They are fascinating, tempting, seductive, we envy them when they look good, we look for them on special occasions and we are willing to make many sacrifices to show them off one hundred percent… they deserve a post to reveal their most attractive secrets, but also their most terrifying ones!

Types of necklines

In this post I will go neckline by neckline, with tips and comments, warning of dangers yes, but also discovering the secrets with which each one of them emphasizes your seductive feminine beauty.

Sabrina, deep Sabrina and Boa necklines, the hanger to which to entrust your shoulders

This neckline can be a narrow line attached to the neck, or lengthened by drawing the collarbones, it is perfect to use with simple dresses where the prints are important, and it highlights, with its simplicity, accessories that are on the head, like these big earrings.

It is not a good neckline for large breasts, it will make them look like two squashed balls!


Scoop and round neckline, to go unnoticed

It is the symbol of discretion, but don’t underestimate its childish intention, its adorable French air is not without eroticism, it is like the nudity of the nape of the neck in Japanese culture, not because it shows less skin… or that “what is imagined has more power than what is seen”.

Unadorned is more aesthetically effective but emphasizing it with a necklace in the same way also works.

The round neckline has the same shape, but can be more or less deep, and both suits almost every woman.

Halter neckline, modern and for all breast shapes

Modern and cheeky, the halter neckline is only a problem if it’s ill-fitting. In the image above you have a clear example of what doesn’t work, the neckline doesn’t fit the breast and is overflowing at the sides.

Look for a Halter neckline in a top or dress that ties at the back of the neck, if the fabric is stretchy even better, it will dress your breasts better than any other neckline.

Strapless neckline, from the beach to the big occasions without complexes

The chameleon in the wardrobe enhances the shoulders and creates a very marked silhouette at the waist, feminine and seductive, but only if you have a good shoulder structure.

At parties and special occasions don’t overload yourself with accessories, it is more spectacular if you leave the neckline “free of distractions”, at most a choker around the neck.

Don’t underestimate its charm if you wear it for layering with long sleeved garments underneath.

In the post Accessories for a red dress according to the occassion, which shares the cover with this image, you have complements to look fabulous with this color.

Crossover neckline, perfect if you have a big breast

Having trouble containing your large breasts as well as a bra does?

If you buy the garment in the right size, the crossover neckline gains a lot of capacity, it adjusts the breast in different ways, more or less wide depending on the need, and with a wearability that goes where other necklines don’t go.

If you have a smaller chest, you will in any case enjoy a versatile neckline adaptable to many occasions of use.

As the necklines are present on tops and dresses, a look at my post to my post Complete Guide to Dresses will allow you to see a lot of neckline variations.

V-neck front and V-neck back, elegance and seduction.

On the cover and in this image the V-neckline, one of the most successful necklines and, without a doubt, one of the best for women with large breasts, as it “frames” and emphasizes them, a must-have if this is your case.

On the back, however, the V-neckline is seductive and sophisticated, but it is not suitable for very large breasts: although there are bras that fasten at the waist, they are not able to hold up a lot of weight, so it is not an appropriate neckline for women who cannot do without a bra.

Sweetheart and Queen Anne neckline, sexy soul

Romantic and sexy, the sweetheart neckline has not one, but a multitude of different shapes that frame the breast in a excessive way, being one of the most used necklines for special occasions: it emphasizes the breast like no other neckline can.

The sweetheart neckline can be open, and the best (or worst) wearability depends on the size and shape of each breast, as well as on the shape of the sweetheart neckline, the only solution to find the perfect sweetheart neckline is to try different sweetheart necklines, you will find yours!

Asymmetric neckline, for those who need something different

This is the neckline for women who can’t stand to be bored, different not only in every style, but every time you combine it and depending also on the way you combine it.

There are no rules, geometry and disorder rule and surprise, if you have a non-conformist spirit and an artist’s soul, you “need” asymmetric necklines.

Teardrop neckline … but is it a neckline?

Yes, minimalist and, above all, functional, necessary in very specific areas to add an opening for practical reasons, for example to make the head pass in a round neckline, where it is worn with a button at the nape of the neck.

It has a “girlish I don’t know what” that can be fabulous if you need to look modest… or if you are.

A mix of necklines

Beyond these necklines there are a multitude of different necklines and even many that come from the mixture of several, in this case behave paying more attention to the predominant neckline or, in any case, the one that will define the underwear you should wear underneath.

Deepest Neckline mistakes

But we’re also talking about mistakes, and it’s about big challenges, big mistakes, which depend on the type and size of the breast, which is, after all, what defines everything… the first and most terrifying one, the bra straps!

As you can see in the picture above, they are problematic when they are and when they are not…no, never leave sunburn marks visible, for aesthetics and for health.  Plan times and events, and make sure you use sun protection that won’t lead to disasters like this: sunburn marks are a problem to avoid.

Latex braces

Unpleasant and vulgar, latex braces are the “want and can’t” of the art of hiding the gadgets needed to support the breast.

If you don’t have a lot of breasts, forget about these tacky solutions and opt for nipple shields, the clothes will gently drape over the skin without leaving embarrassing marks on the outside.

Too much breast for a neckline

It’s not that you have too much breast, it’s that you insist on wearing a neckline that is difficult for the shape and volume of your breast… change the perspective and you’ll see that the breast is not the problem and gravity has a physical limit, but… keep reading the post!

Not enough breasts to wear a neckline

Do you have little chest, and you think you can wear any cleavage without any problem?

Well, pay attention to this news: an “empty” garment is as scary or even scarier than a breast that “overflows everywhere”!

If you don’t know how to choose the garment or the neckline that suits you best, trust in the professionalism of MD Personal Shopper to be sure of yourself and your image in any situation.

The perfect bra for every Neckline

There are curvy girls with small breasts and slim women with large breasts, there are no rules and, precisely for that reason, this characteristic of feminine beauty is as complex as the search for solutions, infinite.

Don’t settle for buying that bra you’ve always bought in the same size, bodies change and, moreover, each dress and occasion requires its own bra shapes, models and capacities…

Conventional bras, cross over bras, halter neck bras, strapless bras, nipple bras and more…

No, it’s not like it used to be, whatever your breasts, the wonders of modern corsetry offer you solutions for invisible straps… or almost!

From bras in all colors (also in the exact shade of your skin), to acrobatic stunts that cross here and there until they end up in an invisible point, no, nowadays there is no excuse to find the garment that your neckline needs.

Fantasy bras

Do you like contrasts? So think that a printed bra can be a great trick if you wear a printed garment, but don’t forget that the bra fantasy must not look like underwear at all!!!!

A bikini instead of a bra

And here’s a trick from MD Personal Shopper: there are times when a bikini can act as a bra, when things get complicated or in emergency situations, keep in mind that bikini top that enhances the shape of your breasts so well, it, as well as some of the tops you wear when you do sport, can become great bras.

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