How to dress a cocktail is a delicate issue, especially because it is one of the occasions that has become more distorted with the passage of time.

Nowadays, almost any type of event is called a “cocktail”, there is a lot of confusion regarding this event, so I thought it would be more useful to start with the dictionary definition of this occasion:
Meeting or party where drinking cocktails, usually in the evening.

Cocktail, a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, cocktail, defines one of the best opportunities to show all the elegance of which you are capable.

A cocktail is not a meal, it is not a wedding, a party or a business meeting or a normal concert, although the Opera it is an appropriate place to dress as a cocktail look.

A cocktail is a standing meeting to drink something, an opportunity to converse, socialize and have the opportunity to meet people and has specific rules that you should know and respect scrupulously if you want to feel comfortable in that situation.

The event unfolds on foot, which does not mean that you have to put up with hours on your nice heels, there will surely be places to lean or sit, but it is something to keep in mind when choosing attire.

Do not make mistakes, do not take that meeting lightly, it is always a formal situation. The cocktail dress is indicated in the invitation to the event, in case of doubt it is better to ask the organizers of the event, if they have taken the trouble to indicate it, I assure you that they do not expect you to present with a banal dress.

It has a dressing code that have relaxed over the years, but if something is decisive in a cocktail is the place where it is made: it is not the same cocktail in an embassy that in a private house or a hotel.

Today you do not necessarily have to dress in a black lace dress no matter how formal the occasion, the color and alternative shapes fit perfectly in this situation.

There is an unwritten rule that can be useful to you: in a cocktail you never dress long and there is certainly no obligation to wear a dress.

A suit, a dress with pants, with which you will also feel more safe if you have excess weight or any other garment that you can think of, think of those you feel good with and then adapt them to the occasion by choosing it in the suitable fabrics and help yourself with the accessories.

Always seeks to incorporate a contrast or somewhat transgressive touch, an excessive hairstyle, a jewel bag or contrasting shoes.

Choose luxurious looking fabrics. If you want a fairly traditional look without risks, choose one of the two most characteristic silhouettes of these occasions, linear…

… or 60’s inspiration, in which these occasions were very usual, it always works.

The necklines are something fundamental in cocktail dresses, in my case the deep necklines in the back are my weakness.

As for the color I do not believe in the rules, it is much more important to adapt the look to the occasion and place and above all to feel good, that rule of light colors for the day and dark for the evening or night is no longer an obligation.

I suggest you avoid pastel colors but that is a personal preference. Create your own look according to your style, if you have doubts, you can always use my Online Stylist service, make an online appointment with me and I will help you improve the look and modify what could become an inconvenience.

If your style is casual you could look for a powerful animalier note that nobody expects, and not only with leopard motif, there are other fabulous animal motifs, although you might also fancy something sophisticated. If you do not feel good with skirts, maybe you prefer an impeccable tailoring, always of animal inspiration, to achieve an exceptional cocktail dressing.

If instead of a real cocktail it is a meeting that somebody has wanted to call “cocktail” to give more prestige to the meeting, then it is a more informal situation, you can relax because you will not have to take these rules into account. In this case I do not think you have many doubts when it comes to dressing up or you can look for other posts with more specific content for the occasion.

And if you think you’ll be cold you will not clash with a fur jacket, (fake of course), but do not be afraid of contrasts, you’ll also be fabulous in a leather Perfecto that will make the look more modern.

Do not forget that a cocktail is not a New Year’s Eve party, avoid garments and accessories that transmit a certain sensation of nocturnal frivolity, leave that type of articles and accessories for your nights out with friends.

Nowadays there are few occasions to dress cocktail and, nevertheless, it is an experience that is worth it so, if you do not have any, create it for a few friends!

In my social networks today, inspiration videos to be the perfect cocktail girl.

And remember: you are beautiful just as you are!