In the wedding season, there are endless special occasions for which you will need a special look, but it is not always time to invest in something new.

The solution is to “renew” those you already have with the help of very obvious accessories, such as a purse, some feathers or some costume jewelery.

Choose striking accessories with a lot of personality and if you want to give them prominence, simple and linear garments that allow them to stand out … And of course vice versa.
If you choose metallic accessories, wear the best wedding godmother look using a shawl in a metallic fabric, it is also perfect to cover in the church if the wedding is religious. You can also limit yourself to small pieces: shoes or details in a small accessory such as earrings or bracelets, but do not overdo it with the shiny metal, a wedding is not a night party!
In the rigid formal masculine attire, the accessories are the absolute protagonists, especially if you choose to wear wedding without a suit and do not want to go unnoticed, a metallic tie like these will make your look much less relaxed.

For men a metallic tie is the perfect accessory, it is not too exaggerated but it offers wonderful possibilities in regard to color, with those iridescent effects that bring luminosity as you choose, with more or less intensity.

There are many small male accessories with which to renew your appearance: bow ties, braces, belts and even shoelaces are an accessory with which you can play.

If you can really invest very, very little renews some suit you have in the closet with a simple socks, the result is not super chic, but fun.

Have fun with socks that provide some color, a simple idea, cheap and that compromises your look little, because they look little, or rather, you control how much you want to show them!

With regard to women, let’s start with shoes, for example, those wonderful objects that are our (my) weakness.
If you are allergic to heels, platforms can be a good solution, especially if wearing heels seems impossible because of their height and instability. The platforms are much more comfortable and require less balance.
Do not go around doing balance with high heels that prevent you from walking well and safely, although the shoes are beautiful and expensive, your appearance will not be pleasant. Two possibilities: practice until you are able to walk safely and fluidly with those heels or resign to wear them.
I invite you also to have fun creating a contradiction in the occasion of use, of course only if the type of wedding and your function in it allow it.

In women a bag is a fundamental element, and there are all prices.
In fact with a coordinated dress + bag you will always be fine on these occasions.

This combination is curious because it is between classical elegance and the demode style, a strange mixture that, precisely because of its contradictory spirit, can be useful on many different occasions.

There is something in which I think British people is right: a hat changes everything, so, even if you are not in an English wedding and you are the only person who wears it among the guests, wear a hat if you feel like it, but keep in mind that It is an accessory with a lot of influence in the overall silhouette of your look, so take care of the harmony of the whole.

The most accessible solution of all is a brooch, but if you want the result to be original, do not put one on, put on several, carefully combining colors and positions.

You can put several brooch pins on the side of the dress or skirt, taking advantage of details or particularities of the garment, such as tweezers, gathers, folds … It will seem that the brooches are part of that garment since its presence has a “logical” function and they will add value even to a dress or a skirt that you have already used several times.

If you read the post “What to avoid in a wedding” you will know that there are certain things that it is better to avoid and that is something that also affects the accessories.

Jewelery items such as the brooches mentioned above, are very useful and provide originality, but some accessories indisputably belong to the world of the night or other events, especially because they can attract so much prominence that they are uncomfortable to the bride.

Chokers, bracelets rings, brooches, all are successful at a wedding, yes, but not crowns with rhinestones.

With these accessories you run the risk of becoming the “queen” of an event in which you aren’t the queen and believe me, there is nothing more inappropriate, than wearing a look that puts you in an inappropriate position in an event, MD Personal Shopper word.

Another way to transform an outfit that you have already used is with a deep change of image in regard to haircut, hairstyle or makeup, but that is another post!