We are talking today about your belly, that adipose incomodity that is so cumbersome when you start putting on those light dresses you were fabulous with last summer, but now, after the caloric winter meals and some other unspeakable excess, becomes an  unpleasant roundness.

Knowing how to disguise the belly is a matter of volume and silhouette and the MD Personal Shopper tricks will not make it disappear, that only you can achieve, but they will help you to live with it without so much anguish while you decide what to do.

I imagine that you urgently need solutions so that it is not so obvious, so here are some practical tips that can help you disguise it using only the shape of the garments, without uncomfortable corsets.

The first is to use clothes with a slight gathering in a very specific place, exactly under the chest, but never reach the real position of your waist. You can see it clearly in the cover image.

The bag effect that forms the folds or a slight pucker, will make the belly disappear between them as if by magic, but remember, light folds that create a small bag, if they are very exaggerated you will get the opposite effect, they will make the belly even more evident.

The next trick is another way to create this effect if you do not find the right garment. It is even easier to use than the folds and much easier to find.

I mean a narrow belt that you have to place exactly in the same position as the previous one. The advantage is that a flatter effect is achieved, which can be very useful if the belly is larger.

You will need to do tests to find the belt position with which you get the best result, which can even be different with each fabric and in each person.

Remember that the belt should be narrow. Only when you have found the most suitable position for the shape of your body, can you put a fixation, maybe in the rear center seam or in the side seams, to always easily find the belt position you need.

The short light jackets, which more or less match the position of the belly, are very useful. They should never be narrow, but, if they have a slightly shaped line, better if they fit just below the breast.

Always use light garments and “drop effect” fabrics underneath, such as a viscose tee like the one in the picture.

If the end of the jacket exactly matches the position of the belly and the lower garment has some tissue collection in that area, the result will be perfect.

It may not be easy to find garments of these characteristics, but the result will make it worthwhile the time invested, because you will get exactly what you are looking for, disguise that belly that conditions you so much. If your style is more casual, for you there are also solutions and I do not mean that you have to settle for sad, amorphous and enormous dresses.

You can use eg lightly loose sweatshirts. The characteristic shape of this garment from sportswear, with a somewhat narrower stripe on the hem, also creates a slight embalming that leaves a space in which your belly will easily disappear.

The characteristic breastplate with its straight form at the front, is another garment that helps disguise it. The shape of the breastplate that at the back has straps that join the waist, leaving the back naked or covered by a small piece. This will also give shape to your silhouette, avoiding the dreaded sac effect.

Let’s talk now about generic silhouettes that you can use with guarantee of a good result, both essential in summer.

The first is the trapeze silhouette that, with its triangular line, “hides” the parts of your body that you like the least. The garment of the image has, in addition, a small gather that reinforces the idea of ​​the first image of the post. Make sure that the garment is narrow and shaped in the part of the shoulders, so you will enjoy a more stylish way.

The following is the empire silhouette, the garment is narrow until below the chest and then moves away from the body.

Depending on the fabric in which the garment is made, the result will be better or worse. If it is an elastic fabric that fits the body, it will be more difficult to hide the belly.

The empire silhouette is even more effective when the garment has a cut below the chest and from there, the bias fabric continues to fall smoothly without narrowing in the belly area. This form offers good results even if the belly is not small.

On special occasions it is when the situation becomes more complicated, since you want to get your best image and you feel more exposed, since everyone is watching you.

If you are, for example, a guest at a wedding, I suggest a perfect combination: a dress with a soft line that does not fit the body, with a shawl that conceals it, partially covering the volume generated by the belly.

The last solution is the most spectacular but also the most risky, since you will need a lot of search and energy on your part.

Collected and draped in fabric at the height of the belly or hip is the perfect solution you are looking for, feminine and spectacular. I warn you that garments of this type are difficult to find since, more or less woven, in a more or less high position, it will completely change the look you get.

In the photo album you’ll find today on my Facebook page, there are more examples of images of these tricks and solutions.