I chose this cover image so you can see that a red dress does not “need” accessories, if you are in a hurry or you have not had time to buy something perfect for your beautiful red dress, “it” will be faithful, making you be, in any case, perfect.

That said, let’s talk about accessories, starting with those that fit better with the occasions that cause more doubts and insecurity: special events!

The first accessory of all to take into account are undoubtedly the shoes, the most important of all the accessories for two reasons, both fundamental in a special occasion: aesthetic and practical.

Regarding the practical part I advise you to choose some shoes that you can wear for hours because, uncomfortable shoes, they will be an ordeal that will condition your behavior, your way of walking and moving and even your state of mind: the pain It puts you in a very bad mood!

If you wear high-heeled shoes like someone who wears house slippers there is no problem, but if you can not stand high heels, with wide heels you’ll feel better, even if they are 10 or 12 centimeters high heels.

When the heel is very thin, all the support of the foot is concentrated in the front, while a wide heel distributes the pressure better.

Regarding the aesthetic part, shoes are also a great opportunity to play with style and color.

If you want a striking look play with the contrasts of style, for example, cowboy stylle boots (especially trendy this season) with a conventional red dress for a wedding guest, will guarantee a bold and very unconventional result. Ankle boots, sneakers or flip flops, you choose “how much” you want to transgress with the footwear style.

As for color, the possibilities are endless. The choice that will guarantee you can use this investment in many more special occasions, are metallic shoes, a bit boring but very reliable.

There are more daring options to explore, for example, the favorite of Yves Saint Lauren (and mine), red with fuchsia, but there are also less daring possibilities in which you have to take into account volume, shape or length of the look.

If you feel like “something else”, or you want your look to stand out and be different, you can trust your intuition or you can call me, a session of Shopping Together will solve all your doubts in a short time.

If the event is held in a place, or a station, where it can be cold, do not forget to look for a shawl of consistency / fabric, that does not make you feel cold. This way you will avoid being uncomfortable and spend the ceremony tempering like a chick. Remember, if you feel bad, you can not guarantee having a good presence.

Being comfortable and being great, are not necessarily incompatible concepts.

If the event takes place in winter, also the accessories must be for winter.

I know that in everyday life there are few opportunities to wear a headdress, but even if you really want to wear one, not all times are justified, so get information about the dress code, also called etiquette, that the organizers of the event you’ve been invited to, so you’ll never be out of place.

The same goes for other accessories that are very scenic and appetizing, such as tall gloves, which are usually very welcome at night, but almost never in the morning.

Do you think an old-fashioned advice? Well, I think it’s always better to know the rules, even if you decide to transgress them, which can be even more fun if you’re aware of it.

Let’s continue with more accessories. A place that your red dress always appreciates having “dress” are pulses, especially if you wear a garment that exposes shoulders and / or arms.

That nudity will become even more deliciously evident with a wide bracelet. As for the rest of the jewelry or fake-jewels, carefully measure their presence and do not abuse them, your red dress does not need much help to have prominence.

If however you like to exaggerate, my advice is that you really exaggerate and make baroque style your flagship.

In regards to the bag, my advice this season are those of animalier patterns that are very fashionable and work very well also with plain colors, so you will have many chances to use them …

… also for other special occasions such as a “special” meal, where you want to surprise, or a dinner out, where you can emphasize your fabulous red dress, for example, with a lot of rings in your hands, a resource that always gives character to your look.

This type of resources are more attractive only if you exaggerate, I mean that with a couple of rings the effect will be little flashy and, therefore, will not cause particular surprise.

If you want a touch of “style”, exaggerate in the number, in the shape, in the size or in the three, only this way you will achieve a look with character.

For your crazy fashion nights, this season I recommend booties: with heels and lurex like those of the image, leather and military style or casual sneakers. Choose those that best fit the occasion, your style or the desire you have to be observed.

The boots are the absolute protagonists of autumn!