The summer comes to an end and you start to buy some garment of the new season autumn / winter, but are you sure to know how to face the change of season in your wardrobe?

Today I talk about the best way to organize cabinets, before the terrifying moment of the change of season, in which there are clothes and accessories everywhere, items that you do not want to give up, although you desperately need to make room for news.

I propose a system of classification and organization of your content that will make you always find what you need, at the moment you need it.

This system is valid for any type of closet, without exception, from huge wardrobe cabinets to small built-in cabinets, although the latter will need more “courage” on your part when sorting and storing garments or eliminating them.

The first activity is the most traumatic: whatever your closet is, space is not infinite, so it is necessary to choose what old “treasures” to eliminate.

Start by always selecting those items that lack aesthetic and / or affective value, otherwise you will regret and will always remain in the nostalgia area … in my case I in this dark area I keep, with some desperation, a Perfecto in silver leather acquired in London in the 90’s. But how could I think that an “eternal” article such as a Perfecto could never go out of style ?????!!!!!

It is easier if you get that the organizational structure of your wardrobe is as similar as possible to that of a store, but you must naturally adapt it to the type of content of your wardrobe, specifically to the number of casual items, sports, formal and special events containing.

As a general rule I can tell you that formal style garments need to be hung, while, almost all of those in casual or sports style, can also be folded.

Think of jackets, vests or dresses, very vertical garments that you should protect especially from wrinkles.

Also, the shirts are better hung, like the skirts. The pants, however, need an individual evaluation, almost all hung by bending them in half and others hung with hangers with clips.

The organization of cabinets based on the occasion of use is one of the most reliable and efficient systems with which you can organize your wardrobe, but you need to make an analysis of the content before acquiring, or adapting, a structure that is better suited for you.

It’s about organizing your clothes and accessories based on the moment you need them: formal / professional for the office, casual for weekend and have freedom in the outfit, clothes for sports activities and finally a section for Special occasions based on formality level: from a dinner out to attending a wedding or a New Year’s Eve party.

I suggest you follow exactly this sequence because the borders of the occasions of use in this order, may have garments in common, that type of “interferences” that will update your look making it more current and particular.

Nowadays’ use garments and accessories from a specific use occasion for another completely opposite transform your look into new and interesting outfit.

Surely there are some of these contaminations carried out without realizing, sometimes, even out of sheer need, who has not had a party for which he could not find the right specific garment in his closet? For example, a coat …

Before I start placing, I have another important recommendation: I know you will have a few hangers at home from those aluminum ones with which you get back the garments of the dry cleaner … throw them away!

Your clothes in good shape, taken care of and without deformities. Look for consistent hangers, nowadays they are not an impossible luxury, the offer is huge (even online), but there is something else, do not keep your knitwear hanging, you can do it with some shirts, but never with heavy knitwear, it’s very weight will deform them.

Start to place the garments by type and height, considering that, due to the shape and variety of current fashion, there will be natural exceptions, for example, there could have a shirt as long as a coat. In this sense I advise you to place these garments on the border between one category and another to find them easily.

The most practical sequence would also be the most logical taking into consideration two determining elements: moment of use in regard to the temperature and length of the garment:

Coats / raincoats / jackets / shirts / pants / skirts.

The accessories are a separate addendum: the hooks for the belts are practical for hanging them from the same bar as the garments; boxes for the rings that you have at home and that you can reuse, hatters that you position on the top of the wardrobe and even the tie holder of the wardrobe that I use to hang my necklaces with hooks, but only because I live with a generous person …

Improvise, it always depends on the space and the type of accessories you have.

In the inkwell the shoes have remained, the eternal problem of all. Here there are no tricks beyond maintaining an order by occasion of use for pure and simple practicality. For example, I store them in transparent plastic containers on tray shelves in the basement of the closet, but never loose, they get a lot of dust and are never ready when you need them … always store them in closed places.

Yes, I know, I have not solved your problem completely, but as far as the shoes are concerned, there is no acceptable solution, unless you have few shoes or a huge cabin-closet … and sometimes not even that!