… the key is in the textures!

That’s why the initial image of this post is full of textures.

Imagine grey pants with that combination of cloth and different knitwear and accessories, the result is a look rich in content, aesthetically appealing in itself, even if you wear it with a plain grey pants …

How to wear grey pants according to the season

The winter fabrics are usually very elaborate and also have relief and contrast, which gives them a look that facilitates the creation of looks based on grey trousers, which have a significant added value.

Wool, fur, nylon or thick knitwear make the winter looks anything but “flat”.

The fabrics with a pattern like that in the image, make more than one color necessary in their elaboration, which gives the result of embossed fabrics.

But in spring you have to be more careful, you do not have to give the relief for granted …

I recommend you to carefully read my post “How to combine a grey women’s pants in spring-summer”, which began explaining that the grey does not look equally attractive when the garment is made with a fabric in plain grey.

That’s why I chose this image in which, although the taupe gray is quite “sad”, some bright red patent leather shoes get a very attractive final result … Md Personal Shopper tricks!

Reading the two posts you will have a global vision and you will be able to better understand that difference that you always have to keep in mind when it comes to grey fabrics.

In autumn the neutral colors help you to combine grey women’s trousers

In autumn the cold is not yet intense so in many places such as my city, Madrid, temperatures do not make the thick winter fabrics necessary.

I love these autumnal days in which fashion is full of possibilities, infinite overlays that you can vary and modify with the passing of the hours, according to the capricious autumn temperatures.

In these cases I advise you the garments made with fabrics with viscose blend, with which similar effects are achieved in terms of appearance, but in cooler garments that do not provide too much heat.

In addition, you can count on the help of color. To the neutral ones, like the one in this chocolate color trench coat, I recommend you add strong contrasts with bright colors: fuchsia, blue, even accessories with printed patterns … the options are endless!

Knitwear, great allies to combine a grey pants in autumn-winter

When the lowest temperatures arrive, the knitwear changes everything …

The infinite types of knitting will give you different effects. You can adapt the more or less casual result provided by each texture, to suitable looks for each occasion of use.

The relief of some knitwear can get even the most basic and smooth grey pants, have an appearance that makes them interesting and attractive.

But this fall the trend of plaid fabrics also comes to your aid. Other fantasies with grey base, are another valuable resource that you should use well in autumn-winter.

Tweed, pied de poule, cheviot … look for the one that you like, surely you already have in the wardrobe a few pants made with this type of sober fantasy fabrics that are very easy to combine, since they usually have colors like gray, black, beige , raw, brown … they are looking forward to you adding color in tops and accessories.

This season also are fashionable other garments full of relief that always add value (and volume) to the look. I speak of course of the furs.



The wonderful texture of the fur is perfect to combine your grey pants in winter

Outerwear sin many times lack of variety in terms of colors, which are usually more subdued and conventional, its price and the need to have many possibilities in terms of the combination of colors with the rest of the articles of the look …

… but furs with their tonalities, brightness and relief, are a completely different world. Abuse them!

In the accessories are also very impressive, I use them a lot in the footwear, a touch of powerful fantasy, but at the same time strangely little invasive probably because, being a fantasy present in nature, it is something that creates a certain harmony.

And here comes the moment when, as usually when I talk about animal skin, I invite you to respect and responsibility.

Respect for the beautiful wild animals that we exterminate at the whim of fashion, when the current textile technology puts within our reach wonderful imitations of the beautiful skin of wild animals: perfect imitations of mink, tiger, zebra, leopard …

Responsibility because, every time someone buys an article made with a wild animal, it does not matter if it’s skin, tusk, horn or shell, another poacher goes hunting to satisfy that demand.

If there is no demand, there is no offer = no hunting!

Your grey women’s pants in trendy overlays for fall-winter

It is one of the most interesting and useful uses of a trouser of this color.

Wear your grey pants over dresses, you can adapt this overlap to the different moments of use: knitted dress for a work look, printed for a night out, sequins for an special party …

If you have any doubts, I suggest a session of my online service where I can help you get the best combinations with your grey pants and the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe, with tips to add elements that can improve your image.


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