions it is necessary to take care very carefully not to become a disadvantage.

That is why I put at your fingertips professional advice to get a personal image that you can trust and feel safe about, so you do not constantly doubt about the impact that your appearance or your way of behaving will have caused.

I propose personalized sessions focused on the way you dress, or your behaviour or both, during which you will learn to manage your weak points and to emphasize the strong ones.

A big city like Madrid is full of possibilities, hundreds of stores with different style, identity and prices proposals that cover many preferences, but what about the filter? How to select the stores that best suit you in this jungle of possibilities?

That filter is me, I propose a personal shopper service in Madrid, a shop tour where you will discover what makes my city a metropolis with its own personality in its fashion offer.

The range of shops in Madrid is huge, so there is not a single fixed tour, for each client I made a search for stores customized according to their style, needs, preferences and budget.

I have my own “fetish” stores in the city, little-known shops that are characterized by a strong personality of their own and that I recommend if they have a product that can bring novelty, personality or interest to your look.

It is important that you explain to me what your goals are, what you expect to get from this Personal Shopper Madrid Service, so I can guide you through stores that fit your way of understanding fashion.

Any excuse is good to hire the service of person shopper Madrid: An event for which you need a special outfit, a visit to the city for tourism in which you want to know the offer of Madrid, the desire to acquire a new wardrobe, the passion for fashion and the desire to deepen the offer of the capital of Spain or even simple curiosity.

Go shopping is more fruitful, fun and profitable if you do it whith your personal shopper and image consultant.

And if you also want to know how to use those clothes that you bought in that shopping session in current and personal way, check out the Style Coach Service.

My Personal Shopper Madrid service is aimed at you who have been worried for that special occasion that is approaching and you do not know what to wear, to you who have asked for advice from your friends and family and have received a lot of different and even contradictory opinions, so you do not know very well who you should listen to.

You probably have made peace with your way of dressing in everyday life with which you feel comfortable and relaxed, already tested combinations with clothes and accessories of your wardrobe that make you feel confident. But special events moving away from the everyday clothing cause doubt and insecurity.

This service is aimed precisely at you who are reading because you have been moving for a while between several websites in search of solutions, without finding a clear solution.

I offer you the guarantee and tranquility that only professional help can offer, whether you have to attend an event that puts you in a quandary or if you are tired of your image and you want to revolutionize it.

Silhouettes, volumes, fabrics, colors will no longer be a mystery, a language that others seem to speak, but you do not understand, they will become a familiar language that you can control and manage for your benefit.

Call me and set an appointment without any commitment, explain the situation and I’ll prepare proposals tailored to your needs and time available.

If there is an “emergency” for a special occasion or an unexpected appointment and you are out of Madrid or live in another city, you can always count on the online personal shopper service to help you.

The events that are presented on the spur of the moment are the funniest, but also the riskiest and those that can get in trouble as you start asking yourself: Which is the most appropriate attire to attend this event? Long or short? Should I wear black at a ceremony like this? …What to do?

Call me to set an hour, connect the camera of your computer, tablet or mobile and computer and tell me everything about that event: I will propose the highest quality personal online shopping service to help you.

I call it a “fluid image”, without abruptness, avoiding to forcing your attire to the extreme making you feel uncomfortable just when you have the opportunity to offer the best of you.

We will check together the garments and accessories in your wardrobe and I will help you to create the best silhouette, the most suitable one for that specific occasion, taking into account the time of the event, the place where it will take place and your physical characteristics … did you know that the way how you use the accessories can modify definitively the occasion of use of a pomp?

I’ll also show you how to choose those items with which you can improve your look, even in regarding beauty and makeup, you can also get a new acquisition because, if you’re not in Madrid, I will make an online search for interesting stores in the place where you are to help you cover that need.

I will advise you about searching an image that belong to you, that would not be unrelated you and could integrate into your life with naturalness: a complete service of personal online shopper to help you.

About Mónica Diego

I am Monica Diego industrial designer of fashion and accessories, image consultant and personal shopper and also a blogger.

I have developed my knowledge in Spain and Italy working for different companies: Versace, Zara, Benetton, Furla or Del Pozo among others.

This gave me the ability led me to know and understand women and men desires although very different one from the others, in countries like Italy, the United States, Spain, China, France, Korea, England, Argentina, Germany, India …

I have enjoyed cultures, customs, lifestyles, activities and social commitments of all kinds which has given me a broad vision of the peculiarities of fashion in each place.

Satisfying such different people, with such different customs and lifestyles and particularities is an exciting challenge!

I will place my experience at your disposal in order to help you select clothes and accessories suitable for your style and your specific daily needs (or do it directly myself if you prefer).


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