This post is dedicated to women’s wide trousers and men’s wide trousers and, although there are more images for women because of the variety of models, most of my tips and recommendations are for both.

There are many types: with and without darts, high waisted, with a high rise, or so low that they go down to the knees, extralarge, flared and many more and, each model, changing the fabric, behaves differently!

You always have to know how to choose the right shoes that will create the best silhouette with every look and for every moment of use, but in the case of wide trousers this is quite a challenge.

Wide trousers in everyday casual


Wide trousers enter the casual world as a guarantee of comfort, but also of style and ease of combinations, comfortable yes, but also sophisticated, the style depends largely on the bottom of the trousers, responsible for the volume of the garment.


Wide casual trousers in two stylish fashion images: she, trousers with elastic bottom, jacket and turtleneck jumper, he, trousers slightly balloon, striped shirt and belt, for both, Converse sneakers in boot or normal version, the important thing is to know how to choose the best for each silhouette.


Wide trousers below the knee, and high-waist trousers, wide and with a narrow bottom, in both cases a short boot finishes off the casual look in a modern way, giving character to the outfit.


In this case, she is wearing very wide women’s trousers that are almost a skirt-trouser, what you would wear to the office or to “get dressed up” with sandals, but imagine also the autumn version of this look with wide trousers in pinstripe or denim fabric, with high boots instead of sandals.

He wears men’s wide trousers with loafers and a scarf, style for a night out or a special date, but the shoes show too much, and the trousers can look like trousers “suspended in the air”, if this happens with a light fabric, the trousers will puff up, and make you look shorter and fatter and it would be better to lengthen the trousers a bit to almost cover the shoes, or make them shorter than they are, think about it when you try on trousers that are neither long nor short.


One extreme or the other, in the case of very wide pants, it is better if the trousers completely cover the shoes … or almost!


Otherwise, choose wide pants below the knee: for them I only recommend sneakers, for them there are many shoe options: sneakers, shoes, sandals and even clogs.


Other wide trousers Casual Style


Balloon, baggy, pareo, flared with very high waist… impossible to describe all the models of wide trousers for women that you can find, and each trousers has its characteristics and silhouette, needs the shoe that best fits with it.


In this post you will see many examples of shoes and trousers that will help you, and you have my Personal Shopper Woman service with guaranteed results.


Wide trousers for Sportswear and Streetwear taste


Wide jeans, are a world in itself: he, very wide jeans with very wide folds, perfect in a look with or boots, she, short jeans with sandals, and in both cases you could wear sneakers.


Military boots have made their own space in streetwear fashion, their volume creates a ” bulky ” effect and, combined with light dresses or with very wide trousers, they generate a fabulous contrast, and today, they are a must have in sportswear wardrobes to wear with wide pants for both guys and girls.


Hiking boots are also perfect for this style, although they are more sporty, choose the best option for each look.


In the sportswear world trainers are king, sneakers in all colours, shapes and features, they emphasise the volume of big wide trousers, they are definitely unisex and make wide trouser looks cooler and more modern.

If you are not very tall, you will love platforms, you will gain height and they are very useful to wear with wide bottom trousers without stepping on them: centimetres and style guaranteed!


Wide trousers Formal and work style



In the most liberal jobs, wide trousers sail between fashion and relative formality: classic fabrics in a fashion version, or large volumes in wide trouser models that take this garment to a result closer to the catwalks than to the office. Dark trainers or boots are my favourite proposal for this type of look.


Current but also formal, wide trousers in the world of work are more useful in easy colours and simple models, here shoes are a good opportunity to personalise your outfit without trivialising your office wear. Take advantage of the opportunity that accessories offer to take your look away from boredom, while still conveying the formality you need.

Flared trousers are hyper feminine and create a very flattering silhouette, but be careful if you are not very tall, they shorten your legs.

In the case of men’s classic trousers, the pleats or folds add volume and capacity to classic trousers, but if you’re too skinny, you’ll look like you’re floating inside the garment.

Use my Personal Shopper Online services before you buy one, if you are a busy person, you will be able to buy the right pair of wide men’s trousers for you without leaving the house.


With heels it is important to match the length of the wide trousers to the bottom of the trousers, as, in order to achieve the perfect result, modern and without falling into vulgarity, the trousers should cover almost the entire shoe, especially if you are wearing very high heels.


Wide and short trousers are already common in the world of work, they are fine with short boots, but they are cooler with high boots If you wear the right shoe for your trousers, you can go straight from the office to dinner without going home to change.


Wide trousers in the world of events and parties



In the world of evening sandals are always the protagonists of women’s events, but you can also wear them on less festive occasions and also, or special events, adapted to your silhouette, needs and style.


Wide trousers also at evening parties or special events, more or less classic, depending on your taste and the season of the year, of course the footwear should follow the spirit of the look.

Your character should always mark your image, don’t be fooled by the voices of the “fashion sirens” and adapt your look with wide trousers to what you want without disguises and without concessions, nowadays the possibilities are endless.


Most common mistakes in a wide trouser look

The image says it all, if the bottom of the wide trousers has any type of decoration, the outfit will create confusion, evaluate well the distance between the trousers and the distance between the decorative motif and the shoe to preserve the value of the look.


Remember the masculine look with loafers at the beginning of the post?

When creating your look with wide pants, always keep in mind the possible variations that may come into play: the drape and colour of the fabric, a shoe in a colour that is too obvious, a fabric that puffs up… look for harmony in all the elements involved.



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