Shopping Together

I propose you to go out shopping together in a tour of stores in Madrid in search of an image that belongs to you, that is not foreign to you and integrates into your life with naturalness, that’s the difficulty … and the satisfaction.


In the Shopping Together service I put at your disposal my long experience to guarantee the result you want.

There is no fixed tour, for each client I make a personalized search of stores according to needs, preferences and budget.

Is there something about you that you do not like a lot or you feel sensitive about, something that you feel like a limit regarding clothes? You will learn to manage and disguise what you do not like and to emphasize the best of you.

Simple tricks and at your fingertips to apply even to the clothes that you already have in the closet, because many times the problem is not in the clothes or accessories, but in in the way you combine them or wear them.

With this experience you will have the opportunity to learn many things about silhouettes, colors and fabrics that fits you and discover the enormous possibilities that open up before you with the appropriate advice.

Going shopping is more fruitful, fun and profitable if you’re your personal shopper and image consultant is by your side.

And if you also want to know how to use these clothes in current and personal way, check out the Style Coach Service.


Get the best out of your image with a personalized shopping tour in Madrid with your personal shopper and image consultant.

If an important event is approaching and you do not know very well how to dress or where to find the most suitable garments for the occasion call me and I will give you the keys to feel comfortable and self-confident.

I will accompany you to the most interesting stores that adapt better to that event, your physical characteristics and your budget, get the best out of your image with a tour of stores of 3, 4 or more hours, as you decide how much shopping you want.

The shopping service guarantees a perfect overall look, with the clothes, accessories and colors that best suit your physical characteristics and the most appropriate attire for the occasion.

And if you also want to know how to wear the clothes and learn to integrate them in your wardrobe in current and personal way, check out the Style Coach Service.

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