Make a simple and cheap closet is a matter of priorities, the most important thing is to know your daily needs, the type of life that you live both, professionally and socially is crucial to create that closet.

The word “cheap” is the most dangerous of all, because there is a well-known theory that says cheap can go very expensive and is true, spending little on basic garments that you will use very often out of necessity, does not compensate.

The first thing you need first is to understand where your closet is, analyze the garments that compose it so as not to waste resources.

The order is very important and to rui in order is necessary to make space by eliminating everything that does not work. For this you must start by doing cleaning forgetting the “just in case” and the “one day could be usefull”.

If you do not feel capable of doing this cleaning with value and objectivity MD Personal Shopper offers you Wardrobe Background, a personalized service with which the management of your wardrobe will be much simpler.

Once your closet is more “clean” you have to establish what are the most important garments of each type to build your image without unnecessary waste of money taking into account also the temporality of the different garments.

In terms of color you have to cover the basic colors very carefully to have a successful casual look at the moment: Black, white, navy blue, military green, khaki and the whole range of gray, smooth and vigoré in its three fundamental shades, clear, medium and dark.

Discard naturally one of them if it disgust you, I have automatically discarded beige, a color that, far from looking sophisticated and elegant as it is considered by most people, I think a sad color that does not favor the greatest part of the people except in its clearest version, in tones vigoré and / or when it is used in articles made with very noble materials such as silk, leather or cashmere.

I have dedicated a lot of space to this color post but believe me, to make a simple, cheap and effective closet, it is precisely the color hinge with which everything will be simple, let’s start now with the garments.

The underwear is very particular, we are all full of preferences that include aspects as particular as the elastic hardness used by the different specialized brands, which are now many and with a wide range, in the realization of their underpants and panties or other items of underwear world.

As for the fabric, the most economical but also the healthiest offer is that of articles made of cotton, the most natural and healthy material, since it respects the skin and allows perspiration, although nowadays the presence of elastic fiber makes, in addition to health and an affordable price, you have maximum comfort.

Leave feminine lace items made in synthetic fabrics for special occasions and do not purchase low quality items that could cause an uncomfortable allergy.

Choose the basic articles of cotton for daily life of good quality, they are garments that will have to withstand many washes and continuous use, nowadays the offer is very large and you will not have to spend a fortune to find a good compromise between quality and price.

Everything I have said so far applies to all other basic cotton items, I mean shirts, tees, pants and skirts, regulating the amount naturally based on your personal preferences.

After a well-stocked cotton base for each season, thick cotton in winter, light in summer and a medium weight for intermediate seasons.

The knitwear in regard to the most basic forms models also fall into this reasoning.

The amount of clothes of this type that you serve will depend on the climate of the more or less warm place in which you live and your physical characteristics.

Due to its importance today, all denim garments deserve a separate section. The minimum need is three jeans of different vestibilities, one or two skirts and a jacket.

The next essential item in a closet that works with simplicity is a leather jacket, specifically a Perfecot leather, the model in leather in an “eternal” way. It can be black, gray or natural color, all are easily mixed.

Remember that basic articles made with noble materials such as leather are expensive items, but it is worth buying a quality article because, if you buy it in a basic model like in this case the Perfecto one, it will last years in your wardrobe without passing fashionable and will serve you to go to a party or the office, it works on multiple occasions of use.

If you are a man and your job demands something formal, my advice is that you also invest in a pair of quality suits and a few fancy jackets that you can mix with different pants in various colors.

Then the wool and linen items depending on the season, which you will then sprinkle with all the items, fashion and fantasy that you want and that you can mix very easily, since you have a solid basic base with the same address that you want.