Fortunately, the homogeneity of the bodies considered “beautiful” or not has long been left behind, now what rules is the variety and your body full of curves is more fashionable than ever, so let’s analyze that silhouette that you can take advantage of so much.


If you control the silhouette, you control everything, and that goes for anybody so in this post we are going to analyze which are the elements that can put your silhouette at the center of attention to give you control over it, improving your image in any occasion of use.

Curvy silhouette: the secret is in the waistline

If you have a serpentine body full of curves the best thing you can do is to take them out for a walk with head, and that means taking note of some tips to handle the tools that will make your best attributes become the protagonists of your image.

To begin with, tight-fitting clothes draw those curves like a brush, making the most of them and emphasizing your shapes. Use clothes that emphasize your waist, baggy clothes and vaporous fabrics are not what suits you best.


And if my waist doesn’t show? The Empire silhouette comes to your aid.

Using tricks to divert attention at that point such as straps, bows, or decorative motif, can help you make a transition between the waist and hip…but there is also the perfect silhouette that has always worked for women with a straighter silhouette, I’m talking about the fabulous and timeless empire silhouette.


This silhouette is born below the chest and from there it opens in a flared line away from the body. Not only does it make you look taller, it also enhances what suits you best, the chest.


It is not only perfect for special events where it is worn with special fabrics that add glamour to your outfit, it will also make you triumph in your day to day with more casual fabrics, especially with viscose fabrics, ¡just do the test!

Shoulder pads to structure your silhouette 😉

The second fundamental point of the structure of the curvy silhouette is in the shoulders, and here a little help always comes in handy.

You don’t need to look like Mazinger Z, in fact, exaggerations might not be good for you, but a square touch that structures the silhouette will make everything is not rounded and that is a winning bet in your image.


Too many shoulder pads unbalance the silhouette and make the rest of the look disappear under their impact.

Take a good look at the elements and the way they are distributed in the ensemble…by paying attention and with a little training, it won’t be difficult for you to understand how to manage them to make shoulder pads a success instead of a mistake.

Girdles: the great allies of Curvy girls

A few days ago, a Curvy client told me that it seemed to her that all the Curvy models that appeared in social networks and magazines, had very different shapes to hers, I replied that no, what they know is an indispensable tool that every woman with pronounced curves should know how to handle, the girdles!


Knowing how to choose a girdle is the most important thing, you will need them extensive depending on how your body is, yes, but mostly depending on the season of the year and the needs of each look: casual, sport, work, social life ….

Girdles are the pillars on which the great stylish looks of the Curvy woman are built.

What is the most difficult thing? Choosing the right support and girdle height for each body and each situation, not all give the same result in each figure, that’s why it is so important to have a reliable corset shop with a wide range of sizes and shapes to put each curve in place, that is, in the place you want it to be and that best suits you. I have my own reliable lingerie shop that offers me support and variety in every situation, I assure you that, if you want a perfect result, you need one.



The neckline: Curvy strength point par excellence

Having controlled the silhouette we will now analyze the points of strength that you can take advantage to take advantage of, one of the most powerful is the neckline, a point of strength and power that virtually all Curvy girls can count on….

…and the strapless neckline, in the image above, is perfect for you, it flatters you and lightens your silhouette, what more can you ask for?


Almost everyone thinks that the most suitable neckline for a curvy girl is the V-neck, but I think it is not so much a question of shape as of depth, I think the most important thing is the space, the fact that there is a sense of distance and that the garment is not glued to the face … that “space” is what contains for me the key to success.


If that space exists any neckline can be fabulous, a deep round neckline or a striking asymmetrical neckline, you choose, the important thing is to get it right with the situation in which you are going to wear it, and there are necklines for every occasion.


It is important that you know your chest well to choose the neckline that best suits you, but it is even more important that you choose the bra that will put it in place.

In this sense you do not have to worry too much, on this website you will soon find a post with all the information you need to choose it well, and much more information about curvy lingerie.

To highlight your attributes, choose the right fabrics

In the past curves were hidden, buried under huge garments and shapeless garments that did nothing but hide your strengths, but now things have changed: the motto is the narrower, the better.



In this area stretch fabrics have much to contribute, they emphasize your shapes adapting to each of them, but the truth is that not all Curvy girls have the waist marked or the chest size they like, in their help fluid and light fabrics that, combined with the narrow, get to take advantage of what they like most, and better manage what they like less.


These lightweight fabrics with each will give you great satisfaction, they take up nothing in the closet but, as far as your silhouette is concerned, their virtues are immense.


These are fabrics with an ambivalent aspect, if you need to have a perfect look without defining between casual and formal, this type of fabrics will have great satisfactions and will make your presence impeccable.


It features these fabrics not only in its normal knitted format but also in the knitted version, in which its fluidity and versatility is perfect for a casual day-to-day look.


I recommend you use mainly natural fabrics rather than synthetic, more and more the rising temperatures will make us need fabrics that do not make us sweat and allow us to perspire freely to feel better … Cotton, silk, viscose, wool … they should be the protagonists of your closet.


There is a natural fabric for every Curvy girl, from the most casual and with little interest in fashion, to the youngest and concerned only about comfort and color, choose the ones you are most comfortable with.


Cotton and linen are the protagonists of the summer, light and breathable they delight all women, Curvy and not, especially now that the casual way of dressing has become strong in the closets of the entire planet.


Tips to dress better if you are a Curvy Girl

Let’s go now with a few tricks that can improve your image in a simple way just by considering the shape of your body and the way in which the clothes suit you best.

We start with the shape of the sleeves, those that are slightly loose sleeves suit you, especially if they have details or particularities that match the style you have chosen for your look that day.


Transparencies play with color and volume and add value to your look.


Use them to play with an interpretation of prints that allows you to adapt them to every occasion, I invite you to use them generously in your day to day.

On special occasions and events, they will be practically indispensable, but it is in your everyday fashion outfits where you will get the most out of them, giving character and modernizing your image… Do not forget to create with them overlapping garments that speak of you and your personality.


Overlays are another simple resource all Curvy girls can enhance their image with ease because, in addition to the possibility of playing with the color of the print, you can also introduce “tension” in the areas that suit you best by using elastic and contouring fabrics that shape the figure at will.

I’m sure you already have in your closet some garment that you know how to handle in this sense, the only thing you must do is to use it in overlays comprising less elastic to control the look at your convenience.


Do you remember the cover picture?

With these professional tips your curvy girl image will become more current and you will gain in resources, automatically improving the image you have of yourself, and that is transformed.