The lingerie dress has long been an absolute must have for its multifunctional spirit and “multi-occasion” … do you have one?

Probably even more than one, you may have a lingerie dress from Zara de Mango, Stradivarius etc., because in recent years all designers and big brands have opted for it, and the main fashion magazines have dedicated a multitude of publishers with tricks to enjoy them.

In this post I offer you the vision of this dress as MD Personal Shopper, a professional whose goal is to make you feel like a goddess, but also to save yourself the bad time of wearing a wonderful dress, it is true, but that also has the bad habit of showing any weakness of the female body until ridicule..

On the cover a black lingerie dress in satin fabric. Beyond possible variants, the satin is the fabric in which this dress has its raison d’etre, but it takes note of another important feature in the image, the shape of the straps that, instead of a flat ribbon, are spaghetti shaped… these are the ones for your lingerie dress to easily transform into a model suitable for any casual or party look.

Colors of lingerie dresses


If you want to show off very white skin look for pastel-colored and powdery lingerie dresses, your beautiful glass skin will have no rivals. Keep your shoulder straps thin to ensure that delicacy intact, with nothing that creates distractions at the back and neck lock naked.

The strong colors are also fabulous in the lingerie dress, look at this in red, but the adjustable straps make the dress look like “underwear”, making the magic disappear.

If you have a heavy chest look for a strapless bra type corset, it will hold your breast better, keep in mind that putting on this dress with bra is a mistake and a vulgarity, and you will spoil the nudity effect.


With a long black lingerie dress you automatically become part of the universe of movie stars, you will leave everyone stunned when you make your triumphant entrance anywhere, especially if you leave the spotlight to its simplicity and, instead of filling yourself with beads, you accompany it only with a few fabulous colored red lips, here I am!

The white lingerie dress is ideal even as a wedding dress, whether you like the short lingerie dress or if you like the long lingerie dress,

nothing can compete with its elegant simplicity. If you’re “essential tastes” this is your lingerie dress.

You can also use it as a wedding guest dress, but to avoid falling into unpleasant situations read the post Day Wedding Protocol, so you won’t fall into form errors.

Lingerie dress with blondes and lace


Blondes and lace make the lingerie dress radically romantic, but if you don’t know how to combine it well you run the risk of losing the casual spirit…


If we talk about a small lace edge applied to the neckline and on the bottom of the dress, the result may be perfect for a romantic craving, but beware of exaggeration, your beautiful lingerie dress could end up being just a combination.

Printed lingerie dresses


The lingerie dress with polka dots is probably the only one that we can consider as such, since it is the most traditional and recognizable.

Check the characteristics of shape, fabric and silhouette to know what a printed lingerie dress is and which is simply a printed dress: silk satin fabric, viscose or cupro (sometimes cut

to the side), sinuous silhouette of softly supported line at the waist, very thin straps of tape or spaghetti, V-neck or straight not necessarily equal on the front and on the sword.

If you don’t meet these characteristics, what you’ve found is another type of patterned dress, here’s the Complete Dress Guide.

How to combine lingerie dresses


My recipe: in contrast is the answer… If you know how to combine, the lingerie dress will increase the value of a look and therefore your style.

In the upper image the delicacy of a lingerie dress in contrast to that of the color of the fabric and that of the other components of the look: a wool coat, a thick ribbed sweater, also wool and high suede boots.

Everything in the ensemble except the dress lingerie talks about autumn, this is the contrast that I was talking about and that best works with the delicacy of this type of dress. You can change colors and accessories but remember to maintain the contrast of fabrics and textures.


You can also combine your lingerie dress with something underneath or on top as in these photos: A T-shirt “under”, or an overlay of dresses, putting on a dress “on top” of another, creating a contrast of color…

But if in addition to a contrast of fabrics and lengths, colors and textures, you generate contrasts of style… you have reached the goal!

lingerie dress


Yes, I know, the dress in the image does not exactly match of your lingerie dress, but you only have to use a little imagination to see its possibilities of overlay and imagine them changing neckline.

Long, stylish and color of this fabulous fashion look with flower kimono, satin dress, micro-striped T-shirt, flat leather sandals… what do you say?

Party lingerie dress

lingerie dress


Whoever has a lingerie dress in the closet has a jewel, but a jewel that comes with edges, because its shape makes the dress slip on the body, blocking and marking any irregularity that it finds in its path: elastic panties, accumulated fat or a mark of any kind, the lingerie dress is a perfect trap.

The fact that the lingerie dress is usually made of satin is already a step-in favor so that you can take it directly to a party, but a good friend of this satin dress is the sash… Yes, you read it right!

lingerie dress


The velvet lingerie dress is another common one of the nights, and the same goes for the rhinestone lingerie dress, but this is a much less accessible alternative.

If you want to adapt your lingerie dress to the parties respects first of all its essential beauty unique in its genre and do not crowd it with accessories, my advice is: large necklines and absence of jewelry, although you can choose alternative accessories, perhaps in the hair…

lingerie dress


If you need help use my service for Events, I have a lot of more proposals according to your physical characteristics and your budget, which will make you feel fabulous.

Be careful if you’re going to wear something, always bet on delicacy, but attentive to the ligerie effect, what you’re wearing is a dress, it should never look like a combination!

lingerie dress


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