Gray is one of the most neutral colors that we have available as the base of our wardrobe, for this reason knowing how to combine a gray pant is essential to take out of this garment as much profit as possible in each season.

Today we will talk about some generic rules and how to combine gray women’s pants in the spring / summer season.

The first thing you should know is that it’s considered a sad and flat color, without light or “movement”, for this reason most of the time and unless it is for a very noble material, such as silk or cashmere, materials with own shine, this color is not used in plain for fabrics.

It is usually “constructed” by mixing different fibers with different compositions and tones, creating amelange effect. This is how the most traditional fabrics are born, like the wonderful pinstripe on the cover, in all its variants. There are exceptions to this way of creating gray fabrics, but they are usually for very light shades of gray.

This fabric, along with the many other geometric motifs created using this system, such as the houndstooth or the eye of partridge, checks and some more that you know well, have become by their own merits a symbol of the world of work, Perfect to combine with kniweart, but also with something fluid and printed that drives away an unnecessary masculine touch.

Being a basic color, combining it with other colors is not very complicated, to begin with, as you can see in the cover image, it is perfect with itself, with all the range of grays and of course with the color white or black.

You will also find it in all the garments related to the world of sport and casualwear, since knitted fabrics are indispensable in this type of clothing and melange gray is one of its essentials.

Those gray sportive pants that you feel so good, can be perfect even for a comfortable night out a moment that you have less desire for high heels and eager to feel comfortable.

It is not a rule, but almost: practically any motif printed on a white background, regardless of the colors chosen for the fantasy, will work well with gray pants.

The white color is the simplest to combine with gray tones, the white base in any fantasy fabric will facilitate the combination, no matter if the fantasy is geometric or organic, as in the case of the flowers in the image.

With skinny pants or in any case straignt pants, you can create a beautiful silhouette if you use a triangular top with evasè effect, like the top image.

But gray color is not simply gray, there are countless shades and nuances that you must take into account when creating color combinations. Try to go beyond the destruction of the wall of the image and observe it carefully:

From the upper left corner to the lower right, the shades of gray follow each other in an infinite number of shades: Greenish steel gray, sky, khaki, bluish, pearl, even “polluted” gray with beige and dark gray almost black.

Do you see them? Well, precisely because gray is not simply gray, you will have to take into account all these colors when combining your “gray” trousers. Those that are more difficult to use are those that have yellow and green shades.

If you have to combine one of these more complicated shades of gray, better approach white, very light gray and the whole range of blues. The cold tones neutralize that yellowish hue that sometimes gives even the sensation of something oxidized. With these combinations you will be impeccable in semi-formal or professional situations.

You will also not have problems combining them with warm shades of beige and brown, although they will not help you to create a light look. If this is your choice, I suggest you to use printed garments, the combination of several colors will help create a more modern image. With flowing gray pants and a blouse you can even get a very sophisticated look.

The most neutral grays are the cleanest, those that are more recognizable as gray, without a doubt. Everything that is strong and cheerful colors, red, fuchsia and pink, are complications free.

An important information: when these grays are very clear they tend to increase your volume a lot. Be very careful if the pants you choose is very clear, because this magnifying glass effect will not stylize your figure, rather the contrary.

They are cheerful and easy tones mixed with cheerful colors, but also of great sophistication with dark tops.

They are perfect for summer, you can even wear them wearing a print dress on your gray jeans.

Funny and shinydo not deserve to use them with dark winter-looking accessories, better light accessories or what is even better, metallic.

It remains only to talk about what you can wear over your look with gray pants …

Very different proposals regarding the silhouette and the fabric, starting with the most elongated and stylized, for which you can use a raincoat or waterproof long garment. It will provide you with a basic and functional look that is not only perfect for professional life.

At the opposite end a garment that “cuts” the silhouette leaving all the pants whole visibility, perfect if you want to show off its full length, it can be for a wide pants that generates a lot of movement.

I recommend a leather jacket, since its structured appearance will create a spectacular contrast.

In addition to this general idea of ​​the garments that can work best, combining any type of gray pants will depend on the tone, the fabric, your height and the specific characteristics of the pants, as well as your physical structure.

If you need concrete help, you can use my Online Fashion Stylist service, make a reservation and I will help you create different combinations with your gray pants.