On the cover a man today with a look that “calls for” a scarf, because scarves are not only used to add color to jacket pockets, but they are style allies… for all styles!!!



New formal style: the conventional pocket square gets a makeover

In its new role, the pocket square does not fight with formal fabrics, but complements and updates them.

In the image, the small pocket square with polka dots in satin fabric (it couldn’t be more classic ;), doesn’t look out of place in an image in which the main fabric is a denim shirt, a must-have in today’s men’s wardrobe that you can learn how to use to its full potential in How to combine a denim shirt.

But in this look, there is a third scarf, a bandana around the neck that adds a casual hippie vibe, in short, three styles, three scarves, coherence in a look with several fabrics and many overlaps.


Classic fabrics “love” scarves, enriching their looks and renewing their moment of use as no other accessory can achieve.

The base colors of these fabrics are very traditional, brown, grey, blue, beige, black… play with colored scarves, which stand out from the whole giving strength to the image, look at the scarf wrapped around the neck in the image.


Don’t spare the handkerchief even in the most traditional suits, in them, it successfully replaces the tie, in a modern version of the gentleman and without a hint of class.


Pocket handkerchiefs in summer have less strength, light jacket fabrics don’t hold them as well and, in terms of style, they seem dispensable, unless…

… you create an interesting contrast of occasion of use by using casual elements, e.g. jeans and trainers.


The 30’s-40’s style is among my favorite options when it comes to integrating scarves in men’s outfits: elegance and risk, as well as an extraordinary aesthetic moment, result in pure good taste. I invite you to look for images of this era and dedicate yourself to observe and learn.

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Scarves that fit with classic-renovated style

If we talk about these fabrics present in the winter wardrobes of almost all men, and always to create a modern and current style, I propose you the geometry, which she travels from one occasion of use to another without deficiencies or complexes.


In this context we cannot exclude knitted scarves: contrasting or coordinated, thick or thin, and not only with coats, but also with loose jackets or suits, to emphasize a point of the look, to modify a style, or for the practical function: it is difficult to get cold if you keep your neck warm.


If you are going to wear a scarf around your neck for a semi-formal work outfit in a basic color, that doesn’t add color or content to your look, play with textures, they also add value to your look, especially with fabrics as dry and flat as technical fabrics.

Men’s casual scarves – the Bandana other scarves

The bandana is a small scarf, but its power is very big, it reaches even the most contradictory corners of men’s style.

In the picture above, the same bandana that worked before with a denim shirt, gives added value to a modern and even “fashionable” image.


Small scarves worn around the neck act as necklaces, touches of color that highlight the head: chin, eyes, cheekbones, haircut, everything gains prominence, be aware of their power by using them to your advantage, with scarves in the colors that suit you best for each look.

On the beach, use them with straw hats, perfect summer battle companions, that add style even if you are not sure which one is yours.

Big men’s scarves

If you’re going to wear a scarf, don’t skimp on size, whether we’re talking about a soft color like in the image, or a powerful blue, fuchsia or fluorescent yellow, colors that come back into fashion from time to time, or even an all-terrain black, the size of the scarf matters.

Keep in mind that, as with accessories such as glasses, very strong colors, even fluorescent, work especially well with classic fabrics, it is not uncommon to see formal men, even not very young, with fuchsia-colored glasses, well, for scarves and foulards it is the same.


Printed scarves look like “holiday territory”, many men have not yet discovered what prints add to their image, although they do wear printed shirts… the next step, for the daring, is to mix them with printed scarves.

Travel scarves and foulards

On a trip, any trip, no matter the destination, pack a scarf.

Whether it’s hot or cold, to cover your neck or head, whether you’re travelling by bus or plane, or whether you’re arriving by Vespa or camel, you won’t regret the minimal space it will take up in your luggage… what’s more, temperatures change during the trip, so keep it on!

Men’s head scarves

They are part of a very American country style, a culture linked to music and nature.

If you identify with this style, a scarf is a must for your look, but also to protect you in the middle of the open spaces, the sun is inclement.

From a fashion point of view, and if you are not able to tie it with an improvised gesture as in the image and even just to complete it, I suggest you wear a hat over the scarf, the type of hat is up to you, because it will set the style: Panama, Fedora, Cowboy, Canotier, Driver …

Men’s scarves in the mountains – warmth, style, and ecology

Chunky knitted scarves also have a wild spirit, they belong to the world of “handmade”, the protection of the planet and the return to the origins, and my post about the hippie style, will help you to complete looks with this accessory.


An urbanite can easily adapt this accessory to his image if he uses neutral colors, it will give character, volume, and presence to outfits halfway between casual, sporty and formal, a necessity of today’s man, all in one without messing up!

Scarves and scarves that are dangerous for your style

We now continue with practical warnings about common mistakes.

I always invite you to mix, overlap and break, but if you are going to use a lot of color and fantasy elements mixed together, you better know how to do it. Learn how to combine clothes with style, by the way, if you don’t know which scarf to choose, “stacking” fantasies and types of scarves together in one look, is not a solution.


Speaking of textures there are some that, whatever your style, don’t match you.

Outside the “bathroom” environment, the towel effect is one of the crappiest textures that exist, stay away from them and any accessory that reminds you of their texture.


And finally, headscarves that are tightly wrapped around the forehead and close to the eyebrows have the effect of a tough, threatening or …


… that of looking like a redneck with no sense of taste, and I wouldn’t presume to tell you which of the two is worse for your image.


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