Combining a black men’s jacket is one of the simplest challenges faced by a male wardrobe, as long as you are aware of the Garment (capitalized) that you have in your hands.

If you still do not have it and you are going to buy it, choose a clean garment without adornments, without pretensions of originality, the more classic the better, the easier it will be to make combinations with it that are useful and practical for your daily life.

In this case it’s not necessary to acquire a tailormade blazer, but choose a good fit, a brand with a pattern that guarantees an impeccable tailoring, so it will be a lasting investment in time and in your wardrobe. A garment with a good fitting will always have a good presence, regardless of the physical shape you have at this time.

Do not underestimate the classic combination with white shirt underneath and with or without a tie, depending on the formality of the occasion, it is a great ally that avoids complications, a guarantee of always being well.

There are many times when this combination will “save” you and I do not just talk about your wedding day, I’m talking about a cocktail, an important work meeting, maybe that job interview that could lead you to improve your situation in the company or to change jobs but I do suggest that you always contribute your personal touch, perhaps in the accessories, they are very useful for contrasts in the occasion of use.

Let’s also talk about color, because the combinations you can make with a black jacket are not just a matter of clothes that combine well or not with that jacket, but of colors with which you can get an interesting look.

I start with my favorite combination: black with navy blue. Smart and modern, but also a casual result with a sophisticated touch.

This combination works very well with black blazer and navy blue shirt, but also the opposite way. What you have to control very well is the tone of navy blue and the tone of black. I prefer navy blue on the outside of the combination and black on the inside, but it’s really indifferent if you use proper shades.

I’ve talked about the black tone on purpose, since many people believe that the black color is just black, without any variation.

To prove to you that this is not true, I invite you to do a test: choose a few black garments from your wardrobe, (if possible all from a single material such as cotton) and put them all together on a single-colored surface, perhaps a table or bed.

Observe now the shades of black: there are grayish, greenish, violet and you could even have one that has a yellowish veil, you see? When buying your black jacket, observe it in the store with a natural light and try to find a black color as neutral as possible.

If you want the total look to be perfect you will need to complete the outfit with light pants, although in this case I prefer that they are not white to avoid or too “hard” contrast. It also works well with camel and mustard shades.

Pay close attention to the proportions, a black blazer is a serious garment that generates a lot of contrast. Face it as if you are looking at a black hole capable of swallowing everything around you.

This type of blazer highlights the successes but also the errors. Look at the image: it shows the sagging shoulders and the too wide pants, that turn the look into a mistake, seen that the bottom too casual, “squeak” with a very formal upper part, to which the tie in the shape of a bow tie, shows even more a contrast that lacks harmony.

It is neither casual nor formal and does not establish an imbalance with interest and originality, just pure improvisation.

When in doubt my advice is that you opt for the net and definite contrast: black and white.

Total white look or total black look under the black blazer, both simple, a monochrome garment set that works with both casual and formal garments, probably the simplest combination you can make, but also one of the most elegant.

Finally, we will talk about the jacket in parties and special occasions that do not require the formality of a suit.

It is the perfect garment to take you to a dinner, combined with a casual pants, formal or jeans.

What you have to choose carefully is what you wear under your jacket: nothing, the most fashionable option if the temperatures the occasion and your body allow you, a shirt, without a tie or cufflinks and outside the pants, if you go to a restaurant or short-sleeved shirt, never braces, are vulgar and always out of place, except maybe in some situations on the beach.

The last possible combination that will work with your impeccable black blazer is with the look of your female companion, you know, women tend to think that we are not going to be cold …

… and we usually wear ethereal attire, so we often end the night with a borrowed blazer.