Rebelliousness and nature, conscience, and society, they initiated the concern for sustainable fashion, ecologists and pacifists, they stood up against violence and injustice, using as weapons, songs and flowers.

Wearing Hippie or Hippy fashion is much more than wearing flowers and fringed garments, it is an ideal that is reflected in the way you dress, read to the end so that your hippie looks transmit their spirit.

Hippie Philosophy – Body, Mind and Style in Harmony

Hippie is not a fashion; it is a philosophy and a social need linked to a moment: being a hippie was the response of many young people worried about the lack of future threatened by the cold war and outraged by the Vietnam war.

It was the 60’s, and the inspiration came from the search for the self and inner peace, India provides the inspiration, the words are yoga nature, sharing, light, music, harmony, respect, water, essences… everything that fits in these, serves as inspiration for a hippie look, all this is transformed into clothes and accessories, and that is the key to create an authentic hippie look.

Hippie Colors, Fabrics and Prints

Hippy fabrics always come from nature, so linen, mohair, cotton, bamboo, sisal, jute, silk, angora, cashmere, all textile fibers that come from nature are welcome, but for a fabric to be hippy, it must be natural not only in composition, but also in appearance, the colors, which come from neutral dyes, look “well worn”, as if the garments have been washed hundreds of times, and the colors are worn and dull.

Clay-colored, moss green, sky blue, wood brown, the hippies used natural dyes, so the colors are not homogeneous, look “washed out”, and lack the depth and brightness that artificial dyes offer.

The fabrics are not well finished, are rough and the garments have unpolished tops, and always offer a characteristic “scruffy and unkempt” look, which is what really “gives value and authenticity” to a hippie look with strength and presence.

The prints also follow this logic, they are handmade and simple, with manual molds carved in wood, with floral motifs, but there is a print that has never ceased to be fashionable and that, due to its simplicity, accompanies us every year, especially in summer…

The Tie Dye print, tie and dye, became popular in the 1920s, but it was the hippies who made it famous and gave it the continuity that has carried it through to the present day.

Fabulous in light fabrics, it is when the heat arrives, summer after summer, that they reappear.

Hippy Dressing: Color and Fantasy

Do you want to wear an authentic hippie look? What counts is the coherence, the natural colours, the accessories, the hair… it’s the whole that makes your hippy look spectacular, let’s talk about its particularities if you are a boy or a girl.

Hippie Man, freer than ever

Hippie fashion for men is one of the freest moments in modern men’s clothing. Freedom of movement, freedom of behavior and the absence of rules condition everything.

Thus, the typical look consists of shirts and T-shirts on top, covered with ponchos or large jumpers to protect from the cold.

On the bottom, Indian-inspired trousers with a very, very low rise, big bloomers or, even better, simple sarongs with natural prints simplify the masculine hippy look to the maximum.

But it is the lack of artifice that gives the hippie man his authenticity: a real hippie concentrates his efforts on important things much more than on the clothes he wears, and never betrays that order of priorities.

If you want to maintain a hippie look, but must blend into the bustling metropolis, stay true to your principles as much as possible by dressing in natural fibers and avoiding unnecessary artifice, limit waste and wear only the clothes you need, you’ll feel better.

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Hippie Woman- Nothing should restrict movement

From hippie fashion in the 60’s to hippie fashion in the 70’s through to hippie fashion in the 80’s, the fashions of all times have left their mark on hippie fashion as we know it today.

I have already mentioned the original Indian trend: garments with no construction and large volumes, such as the kaftan, with a cut that allows the head to pass through, or simply pieces of fabric rolled up like skirts, such as the sarong, are worn by both sexes.

In the exclusively feminine sphere, the main revolution is the disappearance of the bra, although, if you are a big healthy woman, this liberation could turn into torture.

In the 70s the hippie chic appears, fashion brings something more to the hippie movement, fabrics such as plain or starry velvet (initially only silk, or denim, “contaminate” the hippy aesthetic with new possibilities in terms of form and color, the binomial mind / spirit, is no longer the only thing that matters.

Being hippy is now also a fashion statement, crochet waistcoats and elephant-leg trousers or platform shoes take the hippie spirit into a global fashion dimension.

Dresses in simple shapes with strips of handmade lace intermingled, fleeing from the artificial to enter the authentic, but this time vanity is a motivation, and everything that comes from nature, is used as a decorative motif, especially flowers.

From the 70s onwards, and from then until today, denim or the essential denim in the hippie world, is a must in wardrobes all over the world, it has everything, it is a natural and cheap fabric, accessible to most people, a fundamental hippie principle.

Hippy Winter Look

In winter alpaca wool or mohair, ponchos follow the same logic of comfort and lack of construction and come from another people who remain authentic and uncontaminated, the American Indians, if there is one thing, we cannot reproach hippies for, it is lack of coherence.

Hippie accessories: gifts from nature

Intertwined leather bracelets, shell necklaces, wooden and metal beads woven into the hair, feathers… the hippie aesthetic is coherent, its philosophy and its aesthetic are not independent, the decoration comes from spontaneity, there is no better crown than a few flowers wrapped in a reed around the head.

If you want to succeed with your hippie look, renounce everything that is modern and prefabricated!

Make-up and hairstyle in harmony… or not so much

In the 1970s, the hippie world lost some of its authenticity when it mixed with other trends of the time and became a fashion.

Psychedelic make-up, glitter… don’t necessarily exclude this variant from your hippie look but be aware of the difference between the two and what the different styles mean.


Headbands are one of the most representative accessories of the hippie world, use it as a fetish accessory to get a spectacular touch, especially if you choose a 70s hippie style, or a flashy 80s hippie, a time when headbands gained strength once again.

In addition to make-up, straight hair with middle parting and braids that appear everywhere, along with dreadlocks, are a hairstyle that has come on strong until today, the legend Bob Marley made it a representative hairstyle.

Hippie movement, a spirit always on the move

The spirit of the hippy movement is authentic and has remained uncorrupted to this day. The colors, shapes, orange, the music and even the iconic Volkswagen van represent in the culture of recent years an ideal of life in movement, always in search of harmony with nature and humanity and are an inspiration for many.


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